Update: Our friends over at GuildWars2Guru were able to take part in the press event for Guild Wars 2 and get PvE, PvP, cities, character creation, and other videos. If you are interested in the game be sure to have a look!

Mists of Pandaria Internal Alpha Started
A lot of people have been asking me when we should expect a MoP beta or more updates on the game, and the answer to that question is simple: soon. All the recent events indicate that the internal alpha testing already started:

  • The old WoW2 Battle.net accounts used for the Cataclysm Beta have finally been removed from some players Battle.net pages.
  • The recent update of the official talent calculator had multiple spells tagged as "NYI" (Not Yet Implemented). This is what we see in Alpha/Beta stages of the game to indicate that a spell doesn't work in-game yet.
  • Community Managers have posted actual screenshots of new spells tooltips in-game. It means they have a server they can easily connect to for that, and it's most likely the biggest proof.

Now what does it mean for players? First, let's be clear, this is the internal alpha and it is different from the Friend & Family Alpha where non-Blizzard employees can play as long as they know someone in the company. This one would be restricted to employees only and Blizzard executives are probably watching anything happening there very closely.

However, it definitely means that if everything goes well we should see a Friend & Family Alpha or a Beta within one or two month, and the Mists of Pandaria press tour on March 19 is most likely a way to prepare fansites to that. For Cataclysm, the press tour happened about 2 weeks before the start of the closed beta.

NAO Invitational Tournament
Curse, Skill-Capped, and Logitech are sponsoring a player run Arena tournament with over $4000 in prizes. You can find the list of prizes on ArenaJunkies. See the structure and rules for more information about how the teams are selected.

This tournament did not allow 4.3 PvE gear and had the final matches this afternoon.

Method vs Dragon Soul
Method made a nice video overview of their journey through Dragon Soul that is different from the normal boss kill videos.

Trading Card Game Art Gallery Update
The Trading Card game art gallery has been updated with ten new pieces.

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  1. Sargerus's Avatar
    oh no, Boub mentioned GW2 in the news! Obviously wow is dead now/sarcasm
  1. Willis's Avatar
    So 1-2 months of closed alpha, 1-2 months of invite alpha, 2-3 months of open beta, and assuming the game has been given a release date 2-3 months before said release. Well we might actually see a raid tier that lasts longer then Icecrown after-all! Look at the bright side D3 might be available by then? That or Heart of the Swarm? No.. no.. who am I kidding those are wishful dreams. Blizzcon 2012 will come before all of those (zing).
  1. DeiVias's Avatar
    Friends & Family Alpha has already started, that i can 100% confirm. Don't know where MMO champ is pulling the one-two months away from, surely they know someone in it.
  1. Nag's Avatar
    Gettin funnier by the minute reading all the people trying to get out of the annual sub.. got your shiny mount and all the rest. Too late, simple as. You walked into blizzards hands as do so many on a monthly basis, look look.. here's some shiny things and such now throw your money at us. By the time you realize its the same ould junk and boring crap its too late.. they haz all your monies. They no longer make games for gamers but for the masses! And to the guy going on about his financial situation, tbh why would you put money into a game if your finical situation could decline so swiftly where you couldn't afford to play a game I mean did you do just like the above and see 'oh shiny things' and auto sign up without even thinking about it.
  1. Drudatz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Willis View Post
    No.. no.. who am I kidding those are wishful dreams. Blizzcon 2012 will come before all of those (zing).
    Your wrong - there will be no Blizzcon this year - they just dont have the time for that while they have to release 3 games
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drudatz View Post
    Your wrong - there will be no Blizzcon this year - they just dont have the time for that while they have to release 3 games
    I think the sarcasm went over your head. >.>
  1. DeiVias's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rookbird View Post
    Well, either you're wrong or anyone who would know at MMO-Champ actually pays attention to the "D" in "NDA."
    I'm not wrong.

    Even if they don't wanna say anything cause of NDA, lying and saying it's a month or two away wasnt needed.
  1. Collected's Avatar
    All I can say is HA! to those who doubted the WoW 2 disappearing from peoples battle net accounts meant something was happening with MoP. I should go res the original thread just to mock them.

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