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Patch 4.3.3 on Live Realms (probably) this Week
The final version of Patch 4.3.3 (Build 15354) hit the Blizzard download servers and it means the patch will most likely go live this week. This build seems to be the right one (unless something terrible happens, as usual, but it almost never does).

This patch doesn't really have anything interesting for players, it's mostly a bug fix patch with a way to consolidate most of the Patch 4.3 hotfixes into the game files to display them properly.

If you are testing the 64-bit client, make sure to remove it before the patch, as it blocks the update from working correctly. You can find the full list of files to remove in the support article. There is no new 64-bit client uploaded yet, so you will have to make do with the old 32-bit client until an update is released.

The only significant change is the refinement of the Scroll of Resurrection interface. The new strings hint at the 5 unused invite limit being changed into a daily limit, along with the newly listed 100 limit in Account Management.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • SOR_DEFAULT_MESSAGE - "Remember the good times in WoW? I do, so it's time to come back!"
  • SOR_DISABLE_CHOOSE_A_TARGET - "Select someone to send the invite to."
  • SOR_DISABLE_NO_INVITES_LEFT - "You cannot send any more invites today."
  • SOR_INSTRUCTION_EMAIL - "Enter an E-mail address:"
  • SOR_INSTRUCTION_SELECT - "Select a friend or guild member:"
  • SOR_NUM_REMAINING - "Invites left today: %d"
  • SOR_SUCCESSFULLY_SENT - "Your Scroll of Resurrection has been sent!"

Computers - Setup of the Month (by chaud)
Each month or every 2 months, depending on the hardware evolutions, the lovely chaud will work on a couple of hardware setups for those of you who are thinking of upgrading their computer!

This month
Hard drives remain expensive, so now is still a good time to buy a SSD, as the next generation is a while away and the current prices are fairly flat, with sales bringing the cost very close to $1 per gigabyte.

New Ivy Bridge CPUs from Intel are rumored to be released in April still, so if you are not in a hurry they will be a nice upgrade from Sandy Bridge. The current motherboards should support the new CPUs.

The new 7970 GPU from AMD has been released and can be had for ~$580 if you can find it in stock. The 7950 is ~$450 and the 7770 is ~$160 and overpriced for the performance. The more interesting GPUs, 7850 and 7870, should be here soon as well. New GPUs from Nvidia likely won't be here before April or May.

Make sure to keep your AMD and Nvidia drivers up to date.

Don't hesitate to post any feedback in the comments of that news post, and don't forget to visit the Computer Forum for any extra questions! If you are interested in [email protected], take a look in our team's thread.

ComponentPuppy Dolphin
MonitorASUS VW224U 22-Inch Widescreen - $134ASUS VW246H 24-Inch Widescreen - $216
KeyboardMicrosoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 - $23Cyborg V.5 - $50
MouseLogitech G400 - $37Razer Deathadder - $51
SpeakersLogitech S220 2.1 Speaker System - $23Logitech Z313 Speaker System - $43
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
MonitorASUS VE276Q 27-Inch - $260HP ZR24w 24-inch (IPS Panel) - $368
KeyboardLogitech G110 - $80Razer BlackWidow (Backlit)- $70 ($112)
MouseLogitech G500 - $59Razer Naga (Buttons on the Side) - $68
SpeakersCreative Inspire T3130 2.1 Speaker System - $45Logitech Speaker System Z523 - $81

Puppy and Dolphin
Overclocked Puppy will outperform Dolphin when multiple threads are in use (Not WoW) and come close in most other cases.
Mix and match anything but the CPU/Motherboard combo between Puppy and Dolphin. Mix and match anything between Dolphin and Narwhal.
ComponentPuppy Dolphin
CaseNZXT GAMMA Classic - $50NZXT GAMMA Classic - $50
Power SupplyCorsair CX500 V2 - $57Corsair CX600 V2 - $69
CPUAMD Phenom II X4 960T Black Edition- $132Intel i3-2100 - $120
HeatsinkCooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - $24Corsair Air Series A70 - $42
MotherboardASUS M5A97 AM3+ 970 - $95Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 - $118
Memory4GB PNY Optima DDR3 10600 - $214GB G.Skill Ripjaws F3 12800 DDR3 - $41
Graphics CardXFX 6770 - $95XFX 6870 or EVGA GTX 560 - $160 / $170
Hard DriveWestern Digital Caviar Blue 500GB - $86Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB - $145
DVDAsus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21Asus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21
Total$581$766 / 776

Narwhal and Unicorn
All of these parts can be mixed and matched to create a build between Narwhal and Unicorn. SSDs are always optional.
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
CaseCooler Master HAF 912 - $60Cooler Master HAF932 - $130
Power SupplyCorsair 650TX V2 - $90Corsair 750HX - $144
CPUIntel i5-2500k - $225Intel i7-2600k - $330
HeatsinkThermaltake Frio - $55Noctua 6 NH-D14 - $85
MotherboardGigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 - $154ASUS Z68 P8Z68-V/GEN3 - $180
Memory8GB G.Skill DDR3 12800 - $588GB G.Skill DDR3 12800 - $58
Graphics CardXFX 6950 1GB OR EVGA GTX 560 Ti- $225/ $230XFX 6970 2GB OR EVGA GTX 570 - $330
Hard DriveWestern Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $146Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $146
SSDCrucial 128 GB m4 (Review) - $150
Corsair Force Series GT 120 GB - $171
Intel 510 Series 120 GB (Review) - $244
OCZ 120 GB Vertex 3 (Review) - $150
DVDAsus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21Asus 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $21
Total$1034 - $1210$1574 - $1668

Fan Art Update
The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with eight new pieces of fan artwork.

The MMO Report has The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, and Uncle Casey's Mail Bag this week!

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  1. Kilmir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by F-Minus View Post
    Can't you just revert to 32bit in the patcher, and re-launch. Do you need to remove the files?
    As I understand it the patcher will stumble over the DLL's in the directory and throw up an error. You need to remove them manually before running the patcher.
  1. cooax's Avatar
    Man, i love the first Fanart, just badass
  1. Katsuga's Avatar
    Holy S*it where did THOSE fanarts come from? Shame that we have killed the guy in question
  1. Lemons's Avatar
    Holy crap those fan art pieces look good enough to be official art!
  1. Kelrax's Avatar
    Just to be clear, no one patched today - yes?

    *edit* Oh, haha, today is Monday. NM
  1. breath's Avatar
    Do not suggest to buy those Logitech Z523.I got them and I returned them back after a week.They got a really powerful subwoofer, but the mid and high are so low and unclear that you are forced to always use it at 40% or lower.Overall sound is terrible,voices are really unclear and muddy, and that's what annoyed me the most.The 360 sound thing is just a commercial thing, unless someone puts them in the center of a room its useless. They should have removed the second pair of speaker and made only one pair with a higher quality.But the real deal breaker is the left speaker, the left speaker is attached only through a rca so probably it's only passive, thats what I think, the problem is that until the volume isn't at a certain level it doesn't work, so you have till 20% volume just the right speaker working, while the left one is off. I thought it was a problem with my speakers, but I heard reading on internet that every z523 has the same problem. It's annoying. You can solve it leaving the source volume (e.g. pc) to half its power, so you go always beyond 20%, but if you want max power or very low volume you have to adjust 2 volume controls and that's terrible.The strange thing is that there are so many good reviews of these around, while they are really worth only half the price, there is even a logitechz523review site that is clearly a commercial thing from logitech.After used them for a week I can say I agree with this review. http://archive.techtree.com/techtree..._id=573&page=1 .
  1. sp13's Avatar
    I'd like to see a headset/mic portion added to the computer build sections, since it's probably safe to say that most of us use them.
  1. Amnoon's Avatar
    Link to the patch notes available yet? I'm more interested in reading what's going to change IN the game than to blame Blizzard for making me remove three files they didn't tell me to put anywhere at all.
  1. klorx's Avatar
    I thought they were gonna update LFR that you cannot need on an item that you already have...Awesome fan art btw!
  1. BlizzleT's Avatar
    really glad the 64 bit client that came out didn't actually come out
  1. priestalisha's Avatar
    So... has anyone else been able to find what the notes for this patch actually are?http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/...lo-3-Beta-KeysIs that it? Did it really need to go on the ptr?


    Both are $240 and significantly better than the i5-2500k.

    The new amd cpus are far superior to the phenom IIs black editions. I would suggest using them in the preferred guide instead.


    I just ordered the Caviar Black 1TB off newegg yesterday. The price was stunning at 129.99 and a better deal than amazon. You might want to add in a little part to your posts about using fedex over UPS when ordering mechanical drives. UPS deliveries are subject to a 10ft. drop and, even covered in packaging, can seriously damage a HDD.

    Something I noticed is that you don't recommend 8gb RAM in the lower-end builds. On any newer OS (Vista, 7, whatever apple uses), 4gb is easily eaten up. Kingston has 8gb DDR3 1600 OCs on sale for $50 atm.
  1. xEvangelionx's Avatar
    Artwork is very nice!
    Though I have to agree with a few comments in here that it's a shame, the in-game Deathwing doesn't reflect his artwork Deathing and I can explain it better then others have and in turn, what then others failed to get the point.

    Deathwing in-game doesn't have an evil aura. Yes, he flies round, burns things, comes in quests, but there's no presence to him. No 'OMG... *jaw drop* It's, DEATHWING!' just lol, gief achievement! Burn me in Barrens! *jump*
    An example to this idea is, Lich King. Yes he appears in cinematics, quests, much the same, BUT. Whenever he appeared, you felt his aura (ok, maybe the roleplay was annoying after several times :P) but the guy felt evil and his much bad juju was known on a far bigger scale.
    Same with Illidan and even more so, seeing him kneeling with the skull, was a sight to behold and his boss battle (though now it's just farming but still, it's awesome!)
    Deathwing, people farm him 8/8 and ok, fight, kill, loot? K, thx, bai. Not through any difference to any end-expansion bosses before but... he wasn't built up in the same way. Only in the cinematic where he chills in SW did you go, well he's a badass, and that was it .

    Yes, in-game constraints but be realistic and remember, expansions before had big characters yet they still managed to poke it's audience (and make them love/good-hate them) even just a little and with much less money and manpower.
  1. chaud's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RAGINGBRODADDY View Post


    Both are $240 and significantly better than the i5-2500k.

    The new amd cpus are far superior to the phenom IIs black editions. I would suggest using them in the preferred guide instead.
    The 2550k is a crippled CPU. If you are overclocking anyway, buying the 2500k makes a lot more sense. If you aren't overclocking, you shouldn't be buying something that is unlocked. As for Bulldozer...

  1. lsmf5's Avatar
    The review that you have given for the crucial M4 is written from before the firmware update was release which almost doubled read and write performance. It is this firmware update which has gained the M4 stellar benchmarks and reviews in its price range.
  1. Tunderbrew's Avatar
    Certainly enjoying that last piece of the fan art update with the Aspects in a stare-down with Deathwing

    ---------- Post added 2012-03-01 at 06:09 PM ----------

    Bleh now to wait for the updated files POST-patch so I can have the precious 64-bit launcher back >_<
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tunderbrew View Post
    Certainly enjoying that last piece of the fan art update with the Aspects in a stare-down with Deathwing

    ---------- Post added 2012-03-01 at 06:09 PM ----------

    Bleh now to wait for the updated files POST-patch so I can have the precious 64-bit launcher back >_<
    If you're bored while waiting, I think you'll get a laugh out of this: http://www.thedailyblink.com/2012/02...of-battle-net/
  1. Hengril's Avatar
    Nice Artworks
  1. Shdwbane's Avatar
    sweet fan art!

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