Spine of Deathwing Heroic World First Kill by KIN Raiders
The korean guild KIN Raiders (즐거운공격대) from KR-Kargath was the first guild in the world to defeat the first part of the Deathwing encounter in the Heroic version of the Dragon Soul raid instance, congratulations to them!

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  1. mmoc9361e67deb's Avatar
    Haha, 2 MS! Gratz to them yo!
  1. Zoneseek's Avatar
    I did that already last week, minus the heroic part
  1. Domiku's Avatar
    Good job guys hope you get world first!
  1. Dakz's Avatar
    Grats! Its always nice to see new guilds.
  1. mmoc979f65c1d0's Avatar
    This is great. Can't wait for the video.
  1. Areden's Avatar
    Gz a new mushroom popped up it seems
  1. Mundayz's Avatar
    I can't read any of this.
  1. Jervaise's Avatar
    Congrats! Good Job!
  1. Anyana's Avatar
    damn koreans!
  1. aggression's Avatar
    Congrats! Always fun to see new names on world firsts. Will stress the normally world first guilds even more.
  1. Guuggel's Avatar
    Grats tto that unknown guild!Hope they got that on tape
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Congratulations to the newcomers!
  1. ShammyWoWLoL's Avatar
    Well done, I must say Korea has been showing up the EU/US recently.

    With them winning at Blizzcons Arena Tournament, and now this. GG.
  1. Nelle's Avatar
    Grats ! And to all of you, these guys aint "newcommers". They have been top10 all the way. They even did good on previous tiers.
  1. Buff's Avatar
    Somewhat happy to see a new guild topping the charts for a change. Congrats.
    And by topping, I mean top 2. I know they've been around before.
  1. mmocfd94868c53's Avatar
    Maybe its time for the devs to realise yes mages needs to be nerfed and actually do so.
  1. Starcrafted's Avatar
    I love seeing new names on the chart! Congrats to them, and keep it up. Let's see who gets to the big finish line with the Madness of DW next... Place your bets!
  1. shiloe's Avatar
    It's nice to see a new name at the top, congrats to them
  1. Foxhoundn's Avatar
    Great job! I cant wait for the video and hopefully a korean nerd-scream
  1. DreamSpyre's Avatar
    Whoa, is that 7 mages?

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