Update - People are wondering how newly level 80 characters will be able to do anything with their level 10 or level 20 gear. The answer is probably in the new ilvl 232 uncommon armor sets + weapons introduced a while back on Patch 4.3 PTRs. However, this is pure speculation and we should probably sit tight and wait for the official announcement.

Scroll of Resurrection Revamp - Free lvl 80 Character and more!
The new Scroll of Resurrection revamp seems to be on live servers and includes a free level 80 character and a free character/faction change for the person you're bringing back to the game! We will probably get more information from Blizzard very soon.

We can only assume that the Spectral Gryphon and Spectral Wyvern Mounts teaser from yesterday means people doing the recruiting also get nice perks.

Thanks to Kaeh for his forum post!

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  1. holyfist's Avatar
    Blizz lost MANY subscribers. It is understendabe and expected to try to get them back but they fail to understand that people who quit won't come back to play same game they were unhappy with. Some big changes (and listening to wishes of playerbase) can bring back players, not giving free stuff.
  1. Merawen's Avatar
    If Blizzard is smart, the boost is only for old chars, not for new ones created after today. Mera
  1. Harith's Avatar
    ok the free char transfer and faction change could get me to play again sens my friends are on a diffrant realm and faction to me and not having to dump down like 40 usd to start playing with my friends is a big compelling reason to start once more, the only thing is i have allready used a scroll of res from the old model to see how it was going for my friends so i guess i can't take part in this scroll tho :/ also i don't see the compaining here? you don't want your old friends to start playing with you again? what dose this have to do with F2P, it is just a financial push to get more ppl playing, and a free lvl 80 come on i have done the 1-80 content 3 times i am not missing anything and really 1-85 you can just do some random build that has nothing to do with min-maxing and make it to max lvl no issue you don't learn anything leveling up you need to learn it all at max level anyhow
  1. Kraai's Avatar
    * *Still waiting on news about the mount.
    I'm fairly certain it'll be included but I'm not jumping in on it 100% just yet. Might test it out once somebody I know signs on to confirm or not.

    On the level 80 thing; These people are supposed to have been playing prior. You're not recruiting somebody new - You're bringing back somebody who used to play. If you're bringing back somebody who doesn't know how to play it's your own fault.
    Luckily I have 3 people I can do this with already lined up.
    Friend with a spare account that, old ex of mine who wants to start playing again and a friend whose time is about to run out this week.

    Might do this with my boyfriends priest too once his time runs out to get it over to my current faction/server.
  1. DemoBytom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Archijs View Post
    As a 5year paying customer, I would like a free factionchange / transfer too.

    The insta lv80 is not really something I didn't see coming.. RAF is/was? already near instant lv80.. WoW is mostly about end game anyway...

    Though... I wan free changes as well.. O_O

    Waiting for more blueposts on this.
  1. Brett Skullcrack's Avatar
    Ok, so this is their Q1 2012 subscriber number inflation trick. Starting to get pretty desperate. Instead of these tricks, how about giving me those 30 missing raid bosses in Cata that you promised and I paid for Blizzard?
  1. Asatru's Avatar
    I have 4 accounts on my Battle.net I haven't played 3 of the 4 in over a year. I HAVE been active on 1 until 2 weeks ago. Does my "Account" qualify for the Resurrection Scroll?
  1. Hephaestux's Avatar
    Hmmm can i save my scroll till mist comes out then boost my monk to lvl 80?
  1. Soulwind's Avatar
    It's a quite smart move. I mean, yes, it's something a fresh new game wouldn't do. But this is completely free for Blizzard, and, most probably, they will get a high number of NEW subscribers (appart from people coming back) that would like to try the game without having to level a character or paying to see anything past lvl 20.
  1. bigyin109's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnor View Post
    you can make a lvl 1 lvl 80 with this, or a lvl 79 lvl 80. the choice will be the player's. If used in one way, yes, its a free lvl 80.
    i hope it can be used on new chars so long as the account is scroll eligble, my uber old account just had one lock on it from when i RAF'd it months ago...and my main is a lock >.> so hope i can make a new toon on it and have that boosted to 80 instead
  1. Elmsword's Avatar
    Just trying to picture someone's face coming back to the game after four years and trying to level up through Vashj'ir.
  1. personn5's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kraai View Post
    a friend whose time is about to run out this week.
    There is a time limit on how long you must wait before you use this, so you can't just do it the second his account runs out, gonna probably be a few months till you could even use it on his account. (Assuming they don't renew)
  1. madrox's Avatar
    It's a Scroll of*Resurrection which kinda implies that the level 80 character is being gifted to someone who has already played the game, but of course the usual bitching off players skipping content and "baddies"*plaguing dungeons with their new 80s are rife, when all Blizzard are doing is removing one of the barriers which stop some players from returning. You could look on it as a sign of desperation, or you can say that their subs losses of the past year has made them re-evaluate*their business strategy for the game. Now all they need to do is feed those returning more frequent content to keep them there, but I wonder if Blizzard's re- evaluation of their model goes that far. Wont stop some complaining about the gifted 80s "not knowing their class", as if the current levelling process does*such a good job of teaching endgame content.
  1. Metta World Peace's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kraai View Post

    Might do this with my boyfriends priest too once his time runs out to get it over to my current faction/server.
    I don't think that'll work unless there's a new criteria in this revamped scroll of resurrection. In the old one, the player you're sending the scroll to had to be inactive for 90+ days.
  1. Conscious's Avatar
    Wow, someone's getting desperate eh?That's literally hundreds of dollars worth of services, and content, for FREE.They must be losing subscribers by the boat load, for them to offer this.
  1. Brazorf's Avatar
    so many hate post in here, 90% jumping to conclusions, the other 8% just not taking what the promotion is for, and all the other factors, into account.
  1. DraconusIX's Avatar
    Good promotion imo. Not like it will harm the game much. people who hit 85 before 4.1 still dont know how to play in 4.3. 1-80 hardly teaches anything. neither does 80-85, dungeons, or LFR. Normals sometimes people can learn a bit, by i am still unconvinced.
  1. pakalolo's Avatar
    so basically i wasted the 60 bucks i just spent getting my daughter her own acct so we could RAF level together and i could have just sent a scroll of rez to myself, upgraded my unused second acct for free, and she could have gotten a free upgrade lvl 80 and been able to purchase the boa gear on my old alts... all without me having to buy a new copy of cata. yeah that's awesome.
  1. Sarvas's Avatar
    Free transfer + faction change as well?? WTF???

    I feel like quitting specifically so I can do this and then renewing after the 7 days just because it's awesome.
  1. Byniri's Avatar
    Damn, Blizz is pulling out the good shit now.

    Nice promo.

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