Update - If there was any, this is where you could find the Mists of Pandaria Beta Patch Notes. Thanks to KaNNis for the tip.

Mists of Pandaria Beta - Smells like Panda Spirit
Excuse me for the language, but shit just got real.

Stay tuned, tonight, we feast on pandas!

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  1. Kripparrian's Avatar
    let me in!
  1. Neteyes's Avatar
    No let me in
  1. Simca's Avatar
    Well that was sooner than I thought.
  1. Shawman's Avatar
    What be goin' down!? o.O
  1. Purenight's Avatar
  1. ohnoezitsjoez's Avatar
    i lold
  1. Yau's Avatar
    I'll reactive for the first month, hate the community, and go to Diablo3. Still can't wait to brush the dirt off my Holy Paladin regardless.
  1. Deepsidedj's Avatar
    ooooohhhhh yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  1. Selxxa's Avatar
    Damn! I'm trying to sign up for the annual pass but it keeps saying my account is not eligible. I hope this is cleared up soon.
  1. Abandon's Avatar
    That was pretty speedy, I must agree Simca.
  1. zetsubo's Avatar
    Oh snap!
  1. Arkson's Avatar
    Please let me be the first wave
  1. mmoc3c51486c61's Avatar
  1. OGXanos's Avatar
    datamine all the things!!!!
  1. astariaxv's Avatar
    WHAT! How did you get that?!
  1. Grevie's Avatar
    let me in!!!!
  1. mmoc98097b1c55's Avatar
    do want pandaren monk! ohhh ... wrong news DO WANT BETA!
  1. Zeek Daniels's Avatar
    awww shit son wheres my invite!
  1. Shawman's Avatar
    The shit... has hit... the fan...
  1. sqalls's Avatar
    let ME in Please

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