MMO-Champion "Be nice, not naughty!" Giveaway
It's almost Christmas! All the WoW players around the world are happy and busy being nice to everyone they know and don't know in-game! ... Ok, most of you aren't that nice and I heard that Santa's "naughty" list is getting longer and longer with so many people gearing up in LFR.

That's why Christmas and the holidays is a wonderful time to change that behavior, especially if you can get free stuff just by being nice! And just like last year, we'll do our best to convince you to be extra nice, and love bunnies.

A lot of these items were kindly offered by, thanks to them!

Giveaway Rules
This giveaway is very simple and will require you to do a few easy things.

1. Join a random instance or raid group through the /lfd or /lfr tool, and when you arrive in the instance you have to:
  • Say hello to the members of the group.
  • Wish them Happy Holidays/a Merry Christmas!
  • Ask them "Bunnies are really great, don't you think?"

2. You have to at least kill a boss with that same group, I'm expecting you to kill the last boss and finish the instance instead of quitting after the first wipe. Let's say that two members in LFD and ten in LFR are allowed to change over the course of the instance because you can't control other people ragequitting over stupid things (but it won't happen if you're nice!)

At the end of the instance or whenever you decide to leave:
  • Say goodbye to the members of the group and thanks them for their time.
  • Wish them Happy Holidays/a Merry Christmas again!

3. Post on the MMO-Champion "Be nice, not naughty!" Giveaway - Screenshots Thread the two screenshots of 1. and 2. to show the world how nice you are. After you're done with that, you will officially be on the list of the people nice enough to be picked for free stuff!

4. Winners will be picked on December 30th at 08:00PM GMT based on their post numbers. If there are 2437 replies at the end of the giveaway, I will do a /random 1-2437 (either in-game or on a random number generator site) and will select winners based on their post number!

5. Please don't enter more than once, as that isn't nice. Naughty people don't get presents!

6. Please use to host your images so that they will be around for us to look at if you win.

Patch 4.3 Hotfixes - December 23
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Dungeons and Raids
Dragon Soul
  • Morchok
    • Morchok has been working out, now moves faster in all phases of the fight, and can no longer be kited.
  • Hagara
    • Players can no longer use Spiritwalker’s Grace to avoid the Watery Entrenchment debuff.
  • Ultraxion
    • Fading Light should now always appear in raid frames when a player is affected by it.
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  1. Romire's Avatar
    First! i hope
  1. Intropid's Avatar
  1. Bruin's Avatar
    Y'know, I don't even care if I was to win something for doing this - I can't wait to get in game and wish some random people a Merry Christmas! Spreading holiday cheer from my home to yours, and all across Azeroth!
  1. Firecrest's Avatar
    As if LFR wasn't annoying enough already...
  1. biozou's Avatar
    sounds awesome
  1. Dantastic's Avatar
    Awesome! I'm totally doing a late dungeon tonight! ...Morning. Thing. O.O
  1. Melilithia's Avatar
    Sounds pretty cool... if I can find my authenticator. >:
  1. Stormed's Avatar
    maybe this will make the lfr group im waiting for to fill =D
  1. Rayzzzer's Avatar
    Join a random instance or raid group through the /lfd or /lfr tool, and when you arrive in the instance you have to: Criticize everyone's DPS, HPS, gear, talents, transmogrification, character name, race, sex, hair colour. Repeatedly go AFK or Alt-Tab. Return only to roll Need on drops. Share five years old 4chan memes with everyone! U MAD BRO?
  1. Warriorguy's Avatar
    There is no way i can even fake being nice to the majority of the people i play with. I wont be participating that's for sure roflmao
  1. uriahworld's Avatar
    Awesome giveaway idea.
  1. schwarzkopf's Avatar
    I get around 1 member quit every 30 seconds - even just walking to a boss, 5-6 each boss.No way I can get through an LFR for this competition.
  1. Colmadero's Avatar
    hehe, you've done it again
  1. Buzkil's Avatar
    CAnt wAit to take pics Dum iphone
  1. PaWeLL's Avatar
    What about the previous giveaway? Where are the results?
  1. Frumpy Frumpy Frak's Avatar
    Meh, the prizes aren't even worth logging on for, let alone be nice and do a dungeon with randoms. Just stick to the "post to win", "anyone can enter" competitions please.
  1. Kokiron's Avatar
    Guess i'll be avoiding lfd/lfr until the 30th, then. The people in there are annoying enough without them talking about how great bunnies are and spamming me with false friendliness.
  1. Andra-Arts's Avatar
    I randomly got people in this instance from my server I will get satchel though so do I just post my screenshot with the thing showing satchel so it is showing it's not set up?
  1. Goldfingaz's Avatar
    Good idea for a giveaway, generally I always enter greeting people and saying thanks for the group, only difference is I'm taking a screenie of it, and getting a chance at some cool items

    Thanks MMO-Champion and!

    Oh poo forgot to ask about bunnies xD. Suppose I'll go run another and edit my screenies lol. Was too busy talking about transmog sets haha.

    Thar fixed me post with the right stuff. Had two awesome groups for each run
  1. Kcaz64's Avatar
    I will never understand this contest. False kindness is rude and irritating.

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