Raid Finder Loot Exploit Suspensions
Blizzard finally commented on the Raid Finder Loot exploit resultingin multiple accounts suspensions in a lot of guilds.
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Shortly after patch 4.3 was released, we became aware that some players were abusing an exploit to obtain loot from the same Raid Finder bosses multiple times in a single raid lockout period (one week). The Raid Finder loot mechanic is of course intended to only allow a person to roll on boss loot drops once per raid lockout period. The raid lockout mechanic has been a mainstay of the World of Warcraft rules since Onyxia and Molten Core, ensuring that no one can obtain loot from a boss more than once per lockout. Due to the nature of the exploit and the clear intent of those who abused it, they've been issued notices and given temporary suspensions from the game. We’re also working to remove all Raid Finder items from those who used the exploit.

It's also worth noting that Paragon posted an apology on their website

An LFR Apology
There has been a lot of misinformation going around, so to clear things up, here is a truthful account of what exactly happened with the LFR and what we have to say about it:

The patch hit EU servers on Wednesday. We started off with our 5x Firelands runs to wrap up legendaries and called it a night. For Thursday, we had an elaborate plan to run a personal LFR raid for every main character to get the maximum amount of loot.

As we were doing the first few runs, we noticed an unrealistic amount of tier pieces on some guilds' armory profiles, which we thought was unattainable through normal means. We started looking into it, and found out that you can loot passed gear from bosses, regardless of save status, if you zone out and back into the instance. This did not provide the raid with any extra loot, but it did eliminate a major portion of the RNG that would have been involved in simply doing personal runs for everyone.

We acknowledge that using this unintended behavior, which was quite clearly a bug, to our gain, was wrong. The fact that others were using it as well is no justification for doing it ourselves. We apologize for doing it, and accept whatever consequences follow.
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  1. Ihazcakeforu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vengfulr3ap3r View Post
    Its not "exploiting a bug". Its an oversight on blizzards part for NOT testing to make sure the meat and potatoes of that patch were working properly BEFORE giving it to the masses to bug test. You do not. Under any circumstance. Plop down a piece of software, or a game, to the masses WITHOUT making sure it at least has down the basic's of what you want it to do. Beta testing ISNT for massive bug finds. its for the little ones they are to busy to find. There for they're BANNING PEOPLE for 8 days BECAUSE THEY WERE TO LAZY TO DO IT THEMSELVES. How is it the players fault blizzard didnt take into consideration how loot ALREADY worked. and HAS WORKED since i started playing? it isnt. its just blizzard to worthless to admit they can make a mistake, so they're punishing the players for it. Lol. Maybe if they weren't to lazy to test their own shit this wouldnt have happened. Well they're either being lazy or creating more blizz store content, or rehashing more content.... Or fighting out a way to buff frost mages more. One of the four. So im quite sory to inform you, But I do have half a brain... and this shit. is why me and 1.7 other people quit. When you lose that many people in 9 months. You are doing something wrong.
    You just said it yourself, the loot wasn't working the way EVERYONE KNOWS it is supposed to "since you started playing". How hard is to to understand that this is an exploit? It was obvious that it wasn't working as intentended and it was abused.... Theres just no discussion about this, it's pretty clear cut
  1. Droodeffekt's Avatar
    Paragon did what everyone else was doing at the time, not that it is an excuse but it has been happening for a LONG LONG TIME.

    The last one I remember was the Firelands dailies and heaps of people could get multiple marks the first day as the reset happened at 12:00am (my time) and also at 3:00am (my time) and therefore they got extra tokens if they realised this.

    At the end of the day, if Blizzard makes a mistake like letting people get loot more than once or more marks etc, well then so be it. People are always finding things like this to get a little further but it never really hurts anyone, paragon gets a little extra gear, someone gets a couple of marks extra and so on. If it wasn't paragon and just some random on your server noone would even blink an eyelid, but as soon as it is some well known guild BAM! everyone says OMFG HOW COULD YOU!.....

    Bugs have and will always exist, patches will not always go live as intended but you should not be banned due to blizzards mistakes. Firelands patch hit in 4.2 for the first 2-3 days of trash runs the epics were dropping like greens and heaps of people got them, they patched it and fixed it 2 days after the patch went live and people didnt get all their items taken off them and banned... WHY because a patch didnt go as intended..... people were not exploiting but merely riding the luck, just like paragon they rode the luck of being able to get people items and they did it.

    Worry about spending your time elsewhere Blizzard like stopping DK's rolling on agi trinkets and polearms and less time on banning people who find the mistakes that you made and benefit a little. Much rather someone get a piece of gear than dks rolling on agi.

    Kind regards

  1. Mangaman's Avatar
    Haha I love how in the last paragraph they point the finger at other people, way to take responsibility douche bags! (imitating Paragon)"but everyone else did it too!" Wah. Man up.
  1. Natman205's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Astelia View Post
    >Exploit >Get caught >Apologize No intentions to apologize otherwise. pathethic.
    Would you go to a police station and apologise if you were speeding down the highway but didn't get caught? No? Pathetic. It's not really pathetic. At least they are having somewhat of a go at redeeming themselves. I am sure if you were in the same situation they were, you would do the same.
  1. Simplevintagex's Avatar
    Love how they "apologize" without ever really admitting they did anything wrong. They knew what they were doing, and they knew their status would prevent them from being permabanned. It's blatant, and obvious unfair treatment on Blizzard's part, but whatever.
  1. Tython's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Idletime View Post
    Remove yourself from this for a minute and quit worrying about Paragon. Worry more about the stability of the policies set in place by this company. Since forever and a day Blizz has said, We will not tolerate hacks or cheats. I am now crying boloney. They now officially do and are deleting all references to this incident on their site - completely covering it up to the public that thinks otherwise. Exploits are a form of cheating, and there's no logic around this. Get some honor and integrity in your tiny little lives and maybe the world would be a better place. Paragon and the others should have been outright banned. Doesn't matter if it was 100 accounts or 1 million or all 10 million. You as a company either have the integrity to enforce the rules or you don't. Sure, SWTOR is coming out, who cares. You've officially now endorsed cheating as "OK" as long as one of the top guilds in the world promoting the game does it. Hypocritical sacks of $%&@.
    I agree. Star Wars can't come fast enough!
  1. Zenora's Avatar
    i dont feel sorry for them tbh, they should know better by now and a ticket about it is easy made. they are prolly only sorry they got caught or that is was seen as an exploit in the end and not a bug that just had to be fixed.

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