Blizzard Store: Heart of the Aspects Mount now available
The Heart of the Aspects is now available for 25 USD on the US store and 20 EUR on the EU store.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
When attacking from the air, it's best to advance from the angle of the sun so as to blind your foes… Or just ride a luminous dragon that glows like a thousand suns. Either way, you're good.

The Heart of the Aspects flying mount will travel as fast as your riding skill will take you and, once purchased, applies to all present and future characters on a single North American World of Warcraft license.

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  1. Dornaa's Avatar
    So I heard you like mounts... so here's a mount for you to mount so you can... nevemind... looks sick!
  1. MikeG's Avatar
    You win, I made an account....
  1. Lightfist's Avatar
    Oh, Blizzard, you silly gooses! How long until you start selling titles? Arthaslichkingson the King of Everything, only $25* on the Blizzard store! *additional dignity fees may apply.
  1. Myschief's Avatar
    Have to say its nice because its a new mount animation. Not so hot about the color but it I have the cash laying around I might pick it up eventually.
  1. lionel88's Avatar
    And I was wondering what happened to the model they put in *.*
  1. Syvandrius's Avatar
    With this mount I'd bring down such suffering upon the Alliance, it would be sincerely a thing to behold.
  1. jakeOsoproyo's Avatar
    definitely something different which is nice.
    the wings are pro too
  1. lbblue's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drifted View Post
    Why I'm not surprised. You get remodeled drake mount with extra horns from raids ("free" content) and then you have this great looking mount with unique animation from shop for 20e. Now I wonder which of those required more time to model and make..
    The animation appears to be the same as the Dragonhawk mounts - also why it can't "land" i imagine.
  1. velgian's Avatar
    pretty sweet lookin
  1. Melilithia's Avatar
    shiny shiny shiny. Want.
  1. Rokkorr's Avatar
    Yess. I want it Made an account just to enter this contest hah.
  1. Dodgethis's Avatar
    im #WINNING
  1. Alric's Avatar
    There once was a guy named Peter
    Who saw the dragon, a one seater,
    Man I'd be so fly
    so I'd thought I'd reply
    and hope MMO-Champs would let me keep her
  1. Antherios's Avatar
    What people need to know, is that by buying the mount, you are getting a cool mount indeed, but you are also supporting the new blizz model of =

    "We need a new mount for the heroic {insert raid here} endboss "
    "Give them a recolored drake, no one cares about heroic content anyway, and so little people see it that is not worth it, besides, no moneys"

    "We need a new Store mount"
    "Create a new model and skin, make it really awesome, and 25$ should be enough!"

    I still think that ingame effort should be rewarded more than $$$ but, oh well, maybe im crazy.

    Enjoy your mount, but remember!, you are not just buying a mount, you are backing up the new Blizzard business model.
  1. Chrior's Avatar
    That's evil, Blizzard, really evil. Putting this AMAZING mount for sale on the store instead of dropping in game is just evil...the dragon is so...shiny! *.*
  1. baoboy's Avatar
    look amazing, ont of the sickest mouunt in the game, probably the best looking flying mount
  1. shiq's Avatar
    Hope I'll just win it. :3 But yeah, kind of disapointin' that they sell it...
  1. Kenasan's Avatar
    Is it just me or does the wing movement look backwards?
  1. Gempalm's Avatar
    good for one of my alts.
  1. Valaut's Avatar
    Hmmm I hoped it was a secret hardmode or the new 150 mount achievement mount. So disappointed. Will not buy it probably since it's more worthless than even bronze drake. At least bronze drake requires some sort of personal work to get it unlike this cash cow :P

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