Update - People are wondering how newly level 80 characters will be able to do anything with their level 10 or level 20 gear. The answer is probably in the new ilvl 232 uncommon armor sets + weapons introduced a while back on Patch 4.3 PTRs. However, this is pure speculation and we should probably sit tight and wait for the official announcement.

Scroll of Resurrection Revamp - Free lvl 80 Character and more!
The new Scroll of Resurrection revamp seems to be on live servers and includes a free level 80 character and a free character/faction change for the person you're bringing back to the game! We will probably get more information from Blizzard very soon.

We can only assume that the Spectral Gryphon and Spectral Wyvern Mounts teaser from yesterday means people doing the recruiting also get nice perks.

Thanks to Kaeh for his forum post!

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  1. Fiddycen's Avatar
    whats next Epic gear from Blizzard Store?
  1. DrunkenBeard's Avatar
    While it's a nice thing for Blizzard to do it really doesn't speak well for the game. This basically Blizzard saying : "Hey, we know the 1-80 content sucks and is just something you want to go through asap, so here take this level 80 character ans skip all that revamping we were hyping up before Cata".

    I hate to say this because I really love this company and I have always welcomed every single one of their changes, but at this point it seems Blizzard just isn't having fun with the game. If you don't like your own work, how do you want players to like it ? You know, I'd like to say that I want them to stop for a moment and really fix what they think is wrong with the game but then I remember the backlash they would get for any tiny little change, it's really not an easy task. I feel WoW has grew into a living being on its own, Blizzard have seemingly lost any control over it. Not to Activision or any shareholder, oh no ... they've simply lost it to the community. When you start making your game based on statistical data and not on what you think would be fun and entertaining, it should be a great indicator that you're doing something wrong.
  1. Volitar's Avatar
    Can we start banning people who are just letting the shit flow out of there mouth. If I went into a MLP thread and said -anything- negative I would be infracted in like 45 seconds. People just who just post omg blizzard sucks in every post are not contributing to anything.
  1. toychristopher's Avatar
    Sell a level 80 boost on the store! I'd buy that for about 5 to 10$.*
  1. Thundermoose's Avatar
    Shit, did they just leak their april fools joke early?
  1. Nielah's Avatar
    Scroll. Y U NO WORK?! I want to play.
  1. Lomeinmaster's Avatar
    Can't wait to get all the details of this from Blizzard. Battle net account management is down most likely because they're setting this up
  1. Fiddycen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Can we start banning people who are just letting the shit flow out of there mouth. If I went into a MLP thread and said -anything- negative I would be infracted in like 45 seconds. People just who just post omg blizzard sucks in every post are not contributing to anything.
    Neither the ones who are defending Blizzard every single way possible.
  1. Eiserne Drossel's Avatar
    I'm happy for quitting WoW, not that I want to return but how badly they treat their paying costumers. So now they give away free paid services, Cataclysm, and a lever 80, are Blizzard becomming desperate?
  1. hai2ufrand's Avatar
    In all srziznzz guyz.. cause wow iz srs bzz. I do frequent these forums quite often to watch the demise of this terrible game. It's like a car accident. You can't help but look. Panda panda. lewl lewl. Hai2uagainfrands
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shorni View Post
    Oh yeah, so - more people who don't know how to play they class dinging max lvl soon. Great news everyone!
    Scroll of Resurrection has to be gifted to an account that's been innactive for six or more months from a player who has an active account. And there's a limit on how many you can give out, IIRC.

    It's not like new people will be signing up for the game and getting to level 80 instantly.

    This is exclusively for people who want to invite their friends who have quit back to the game.
  1. Tinykong's Avatar
    Wow, this really pisses me off....just spent $40 about 2 months ago upgrading my wifes account to cata and getting her playing again. All I got was a hideous rocket I never use, and she had to pay $20 each for wrath and cata. Thanks, Blizz!
  1. Inrehab's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    i asked in the other thread and got no response :P but i think its 2months .
    I was wondering this too. According to WowWiki it used to be 90 days.
  1. Sazxo's Avatar
    C ya WoW!

    Hello Dota 2
  1. Metta World Peace's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Inrehab View Post
    I was wondering this too. According to WowWiki it used to be 90 days.
    That's correct. It was 90 days under the old Scroll of Resurrection. Who knows, they might change it in this one if they're really desperate for people to come back.

    BTW did I miss the Steve Jobs autobiography quote yet on how companies starting to decline? It's kinda sad to see that pop up here. Not to mention how Blizzard views loyality.
  1. Jimmybob117's Avatar
    Jesus their giving away a lot there...
  1. Fcdwn777's Avatar
    This is brilliant. Blizzard has some real competition now with Swtor (no matter what you may think of it) and TERA as well as GW2 coming out soon. They need to do something to try to retain as many subscribers as they can. This is not a "desperate" move, this is a logical move. If you owned a store and several more stores opened in your area that sold similar products, you would take measures to make sure you kept as many customers as possible. That isn't desperation folks, that common sense. Also, to those complaining that Blizzard spent a lot of Cata development revamping the old zones and now returning players will be able to skip right over them...well, the revamped zones did not make them return, did they? So I guess they will not cry if they get shot up to 80 and skip them. And chances are if they stay subbed they will make some alts and see the content.*This RAF revamp is obviously meant to get previous players back and playing alongside their friends ASAP, which, let's be honest, is probably the most fun thing in WoW. running dungeons, pvping, questing etc. with friends. I am sure if there was not level boost with this people might come back, realize they have 85 levels to go through while their friends are at 85 doing other things without them. Not the best way to welcome them back to the game.
  1. Biged781's Avatar
    I'm not sure why this upsets people...

    First off, Blizz does not make money from selling copies of games (well, not a lot), they make money from subscriptions. As such, this is a very good incentive for people to start playing again. A company's #1 goal is to be profitable. If this lends itself to that goal then it is a good strategy. This does not signal the end and they are still by far the biggest and most profitable MMO on the market. That isn't going to change any time soon. And yes, companies do perform layoffs in order to streamline the company and be more efficient. It does not mean that they are about to go bankrupt, it means that they found redundancies and got rid of them. This happens all of the time. Anyone who thinks otherwise has obviously never worked a real job.

    Second, this is for returning players only, i.e., people who played and quit. Yes, there will be some who get to 80 and will not learn their class by 85, but does this not happen already? Do you really think this will become a bigger "problem" than it already is?

    Many of you just sound like jealous babies. Grow up.
  1. Acry's Avatar
    Battle.net is now under*maintenance. I assume it's being pushed in now / hopes
  1. rockdontroll's Avatar
    cancel your subs now guys and wait 90 days!!

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