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Patch 4.3.2 Release Date Update
The status of the patch is still unsure, the whole situation is most likely the reason why the US Maintenance got cancelled and then moved to Wednesday.

The patch files are available on the download servers and things look somewhat ready but at this point it seems that the patch will only go live next week. The EU maintenance wasn't moved to Thursday and I don't think Blizzard plans to deploy a patch on both continents on the same day, even if it's a small one.

Statistics: Heroic Madness of Deathwing Class Representation
Continuing our ongoing statistics posts, today we look at class representation for characters that have completed Heroic Madness of Deathwing. As always with this type of post, the sample size is fairly small; less than 100 guilds have completed the encounter so far.

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Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Blue Post Replies
We read them. We also allow conversations to take place without our influence when it seems that it's the better course of action. Sometimes our intervention can actually skew a conversation off track if we're not careful. Then again, sometimes skewing a conversation is something we need to do too, to get people "on track" or even away from non-constructive discussion.

Sometimes we just don't have anything we could effectively add to the conversation, but it may spark some discussion internally that we can have amongst ourselves or take to the developers and producers. If and when we do have something we can bring back, we generally try to. Some may be under the false belief that it was the constant posts about a topic that made us come back to the topic, when in fact we may just need some time to discuss and come up with an answer that works and sometimes, we may have an answer that we just can't share at the time. Timing in our roles is often everything and as many know, "promising" something too soon, can be upsetting or worrisome to some people, while others don't mind being "in the know" even if plans do change. It's a balancing act.

We don't have elaborate schemes. That would mean we have a lot more time on our hands than we actually do to sit, plot and plan. In most cases, when we reply to something on the forums, we're tightrope walking while keeping an eye on the ever so dangerous ps and qs. That's not to say there isn't a method to the madness (see above paragraph.) It just means, we have to be quick on developing our thoughts and typing them out in a way that (hopefully) makes some semblance of sense.

If we see some really good feedback or ideas, we will often take it with us when we meet with the developers (which is generally a weekly face to face meeting.) We don't want to give the wrong impression that feedback given equals a guaranteed change based on that feedback.

We are just as likely to notice a smaller thread as we are to notice the larger ones. Sometimes, the best conversations are on the first few pages (not to say we don't read through the entire thread.) The reason being, that often, the conversation is more focused on the topic at hand and as the thread lengthens, we either see repeat discussions/arguments, or it begins to expand to other topics that may not be as relevant to the main topic of the original post.

BTW, contrary to popular belief (and not to start a moderation discussion.) We do not delete threads solely on the idea that it's saying it dislikes something we've designed or done to the game. We generally delete non-constructive threads or repeat threads since they often don't lead to good discussion or split conversation which makes it more difficult for us to sift through them for the constructive bits. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

64-bit Live Client
We'll be disabling the PTR forums shortly. Going forward you will be able to find the latest 64-bit client on the Tech Support forums. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mists of Pandaria Information Plan
There does and there is. There's not anything specific I can share on a time frame as of yet, but things are moving along well with Mists of Pandaria and we'll be getting you all more information on "what's next" as soon as possible. For those that were able to see the next expansion at BlizzCon, you'll have seen that we were relatively far along in development. As we've said before, we're working diligently to put out expansions a little bit quicker than we have in the past. But, as always, we want to make sure we release "when it's ready" as well. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Trading Card Game Art Gallery Update
The Trading Card game art gallery has been updated with ten new pieces.

Curse Weekly Roundup
Pico is back to tell us about the things you might have missed recently in Diablo 3, Minecraft, Resident Evil 6, and more.

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  1. DerrHans's Avatar
    Inb4: So many horde TCG biased art.. Just thought let put it out there
  1. Szenty's Avatar
    How many of those priests are shadow compared to the two healing specs. That would be interesting to see.
  1. mistwalker's Avatar
    go hunters!!!
  1. lolo855's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mistwalker View Post
    go hunters!!!
    Maybe it's the right time to drop a legendary in our bags so we (hunters) start playing more or get taken in raids more
  1. Nekrosislol's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hiragana View Post
    nerf shamans
    Na let them shine a lil so the whole no shaman in world first xxx dies down =P
  1. asharia's Avatar
    hunters represent!!!!!
  1. Mikehuntz's Avatar
    My class is last...yeahhhhhhh
  1. Scratches's Avatar
    Anyone else notice that the chart is comparing the classes by a "win percentage"?

    Soooo... priests win more than druids? o.O

  1. avocadowarrior's Avatar
    Oh good more statistics.
  1. Granyala's Avatar
    How can you compare a class that has only one role to classes that have 2 or more? This statistic is Bull.If you want to compare Priest to Hunter, compare SHADOW PRIEST numbers to hunters.
  1. Bub's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Diggasson View Post
    hen why is my hunter friend and i at the top dps in our guild when we do madness :P?
    Maybe U should change guild to normal one?:O))))

    ---------- Post added 2012-01-25 at 04:27 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by hellboyy View Post
    blizzard will now add hunter legendary in mop cos hunters felt left out lol.
    Do U really think ppl will wait for almost an year to get damn legendary?
    Bull... Got no idea what Blizz think of, but htey r loosing they positions on market REALLY fast 'cos of stupidity of game designers.
  1. Rosiel's Avatar
    Got a picture with the text they will apply 4.3.2 on wednsday...

    fake or what?
  1. proutek's Avatar
    Hybrids at the top. GG.
  1. chuck123's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Diggasson View Post
    Hunter at the bottom? really? Then why is my hunter friend and i at the top dps in our guild when we do madness :P? Can be because its normal but still! Warriors and Hunters 4life!
    because you either outgear or outperform (or both) your fellow friends, that's why.
    Oh and ontop of that, longer madness fight = higher dps for anyone.
  1. thane's Avatar
    "no one will remember if the game is late, only if it's great" ... seriously blizz? let's put that to a test:a) who of you thinks duke nuke'em for ever was a great game?b) who of you thinks it came out 4 years too late?
  1. tickler's Avatar
    The top are classes with healing specs. WTB Spec breakdown
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    hmm shammies are well represented same hunters arent if we only know what spec those priest are playing so we can effectivly call for nerfs
  1. Totemanic's Avatar
    Might be something to do with pretty much requiring a shadow priest on 10 man...
  1. Nullpointer's Avatar
    In my eyes Blizzard screwed seriously with encounter design in DS. Why do they strive to achieve PvE balance between specs, when they make such a ridiculous fight like madness ? Truth be told - you can't beat a good shadow priest on that encounter, even if you outgear them.
  1. Wishko's Avatar
    4.3.2 not today (exactly on EU)

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