KIN Raiders Heroic Spine of Deathwing Video
Now that Stars has defeated Heroic Spine of Deathwing 25, KIN Raiders has released their video of the kill.

KIN Raiders Raid Composition / Damage Meters
KIN Raiders defeated Heroic Spine of Deathwing 25 utilizing lots of high burst DPS classes. You can see their damage meters from the Spine fight (only the tendons) and raid composition for both Madness and Spine below!

KIN Raiders Spine of Deathwing Raid Composition

KIN Raiders Madness of Deathwing Raid Composition

KIN Raiders Post Spine of Deathwing Interview
Playforum interviewed KIN Raiders after their Spine of Deathwing kill, and Utsusemi was nice enough to translate the interesting questions.

Q: How did you farm and prepare to clear DS?
A: As many people know, US & EU had some troubles involving LFR. As for us, we brought 3 mains that did not overlap with each others' tier drops and 23 alts that have already done LFR, which facilitated the gearing of our mains. All in all, each member has gone through LFR about 26 times.

During the first week of the patch, in normal mode DS, we formed 6 teams - each consisting of 8-9 mains + alt fill-ins. We also had 1 team farming 10 man mode. When hard mode became available, we focused on gearing up the guild as a whole rather than prioritizing loot based on ranks. We formed 3 teams mixing mains and alts - and consistently farmed for progression. This has helped a lot in the latter half of DS.

Q: What did you feel the 'best' DPS class was for this raid?
A: In all circumstances, a class with good survivability and DPS can be considered the best. In this dungeon, a class that can survive well while providing great burst was the best DPS class. And we think Mage and Rogue were the two classes that best fit that criteria.

For Rogues, subtlety tree was buffed (great survivability and burst) so they were very viable. And for Mages, arcane provided better burst than any other class while fire gave better survivability. However, it's impossible to defeat the latter half the encounters with just these two classes. It is critical that other classes provide support/utility for them.

Q: Can you provide the raid comp for Spine and Madness of Deathwing encounters? Also, the number of attempts for them as well?
A: Regarding the raid composition, you can check that through armory. According to our DBM log, we gave about 300 attempts for the Spine. And for the last encounter, we downed it on our 108th attempt.

Q: A lot of people are speculating about the 4 shamans involved in the Spine encounter. Can you clear things up for us?
A: For the Spine, we had 3 restoration shamans and 1 elemental shaman. Two of the resto shamans were alts. Also one of those two alts' main spec was elemental.

As a side joke, one of our elemental shamans (Detonator is the name) had to be benched for 3 hrs because he could not pull the DPS needed. He had to practice DPS on dummy before getting pulled back in lol.

Q: In US & EU, many people are claiming that you used an exploit using SLT, which allegedly negates a debuff that lowers your health.
A: Regarding that, we have received personal apologies from MMO-Champion and Paragon website (From the people that made such claims). At that time, I wasn't too concerned about it because I was focused on the next encounter. But when we finally release the video of our kill, all of the suspicions will go away.

Q: The time you spent on Madness, compared to Spine, was rather short. How would you compare the difficulty between the two?
A: Spine was harder. It was as if a huge wall was blocking your way. Every time you first encounter a difficult boss, you can naturally feel that way. For Madness, it was like "hey, this isn't so bad". As for the Spine, it was more like "we don't wanna repeat this next week..." But no matter what, the members that had to be on stand-by had to go through the most stress by far.

Q: When will you be releasing a kill video of the last two encounters?
A: Once another guild has achieved a kill, we'll be releasing the video.

Q: It seems like more alts were part of the raid than mains for this dungeon. Is this correct?
A: Yes, it is. For the Spine, 3 of the Mages were alts and 2 of the resto Shamans were alts. We wanted to prepare for the unexpected. So since FL, we consistently farmed for alts.

Q: Is there a reason why you did that?
A: Every patch, we as a guild, had problems with limited roster. However, we feel that composition is far more important than the number of raiders. Say we have 25 people online. If those 25 people have access to most of the classes, creating a fitting raid composition becomes very easy.

For DS, each member had 2-4 classes ready for progression.

Q: For this raid, class specs seemed very critical. Can you give us a word on that?
A: For tanks, Paladins were far inferior to DKs and Druids. Thus, prot Paladins were benched. Also, enhancement Shamans and Hunters had to be benched for Madness encounter as the pets weren't attacking tendons. For healers, holy Paladins and resto Shamans were good. Other healing classes had to be on stand-by. And for caster DPS, boomkins had to be benched most of the time. I want to thank all of them for sticking around for the entire duration of the fights.

Q: Would you like to say a word to other guilds that are attempting to clear DS?
A: Never give up! It is imperative to stick together and have faith that you can do it. Every guild wants to give up at one point or another. But nothing can be achieved with one big shot. If you take it one step at a time, you will be rewarded for your effort.

Q: Any shout outs to the fans?
A: Thank you for your supports. We want to be remembered as raiders that always enjoy raiding. Thank you.

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Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Daily Quests and Boredom
Dailies and grinding. You want X, you have to perform Y dailies for Z period of time. You grind rep and gold and then you get what you want. This is what I explained. "But that's just like a job. I already have a job. When can we do something fun?"

It's easy to design a better system than dailies, pump out infinite amounts of content, it's just not feasible to pull off. Some people want to spend more time in the game than others, maybe even every day, and we want to make sure they have something to do. While we'd love for that to be fresh and unique content every time, it's simply not feasible. Thus, dailies. Give people something to do each time they log in (if they choose to do so every day).

Not to toot the Mists of Pandaria horn too hard, but I think our general zone design, daily, and scenario approach is pretty solid. Part of what makes dailies a bit tedious, aside from being tedious, is the rewards are desired but may not always quite fit the time investment. I see quite a bit of that being solved and making sure if you're logging in to do some dailies or scenarios, you feel like you made a good chunk of progress toward advancing your character.

It's not going to be a revolution or anything, don't get me wrong, but I think it'll at least feel better. No one likes being the guy on the assembly line putting the left index finger on the doll 250 times a day, 5 days a week. They might not mind it as much though if they're paid $100k a year. Right? (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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  1. Kirfkin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeons View Post
    I love the fact that some classes were simply left aside.
    It's looking more like it's about the class and spec than ever before.
  1. leviathonlx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Morath View Post
    Bring player, not class
    That only applies to normal modes.
  1. felix014's Avatar
    OMG the kiting very well done indeed.Gratz to them!
  1. Dexiefy's Avatar
    lol at that damage meter... vanilla wow all over again ;o
  1. kisain09's Avatar
    anyone else see the ping? 1-2 ms
  1. Morceli's Avatar
    "The new raid lockout changes for Taiwan and Korea adjust the lockout timers for the patch 4.0 and 4.2 raids. The lockout timers for these raids will now reset twice weekly instead of once. These raid lockout changes are being made to allow players to raid more often and get more chances at epic loot drops. Players will be able to down current Cataclysm raid bosses twice a week, accelerating players' progression"

    No one can contest the skill and dedication involved in downing those 2 last bosses.
    However EU and US guilds did not have the luxury of 12 full gear burst dps.

    Grats on the kill guys. Just have hoped to be on equal terms.
  1. kisain09's Avatar
    anyone else see the MS? 1 to 2 O.o
  1. Gilian's Avatar
    Grats on the kill! Intense fight and I loved the video. Too bad I don't understand Korean .
  1. FrizzleMe's Avatar
    Mages will always be top dps, always. And this patch is all about rogue love. Rogue only items in LFR, easy access to two 391 weapons, legendaries etc.Very nice kill, grats KIN Raiders.
  1. Vasz's Avatar
    That fight looks impossible
  1. Eclipsed1234's Avatar
    And more proof of hunters being absolutely useless this raid. *sigh*.
  1. TrapTime's Avatar
    Very nice altered video, can we see the actual video? -- being serious >.>
  1. Vasz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TrapTime View Post
    Very nice altered video, can we see the actual video? -- being serious >.>
    Are you being serious?
  1. engwee's Avatar
    so I tweeted on the blizz page and put in it #DiabloBeta , it looks like this "@BlizzardCS #DiabloBeta blabla"is it good? how can I link it, I only have these options on it 9 minutes ago via web Favorite Reply Delete
  1. Tork's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Morath View Post
    Bring player, not class
    didnt you read how they have a small roster, each with 2-4 fully geared alts? They brought both the player AND the class.
  1. Ketsis's Avatar
    Gosh that mage PoV has such a great quality. I wonder how much did his PC cost >.
  1. Hinaaja's Avatar
    So, is it okay to stack mage & rogue for maximum DPS now? Last I checked, stacking ferals for maximum damage on Nef was considered cheating and exploiting....
  1. ChIP_83's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by engwee View Post
    so I tweeted on the blizz page and put in it #DiabloBeta , it looks like this "BlizzardCS DiabloBeta blabla"is it good? how can I link it, I only have these options on it 9 minutes ago via web Favorite Reply Delete
    click "details" (is placed to right of the time).
    After that, copy the link from your adress bar.
  1. laserguns's Avatar
    That damage meter is for the tendons only. Obvs people did more than 4m damage in a 12min fight
  1. TrapTime's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vasz View Post
    Are you being serious?
    yes sir /10 char

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