Update - People are wondering how newly level 80 characters will be able to do anything with their level 10 or level 20 gear. The answer is probably in the new ilvl 232 uncommon armor sets + weapons introduced a while back on Patch 4.3 PTRs. However, this is pure speculation and we should probably sit tight and wait for the official announcement.

Scroll of Resurrection Revamp - Free lvl 80 Character and more!
The new Scroll of Resurrection revamp seems to be on live servers and includes a free level 80 character and a free character/faction change for the person you're bringing back to the game! We will probably get more information from Blizzard very soon.

We can only assume that the Spectral Gryphon and Spectral Wyvern Mounts teaser from yesterday means people doing the recruiting also get nice perks.

Thanks to Kaeh for his forum post!

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  1. DraconusIX's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pakalolo View Post
    so basically i wasted the 60 bucks i just spent getting my daughter her own acct so we could RAF level together and i could have just sent a scroll of rez to myself, upgraded my unused second acct for free, and she could have gotten a free upgrade lvl 80 and been able to purchase the boa gear on my old alts... all without me having to buy a new copy of cata. yeah that's awesome.
    sorry on your timing.
  1. Eilothorien's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    "OUR CONTENT SUCKS! HERE, NO NEED TO PLAY IT!"Well f"%!Desperation is starting to show.
    Returning customers probably have played the content already, and they're still making you go through the worst of the content anyway (i.e., Cata's leveling zones). It's also just about reaching the 90 day mark for TOR and it's just in time to pull the rug out from under Game Update 1.2, and steal away all it's thunder.

    Marketing at it's finest.

    It's not marketed at new players, it's marketed at players who left in late Wrath and early Cata. You're not going to see brand new players come to the game with fresh 80s and not know what the hell they're doing. They are people who have probably played a fair bit, understand basics, and can learn. If you have idiots in your LFR.... yay? You can probably win without them. LFR is basically 10 man difficulty with 25 people (i.e., not at all challenging)

    As for 'What about our loyalty!?' What loyalty? The people who cry and whine the loudest about this are probably the same people who clear content quickly and stop playing, or threaten to quit because your Flavour of the Month class was nerfed, or whine when top level world first guilds clear content within a month and use that to gauge content difficulty for everyone.

    You don't have any loyalty to the game, you're here because you can't bring yourself to leave what you've invested money into. If another MMO was better and convinced you to leave that investment, you probably would. RAF and SoR do have loyalty benefits. You get stuff from them as well. You also get more time for things like Achievement drakes, rare spawns, heirlooms for enhanced leveling. New players (and a lot of lost subs) don't have these benefits. That is your benefit for loyalty. Stop being greedy little bastards.
  1. Greyvax's Avatar
    blizz doesn't care about people keeping their subs, they know most people don't have the willpower to quit, they're too addicted.they care about luring in new subs.
  1. Sarynn's Avatar
    Wow. For a second I thought this was another Daily Blink post...
  1. laserguns's Avatar
    The free Cataclysm idea is good but not enough; they really need to make it free for brand new players too. It seems this is the direction they are going for though, which makes sense. Free level 80 is a bit of a strange one, that's a lot of content being skipped, and the 80-85 levelling zones ain't that great/
  1. Anoushe's Avatar
    Morons who think the game is gonna die should grow up....this game will not DIE its blizzard giving people who quit a chance to come back and get into raiding/arena as quick as possible...
  1. ZRebellion's Avatar
    So you play 6 years straight you get nothing,but if you leave and come back you get a lvl80 char for godsake (wtf) and free server/faction (this one is actually reasonable).
    Sounds like Blizzard showing its true nature again.
  1. Collected's Avatar
    You can see how they've done this."Hey come back and play WoW!" "But i'm on another server.." "No problem!" "Wrong faction.." "No problem!" "But i've not got cataclysm.." "No problem!" "Eh but I don't want to level up 15 levels.." "No problem!"*
  1. Radioactive Hobo's Avatar
    It's a bit early for April Fools. I can't think of any other reason for this.
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Deyadissa View Post
    So for quitting the game and returning you get a free level 80 and free faction changes?Talk about a slap in the face to those who stayed subscribed.We're going to start seeing level 80's sold in the blizzard store soon.
    Scrolls of Resurrection can only be given to people who have an account that's been inactive for a set amount of time, from a person with a currently active account, and there's a limit to the number of scrolls you can give out, IIRC.

    I never used the old Scroll of Resurrection system because the only friend I had who quit and wanted to come back lost all his account info and couldn't recover it. So I gave him the free veteran's reward account I got and signed him up with the Recruit-A-Friend feature.

    Also, for people who never used RAF, you can also grant people free level ups with that, too, up to level 80.
  1. Blood Crusade's Avatar
    This, is, hilarious...maybe just to me....
  1. MexicanGolf's Avatar
    It's intelligent. It directly counters two of the main concerns with WoW's current state (For a new or returning player).

    Long road to catch up: Start now, enjoy between 1 and 85 "wasted" levels just so you can catch up to your already established friends, and then do some additional catching up.

    Expensive to buy more than one expansion at a time: You pay alot for something you then need to pay per month to play.

    It's perhaps desperate, but it's also intelligent. I daresay they NEED to make something similiar for new people as well, atleast when it comes to startup costs, perhaps have Cataclysm keys unlock the 3 previous expansions as well or something along those lines. The current startup cost is immense, even moreso considering it's a monthly subscription on top of that, in addition to the fact that you won't really know if you like the game or not until you reach the real content which is endgame.

    Ohwell, it's a nice deal anyway for anyone who was thinking about returning, for sure.
  1. Prag's Avatar
    Good stuff. Maybe I'll try to convince a friend to renew his sub for a few months. The free xfer/faction change is awesome. That's $55 they'd be spending otherwise to get a character over to play with you.
  1. Kzilla's Avatar
    But can I use this on my 2nd account which is under the same Bnet name as the first?
  1. Jonas's Avatar
  1. Eilothorien's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by skrup View Post
    To me it just seems like Blizzard is clinging to any means they have to get subscriptions cause they know when GW2 hits this year they are screwed. *1 million beta sign ups......That game is going to have them scared when it goes launch.
    Except it won't. It's Buy-to-Play, like Guild Wars was. So it only competes with WoW for your time. You can play both, same way people do with WoW and TOR, it'll just be substantially cheaper. I know this is pretty much how I see myself playing it.
  1. Bloodthirsty's Avatar
    Reeks of desperation.
  1. Sabtheshaman's Avatar
    Fastest way to level. Forget RAF, make an account make a lvl1 on said account. Cancel subscription, and have your friend use a scroll on it. bam free lvl 80 naked in which ever faction city you choose.
  1. 7543725632723278's Avatar
    What I see:

    Blizzard: Please play our game! We dont have enough money to, eh, .. improve your gaming experience (they need golden teeth and Ferraris)! Where are you going? WHAT!
    We need you!! NO DONT LEAVE US NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *flushed down the toilet*

    Damn they are desperate fokkers...

    GW2 take your time and arrive fabulously. Then Metzen and his crew can kiss my arse.
  1. whitewandir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ZRebellion View Post
    So you play 6 years straight you get nothing,but if you leave and come back you get a lvl80 char for godsake (wtf) and free server/faction (this one is actually reasonable).
    Sounds like Blizzard showing its true nature again.
    ^ this!

    It's classic marketing: get numbers by throwing your budget at the ones that left or are about to leave.
    Pretty much all subscriptions with semi-aggressive campaigns work like this. Phone companies, internet providers, Gyms, etc.. (hell, even banks!) don't reward you for being a regular, paying customer. But to join, or return, they'll load you up with gifts.*

    /ww out

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