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Update - Managed to grab a screenshot of the new Feldrake.

Patch 4.3.2 on Test Realms
A new Patch 4.3.2 is being deployed on test realms as we speak, this is a "minor bug fix patch." according to the official notes but we do not have more details for the moment.

World of Warcraft Optimization
The launcher now optimizes your game folder and tries to improve game performance/reduce the size of the install on your hard drive.

64 Bit Game Client
The 64 bit client might appear in this patch, the current test build is tagged as "test x86", which implies that a 64 bit version is available somewhere.

Client Strings Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ERR_PARENTAL_CONTROLS_DISCONNECT_WARNING = "You will be disconnected due to parental controls in %d |4minute:minutes;.";
  • ERR_PARENTAL_CONTROLS_DISCONNECT_WARNING_SOON = "You will be disconnected due to parental controls in less than 1 minute.";
  • TIME_PLAYED_ALERT = "You have been playing for %s. Excessive gameplay can cause inconvenience in your daily life.";

Achievements Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Dungeons & Raids

Feats of Strength

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Feldrake Summons and dismisses a rideable feldrake. This is a flying mount. 1.5 sec cast

Companion Pets

Druid (Forums / Talent Calculator)
Tier 13

Hunter (Forums / Talent Calculator)

  • Bombardment now lasts 5 secs instead of affecting your next multi shot only.

Paladin (Forums / Talent Calculator)
Tier 13
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  1. Howard Moon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dantia. View Post
    Not surprised about the HR nerf tbh.
    it was already nerfed, this is just a tooltip update
  1. lockbox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zzyzx View Post
    I loaded the new PTR launcher and it took about 6 minutes to do the optimization. You can not bypass it or abort it. It reduced my PTR install by 11gb on the disk. The launcher then redownloaded 11gb of "missing" game data. GG blizz.
    Do you know what the PTR is for? Testing things. Do you know why you test things? Because they might contain bugs. Well done, you've found one. Instead of passive-aggressively spouting "hurr GG Billzard", you could report it. Alternatively, use it as evidence that Blizzard is contributing to the downfall of mankind.
  1. mrgreenthump's Avatar
    I got more excited abt the optimizer than i got abt the 64 bit client^^ but both would be fairly welcome
  1. Lanjelin's Avatar
    But...but.. I like my 50GB wow folder, it reminds me of the old days. I've never reinstalled ^^
  1. hiragana's Avatar
    well no point getting 4 piece bonus then. Fel drake sounds interesting. Purchasable mount pls, not enough stuff to spend gold on in this game
  1. ziddenz's Avatar
    [email protected] HR Nerf
  1. Faeglendir's Avatar
    Feldrake? What a great new model .. oh wait ..
  1. Flappy's Avatar
    Hey can somebody post on the bug forum that there is a glitch with the warrior t12 2 piece where if you are in a Battleground it lasts 12 seconds and when you are in LFR or LFD it goes down to 6 seconds?Thanks.
  1. DissPanda's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ziddenz View Post
    Dear people,

    Please read this quote, as it contains stupidity.

    This is just a tooltip fix, it has been nerfed a while ago.

    A Holy Paladin.
  1. hiragana's Avatar
    also mount looks wank.
  1. Holyshnikies's Avatar
    Serious question.
    What is the point of running 64-bit client on WoW?
    What added features or bonuses does that give me.

    Im running an AMD Phenom x4 945, 4 gigs ram and a 460 gtx.

    Does it allow 1 more gig of ram to be use? More cores? Just curious.
  1. legdIm's Avatar
    The Feldrake looks pretty cool, in my opinion. It's definitely suited for warlock players for obvious reasons, so I certainly intend to try and get one. I just hope it isn't ridiculously hard to acquire, though I have a feeling we might be seeing something from the Burning Legion in the next mini patch. I hope it's not a store mount...
  1. Skroe's Avatar
    Star Wars is out and Blizzard puts this in.They're like the building sailing ships in the age of cruise missiles and aircraft carriers.
  1. Strafer's Avatar
    Dammit, I need that mount now.
  1. Magirock's Avatar
    Get ready for the return of the Burning Legion... Look at that symbol on top of the Drake's Head.
  1. ~Valen~'s Avatar
    Feldrake = Darkmoon faire new mount!
  1. Huge Something's Avatar
    I'm hoping the legion has something to do with the mount, as in preparing us for MoP in the next patch!
  1. Eis's Avatar
    Dear Everyone:

    Did you honestly expect a drake mount to not use the drake model already in the game? Please, don't bother with the whole "REUSED MODEL OMG AWFUL" stuff. Just accept that it's a pretty neat looking drake and move on with your lives.

  1. Tomsboll's Avatar
    old drake model again, comeon lazy blizzard. we have seen this mount like hundred times, this one look like black drake except it has green spots instead of orange/red.
  1. Xiphan's Avatar
    Cool I guess. Assume the two Legion themed cosmetics will be TCG; Feldrake's kind of cool, would've been nice to see a Fel Corrupted Netherdrake model though.

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