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Mists of Pandaria Talent Calculator Update Soon
Zarhym mentioned on Twitter that work has started on an update to the Mists of Pandaria talent calculator.
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
We're working on an update to the Mists web talent calculator. Things are still in flux, but we hope you enjoy the class design progress.

Blizzard and Valve Queue for Legal Battlegrounds Over DotA
The term "DotA" has long been used as the name for the popular Warcraft III mod, but Valve attempted to trademark the name for their upcoming DotA 2 game. This didn't sit well with Blizzard, with Rob Pardo saying:

"It just seems a really strange move to us that Valve would go off and try to exclusively trademark the term considering it's something that's been freely available to us and everyone in the Warcraft III community up to this point...To us, that means that you're really taking it away from the Blizzard and Warcraft III community and that just doesn't seem the right thing to do".

Valve then countered that the community was okay with it, with Gabe Newell saying:

"The issue with that was, when we were talking with IceFrog originally, he wanted to build the sequel to DOTA. So the reason to call it Dota 2 is it actually does a pretty good job of communicating to gamers what it is the game is going to be. If a gamer looks at this game and you ask them, is that Dota 2? They're going to say yeah, that makes sense. That's a good name for it. That's really what's driving that. I haven't had any customers or gamers react negatively to it. They seem to be pretty comfortable with it."

Two of the developers that were involved with the original DotA game filed to block Valve's application, which is still an ongoing case. In Blizzard's opposition filing, they contend that DotA has been used by the community for the Warcraft 3 mod and that Valve has never used it before.

"DOTA, that for more than seven years has been used exclusively by Blizzard and its fan community, under license from Blizzard. By virtue of that use, the DOTA mark has become firmly associated in the mind of consumers with Blizzard, including to signify a highly popular scenario or variant of one of Blizzard's best-selling computer games, Warcraft III...

In contrast to Blizzard, Applicant Valve Corporation ("Valve") has never used the mark DOTA in connection with any product or service that currently is available to the public. By attempting to register the mark DOTA, Valve seeks to appropriate the more than seven years of goodwill that Blizzard has developed in the mark DOTA and in its Warcraft III computer game and take for itself a name that has come to signify the product of years of time and energy expended by Blizzard and by fans of Warcraft III. "

Blizzard then goes on to argue that the World Editor EULA requires Blizzard's prior written consent to use for any commercial purpose, which they have granted to various 3rd parties for the promotion of the DotA mod. Valve's response is a denial or lack of sufficient information claim of anything that mentions Blizzard's widespread and long standing use of the mark.

The companies will either come to an agreement of some kind or the case could move on to a trial later this year.

LoLPro - League of Legends Guides
League of Legends is a fairly popular game, so our friends over at LoLPro.com have put together in depth guides and videos for the champions. Every guide is authored by a professional League of Legends player such as Voyboy, Salce, Doublelift, Crumbzz, SYDTKO, Pobelter, Westrice, Dyrus, Nyjacky and many more.

The guides may be helpful should you want to improve your skills to participate in the next tournament. The first Curse tournament will have eight teams competing for a $5,000 prize. The winning team will then be flown to Curse headquarters in San Francisco, to play the Curse team, for a chance at an additional $20,000.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft War College – Getting Geared
The battlefields of World of Warcraft are littered with the bones of those who have become casualties in the ongoing conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. You do not need to become one of them. One of the keys to victory is knowledge, and that is where the World of Warcraft War College enters the picture. In these discussions between players, you can learn and share strategies with other players to improve your tactics and improve your odds of emerging victorious from the field of battle.

Are you a veteran Gladiator with countless victories tallied? Are you new to World of Warcraft and striving to improve your PvP skills? In this weekly feature, we invite players of all skill levels to ask questions, share tips and tactics, and join a conversation dedicated to surviving and thriving in World of Warcraft PvP.

This week, the topic of discussion is:

Getting Geared – Whether getting ready to jump into PvP with a new character or preparing for a new PvP season, it’s important to get enough Resilience on your items to be competitive. What are the best techniques you've found to gear up fast?

Join the War College forum thread here. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Bind on Account items
In terms of Bind on Account items, we believe that using the mail system to transfer heirlooms from one character to another is less than ideal. We’d like to work ourselves away from that sort of item distribution model, and have some design goals in mind that would change the mechanics of how heirlooms are distributed in-game.

We think it would be wonderful to simplify the system so that, for example, you might have a constant heirloom page across all your characters that you could peruse and select from at your leisure. Conceivably, we could do something similar for pets and mounts.

As always, these sorts of design ideas are constantly being evaluated. I just think it’s worth pointing out we’re not currently aiming to create a system that would allow players to mail heirlooms across realms or accounts. We believe that would be a sub-optimal design, and we have better solutions in mind for the future. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Winning Multiple Items in LFR
Our patch note is wrong and we apologize for the confusion. We'll get it updated.

The way it currently works is you'll lose the Need+ roll bonus if you win an item that drops twice from the same boss, but you won't be made completely ineligible to win it twice. If no one else has the Need+ bonus or rolls Need on the item, you'd still win it.

We have updated the 4.3.2 patch notes to better describe the way this system change works.

Players no longer benefit from a role-based need bonus on the second of multiple copies of the same item on a single Raid Finder boss kill. For example, a player who chooses Need on two set piece tokens or two weapons (and wins the first) will only automatically roll 1-100 for the second from that particular boss. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Low Population Realms
That thread is one that we are monitoring continuously for feedback, and those who wish to get their voice heard on this topic will certainly get their wish granted if they post in said thread.

We acknowledge that this is a very important topic for those of you playing on realms with low population, and it is an important topic for us as well. We are looking into ways to improve the situation, but as we mentioned in the thread linked to by Danellos above, there is no simple and easy fix to this. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mists of Pandaria Talent Calculator
Thank you for your feedback on the Warlock talents, however as you have mentioned the talents are not set in stone right now and may change. You have to remember that the Mists of Pandaria talent calculator was placed on the website towards the end of November last year and it has not been updated on the website since. During these past few months of development though, there would have been major changes that are not able to see yet.

We will probably not be updating the talent calculator until we're around about at the point of the friends and family alpha test. The reason for this is that it is not exactly useful or efficient for us to be continuously updating the calculator at this stage.

There have been no announcements for when an update to the Talent Calculator will be released. But I am sure we are all hoping for a more up-to-date talent calculator to be revealed, because I know everyone would like to see what has been done to refine and improve upon the ones we see now! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Annual Pass and Diablo III Release Date
I've seen these threads before, and it’s concerning to me. I'm confused as to what people believed the Annual Pass provided when they signed up.

It's a year-long World of Warcraft contract for people who would be playing World of Warcraft for the next year, but who also want to play Diablo III. In those cases we say Ok, agree to pay through for that year, and you don't have to make the choice, we'll give you Diablo III for free, plus a bunch of other goodies just in case you're not totally sold.

I'm not sure how a Diablo III release date impacts your intent to continue playing and paying for World of Warcraft for a year. Or maybe a better question is, how does a free copy of Diablo III being released at any different point in time affect your intent to pay for World of Warcraft for a year?

Even if Diablo III was to release after your 1 year contract was up and paid off, you're saving the cost of a copy of Diablo III, and keeping all the extras. I don't see how that's a trick, or a scam, or otherwise a bad deal. Unless you were buying it, not intending to play WoW, believing it would get you Diablo III sooner than other people?

I sympathize with people excited about the game, and disappointed it’s not out, I want it to be finished as much as anyone, but I just have trouble understanding this point as I see it consistently made.

I know there was some wording on a website page somewhere saying 'early next year', but I'm not aware of the actual Annual Pass agreement having any release date schedule ever mentioned for Diablo III or the Mists beta.

In any case, assumptions that a contract was in any way changed aside, it doesn't change the value of the Annual Pass and the fact that you're getting Diablo III for free. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

World of Warcraft Monopoly® and StarCraft Risk®
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’re pleased to announce a partnership with USAopoly to release fresh takes on two classic board games. Monopoly®: World of Warcraft® and RISK®: StarCraft® combine tried-and-true foundations with new designs and gameplay elements inspired by our popular gaming universes. Those who dare to engage will discover a new chance to claim supremacy, both over their friends and over the battle-torn lands of Azeroth and the Koprulu Sector.

These games will formally debut at the 109th annual Toy Fair this Sunday, February 12 in New York City.

We’re holding a poll on Facebook right now where you can vote on which player pieces will make it into the final Monopoly: World of Warcraft board game! Ten options, including Murky, Chen’s Keg, Mechagnome, and a Spellbook are present, and the six most popular pieces will be represented in the game when it launches this May. [...]

The Daily Blink - The Numbers Behind the Numbers
The Daily Blink breaks down the subscriber number changes from the Q4 2011 Call.

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  1. Selxxa's Avatar
    Valve is going to win this lawsuit. It's like if id tried to sue Valve over the Team Fortress name.
  1. Simca's Avatar
    I don't pretend to have any legal knowledge, but it would be kind of silly if Valve could take the trademark for a game series that they've never made a product for until now. On an unrelated note, Starcraft Risk will be the best thing EVER. I'm totally buying that.
  1. Desdonde's Avatar
    Daily Blink - Hilarious
  1. Nightfury Treann's Avatar
    wait a second, Valve is proclaiming Dota or something?
  1. twilightsamus's Avatar
    Good luck with Valve, Blizzard.
  1. Caiada's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Selxxa View Post
    Valve is going to win this lawsuit. It's like if id tried to sue Valve over the Team Fortress name.
    It isn't like that in the slightest.
  1. ElmoMcBeastly's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Selxxa View Post
    Valve is going to win this lawsuit. It's like if id tried to sue Valve over the Team Fortress name.
    Actually, it's more like Valve suing id for trying to poach the Team Fortress name. DOTA is strictly a Blizzard thing. Valve has never used this trademark before.
  1. Asatru's Avatar
    Go valve go!!
  1. Anthoren's Avatar
    I hope valve wins the lawsuit, just because even though i'm interested in Blizzard Dota, Dota 2 just looks so much better. Also blizzard just kind of needs to get off it high horse..to be honest i'm not even sure how blizzard can sue Valve at all. Since the original Dota was a mod and not made by blizzard at all.
  1. Bahska's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Selxxa View Post
    Valve is going to win this lawsuit. It's like if id tried to sue Valve over the Team Fortress name.
    Not at all like that, Valve owns Team fortress they don't own DOTA
  1. Satan's Avatar
    Oh daily blink, you crazy!
  1. Demoncrash's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Selxxa View Post
    Valve is going to win this lawsuit. It's like if id tried to sue Valve over the Team Fortress name.
    DOTA started out as a Fan-made Warcraft 3 mod and Valve was nowhere in the picture when it came out. I really can't see Valve winning this, especially if Blizzard's Warcraft 3 World Editor was used to make the original DOTA.
  1. salate's Avatar
    Blizzard 7 years ago - "we dont care about Dota" Valve x years ago "We should made Dota2, cuz Dota is unplayable for us, and we wanna make it!" (from Gaben words in some interview he said "we tried to play with fellas in dota, and found it nice but unplayable" Blizzard today - "We care about Dota, u should earn nothing from this game!" Valve today - "Cmon lol, why so serious?" I think if Valve would have taken Element TD instead of Dota Blizz would cry aswell But we both know why they go such a way, they just wanna earn money from that.
  1. Azaril's Avatar
    The problem, I imagine, that Rob has with what valve is doing is that by trademarking DOTA, it effectively eliminates DoTA from Wc3. Even though doTA came out 7-8 years ago and the original author of DoTA is now the author of DoTA2, Valve owning the trademark basically forces DoTA to change it's name to something else. At the same time I imagine that Valve is looking to trademark since they will be developing a real commercial application using the name and prevent other software development companies from creating a product and calling it DoTA also.

    The ideal solution would be for an agreement by Valve and Blizzard that gives IceFrog the trademark for DoTA, and IceFrog allows Blizzard and Valve permanent licensed/authorized use of DoTA.

    What's going to be interesting here though, is that with the new IP laws, trademarks and copyrights are no longer who proves who made what first, but who brings the matter to the patent office for copyright or trademark. For example, just because DoTA existed for years before Valve filed their application, does not in any way impede their application due to prior work/art/usage.

    I sure hope that Blizzard and Valve pursue this matter to the supreme court where they can rule on the IP law signed last year.
  1. Anthoren's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by salate View Post
    Blizzard 7 years ago - "we dont care about Dota" Valve x years ago "We should made Dota2, cuz Dota is unplayable for us, and we wanna make it!" (from Gaben words in some interview he said "we tried to play with fellas in dota, and found it nice but unplayable" Blizzard today - "We care about Dota, u should earn nothing from this game!" Valve today - "Cmon lol, why so serious?" I think if Valve would have taken Element TD instead of Dota Blizz would cry aswell But we both know why they go such a way, they just wanna earn money from that.
    Regardless of who wins people will still play Dota 2 even if they call it TaoD...yeah that's right The ancients of Defense (although knowing blizz they already trademarked that too) gotta get that money.
  1. AVPaul's Avatar
    Blizzards doesn't understand why people are so angry about D3 release delay? They are pretending they don't know the reason? It's very simple! People thought they will be playing Diablo 3 while waiting for MOP release but paying for failed Cataclysm instead of just buying D3 and quiting Wow. And now they can't play D3 but they also can't quit Wow so they are locked to play crappy DS for another 2-5 months which makes Annual Pass profitable only for Blizzard but not players.
  1. Corysi's Avatar
    Quite possibly the dumbest thing Valve has done.
  1. RadGH's Avatar
    Valve bought Icefrog, who was the last true developer of dota. Icefrog had nothing to do with its original creation, though.

    Blizzard should win the lawsuit in this case. Still, I think "Blizzard All-Stars" is a better name than "Blizzard DotA". Even then, DotA is the name of a game, not a category at all.

    Riot Games tried to name this type of game "Moba, multiplayer online battle arena", but any true Warcraft 3 gamers would know the category of all 3 of these games is "AoS". The first original base vs base with towers, infantry, and heroes at war was "Aeon of Strife".
  1. salate's Avatar
    Lol didnt see the Daily BLink, lol at SWToR mention about Ilum indeed
  1. Klahkeme's Avatar
    Regarding Valve v Blizzard, I'm not seeing Blizzard saying they want to prevent Valve from using the name DOTA, or any variation thereof. They just don't want Valve to trademark it. I'm not even seeing that Blizzard wants to trademark it themselves. As far as I can tell, Blizzard just wants the name to remain in the public space. I could be wrong, because I see the whole issue as too ridiculous to spend much time really reading up on it. But if my impression is right, I see nothing at all wrong with Blizzard's stance.

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