Blizzard Store: Heart of the Aspects Mount now available
The Heart of the Aspects is now available for 25 USD on the US store and 20 EUR on the EU store.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
When attacking from the air, it's best to advance from the angle of the sun so as to blind your foes… Or just ride a luminous dragon that glows like a thousand suns. Either way, you're good.

The Heart of the Aspects flying mount will travel as fast as your riding skill will take you and, once purchased, applies to all present and future characters on a single North American World of Warcraft license.

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  1. Levix's Avatar
    Mount no 148 please :-)
  1. Zeerid's Avatar
    I can has mount?
  1. mgtyler's Avatar
    I want one!
  1. Masacru's Avatar
    It's a Chinese Dragon!!!
  1. believersvoice's Avatar
    looks really nice
  1. Plaguemaw's Avatar
    Ohhh damn, soooo sweeet!
  1. Malvision's Avatar
    Is it BoE? Can I sell it for rediculous amounts of gold????????
  1. roahn the warlock's Avatar
    Blizzard doesn't have the time to make new demons, or anything else when ((They can only make so many models)) but they can make this? and even though we should boycott the hell of of this, people will buy it, because people are slaves to the machine.
  1. reesi101's Avatar
    This mount is really beautiful. I will have to plan on purchasing this!
  1. Springfart's Avatar
    ooooh, want
  1. Zhanshi's Avatar
    Neeeeeed my 136th mooooooount! =D
  1. andurilerdem's Avatar
    Seems really cool
  1. Archegonus's Avatar
    If I don't get it here, it'll be the first time ever, in all these years, I'll buy a mount from BlizzardStore, it looks amazing! I want it so bad!
  1. TommmyBoy's Avatar
    Oh look extra cash for blizzard.
    Makes me disapointed and litle mad at the same time.
  1. Tyshaft21's Avatar
    I'd tap that
  1. SLinKI's Avatar
    Ist a dragun! UH!
  1. aggression's Avatar
    Why didn't they add this for the DS meta achi instead? Would make alot more wanna do the achievements than now. And then it would mean a bit more than just money....but I guess that's what it's all about, create a mount that most want to buy...
    Pretty obvious what they care most about.
  1. Chickat's Avatar
    If that mount is any indication of how awesome MoP will be, then i think we are in store for the most epic xpac yet.
  1. Cochila's Avatar
    I want it!!!!!
  1. Flupa's Avatar
    . .. . gif

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