Update - People are wondering how newly level 80 characters will be able to do anything with their level 10 or level 20 gear. The answer is probably in the new ilvl 232 uncommon armor sets + weapons introduced a while back on Patch 4.3 PTRs. However, this is pure speculation and we should probably sit tight and wait for the official announcement.

Scroll of Resurrection Revamp - Free lvl 80 Character and more!
The new Scroll of Resurrection revamp seems to be on live servers and includes a free level 80 character and a free character/faction change for the person you're bringing back to the game! We will probably get more information from Blizzard very soon.

We can only assume that the Spectral Gryphon and Spectral Wyvern Mounts teaser from yesterday means people doing the recruiting also get nice perks.

Thanks to Kaeh for his forum post!

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  1. Hyve's Avatar
    Amazing - *Sends myself a Scroll*
  1. FinalDestonaion's Avatar
    My expression when I saw this - :O
  1. Mistral's Avatar
    Free Level 80? And gratis cata? That's huge.
  1. Verron's Avatar
    why wouldn't they do this? it's very smart on blizzards part.
  1. Rathwirt's Avatar
  1. MatteoG's Avatar
    In b4 the wow is dying comments
  1. Duilliath's Avatar
    My jaw ------> The floor.
  1. Aberration's Avatar
    O_O10 characters
  1. WarpKnight's Avatar
    Hmm, they're stopping at nothing here it would seem... worried, Blizzard?
  1. bondgirl's Avatar
    Blizzards seems desperate now. I mean wasting soooo much money. NOT. I LoL'ed atleast.
  1. mmoc2a51bf75d5's Avatar
    Awesome idea. Nice way to get old players back into the new content without them having the feeling of having to play "Catch up" for like 2 months.
  1. wildemu's Avatar
    now i want to quit and become qualified for this.
  1. Styleen's Avatar
    I really think they need to award those of us who are loyal and play constantly - but giving US free boosts to level 80 or something. *Rather than trying to bring those back who will only quit again in short time (my friend's done it twice thus far), give something to us who play and level alts and do stuff in game constantly. *
  1. Dald's Avatar
    Spend large chunk of resources revamping 1-60 content. Get character boosted to level 80.
  1. Hikidoki's Avatar
    i get that its to encourage you to start playing...but a free 80...oh noes...i can hear the thousand angry screams coming back from further in the future already D:
  1. mmoc93fbe456e8's Avatar
    They are most certainly stepping their sh** up! Not sure if I should be worried when they're trying this hard :P
  1. Firemist's Avatar
    So is it just me or does it seem that this will cause players to skip out on the whole revamped 1-60 content? I guess the idea is that they'll make alts?
  1. enchanted's Avatar
    Hey, why not free lvl 85 with full PvP and PvE epics? I mean srsly blizz... They still make the game easier? I know many people would be happy about this but idd now that more people will quit for a long time and get scroll of ressurction or just make a new account and do the same thing but this is what WoW has become everyone wants everything easy
  1. Raunchy's Avatar
    How does a fanboy defend this. It's so obvious!
  1. mmoc93fbe456e8's Avatar
    Inc "herp derp why can't I use bow in raids as a DK, I used it lvling up all the way from 80?" lol, this is gonna be too phuun.

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