Vale of Eternal Blossoms
The Vale of Eternal Blossoms has been drained dry of any water and corruption has spread throughout most of the Vale, damaging things. Unfortunately the Golden Pagoda did not survive, so you won't be able to do the Golden Lotus daily quests anymore! You can also see the Siege of Orgrimmar entrance under the center of what was once a lake.

Over in Orgrimmar, the Kor'kron Elite have taken over the job of guarding the city and have an increased presence throughout town. Meanwhile, in Razor Hill, you can find some Orgrimmar Refugees camped out, as well as Baine and Vol'jin standing in town with their troops having a conversation.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Vol'jin: Almost all of da troops be here now.
Baine Bloodhoof: I am uneasy, old firend.
Vol'jin: An me as well. We dun know what Garrosh been plannin this whole time. What he's got in store for us.
Baine Bloodhoof: I fear for the safety of our people.
Vol'jin: Not everyone gonna come out of this alive.
Baine Bloodhoof: And for what? What did the Horde gain from such actions? Garrosh is a fool, and a betrayer. I should have killed him long ago, when he betrayed my father.
Vol'jin: You gonna get your chance mon. But first we gotta take da city.
Baine Bloodhoof: Have you been communicating with the humans?
Vol'jin: Both da alliance and da horde got ships sailin for da harbor. We gonna split der forces an assault da front gate.
Baine Bloodhoof: A bold plan. Let us hope we do not run into any surprises.
Vol'jin: I don't think we got a choice, mon.

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