Update - If there was any, this is where you could find the Mists of Pandaria Beta Patch Notes. Thanks to KaNNis for the tip.

Mists of Pandaria Beta - Smells like Panda Spirit
Excuse me for the language, but shit just got real.

Stay tuned, tonight, we feast on pandas!

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  1. sqalls's Avatar
    let ME in Please
  1. sylvira's Avatar
    Aww yeah.

  1. Tjamen's Avatar
    Kripparrian got first blood on the comments! lol
  1. Collected's Avatar
  1. Shadowbane's Avatar
    That was rather quick..... Let me in.
  1. Rolandes's Avatar
    Holy.... PANDA!
  1. salo's Avatar
    omg omg omg omg! cant wait! Give me!!!
  1. soulkeeperx's Avatar
    *crosses fingers* Please be in the first wave
  1. Shadowbane's Avatar
    That was fast.That said, let me in.
  1. Azshira's Avatar
    I thought it would of been before April, but this soon... Oh my Well lets hope I get in shortly....
  1. evilakurei's Avatar
    i'm still waiting for my shit wtf... give me some of that panda pie!
  1. Manarak's Avatar
    give give give give
  1. Stixxz's Avatar
    Let me at em, let me at emmmmmm
  1. Brusco86's Avatar
    I sure hope panda tastes good... like steak
  1. Umbrokill's Avatar
    Oh Shit! Time to f5 my inbox for a cupple of weeks! Can't wait for the dataminers to fish out goodness for us!
  1. CakeomgCake's Avatar
    what is going on :O?
  1. Kunz's Avatar
    Bomb has dropped
  1. Nexsa's Avatar
    OMG! Yes! So much YES!
  1. Shanur's Avatar
    First thing I'm going to do with my shiny beta, is laugh at the people without shiny beta's. Also I'll post screenshots, and vidya, and screenshots, and vidya.
  1. Renx's Avatar
    Oh hell yeah! PANDA LAND INC

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