Blizzard Store: Heart of the Aspects Mount now available
The Heart of the Aspects is now available for 25 USD on the US store and 20 EUR on the EU store.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
When attacking from the air, it's best to advance from the angle of the sun so as to blind your foes… Or just ride a luminous dragon that glows like a thousand suns. Either way, you're good.

The Heart of the Aspects flying mount will travel as fast as your riding skill will take you and, once purchased, applies to all present and future characters on a single North American World of Warcraft license.

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  1. bry1000's Avatar
    I had no clue it was a new mount available in store and i tought it was a guild achievement or so as there were like 6 people in SW bunched up with the same golden dragon :P Really amazing mount, too bad it costs too much for me Still congratz for those who will win it or buy it! Best regards, Brian
  1. Catrilia's Avatar
    While I'm not willing to pay rl money for it, it does make salivate just a little at the thought of having it
  1. Pinu's Avatar
    This mount looks damn nice one of the best ones is saw until now.The color its amazing !!!
  1. Ragezero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Essenji View Post
    NO! WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY MAKE IT A STORE MOUNT?! It looks so damn cool! I wanted to get that through raiding/getting a lot of mounts.
    Because the thing called blizzard likes money, and since they lost subscribers, they arent trying to make the game better to regain their faith.
    No, they instead find ways to make more money off their current subscribers!

    Yep, making a reward for something in game is just too much to ask for! This mount should have been an achievement reward from a sickly hard achievement.
    20 bucks is not this achievement.
  1. Huntsquirla's Avatar
    thats one of the best mounts i seen since firehawk from the eye shame its only cash mount and not a drop would love to raid for this one though
  1. Demo1027's Avatar
    Awesome mount. Love the asian theme, getting everyone ramped up for MoP. woot
  1. alexbinti's Avatar
    cool flying bird
  1. outflow's Avatar
    Flap flap, Rrrraaaarrrrr, tweet tweet
  1. nooty's Avatar
    Fu ck i want this Mount for my druid !!

    Give please
  1. Doktor Faustus's Avatar
    Isn't it the dragohawk reskinned? Shame its gone to the store and not a real reward :/
  1. Dietrik's Avatar
    I look forward to my mop raid recolor.
  1. limaraya's Avatar
    AWESOME looking!
  1. s0s3n's Avatar
    che bella è?!?
  1. exdarko's Avatar
    Mount looks amazing
  1. raxiel87's Avatar
    i hope i will win this .. i love this mount :P
  1. savvasp's Avatar
    Coolest mount they made to sell . Ever .
  1. Nimma's Avatar
    pretty shinies
  1. Rori's Avatar
    cool looking mount
  1. Emofairy's Avatar
    Looks pretty amazing. I'd love one.
  1. stitchie's Avatar
    coolest mount ingame right now

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