Update - Let's open the hostilities with the minimap of the new continent and all the new icons.

Welcome to Pandaria
The Mists of Pandaria beta is going live tonight, we have the best people working on it. Stay tuned.

Pandaria Minimap

New Icons
Hey we don't usually do that but we're still fixing up the parser, enjoy!

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  1. Aerisot's Avatar
    Wow, that looks alot like Northrend.
  1. Xl House lX's Avatar
    Wow this is so much sooner than I thought. I didnt sign up for annual pass, so I probably wont get into the beta, but Im just stoked to just see the youtube videos/news on mmo champion. Itll just build up my hype for the expansion even more. YEAH!!!!
  1. Lokiman's Avatar
  1. Cairm's Avatar
    WOOT! 10-char
  1. goombear's Avatar
    Ooooooo, I cannot contain myself
  1. Yuuki Asuna's Avatar
    The icons look awesome! lol
  1. TheFNK's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aerisot View Post
    Wow, that looks alot like Northrend.
    I thought it was just me. I mean i'm sure they are nothing alike but that was the first thought that crossed my mind
  1. Belial0787's Avatar
    Damn signed up as soon as AP went up and alas no invite
  1. sildani's Avatar
    What's up with the crazy sheep icon?
  1. Bombkirby's Avatar
    Pet battle icons seem to be classified into "types":1. Critter2. Dragon3. Elemental4. Flying5. Humanoid6. Magical7. Mechanical8. Undead9. Water
  1. StixRam's Avatar
    well since i got the annual pass... go me!!! where do i download the beta client?
  1. Deadraline's Avatar
    How exciting! Hope I get my invite sometime soon!
  1. Elessar310's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by belial0787 View Post
    damn signed up as soon as ap went up and alas no invite
  1. Deathwing the Destroyer's Avatar

    It begins...

  1. Meldon's Avatar

    Two new druid spells not yet announced
  1. cyan421's Avatar
    This expansion is gonna rule!
  1. FireBorne's Avatar
    Shit just got real!
  1. PixelFox's Avatar
    Is it me, or does the whole continent look kinda small?PF.
  1. Anciena's Avatar
    For those that had not yet noticed: mouse-over the icons to see the name in your status bar - several new spells there and also the catergorisation of the pets for pet battles
  1. Bombkirby's Avatar
    Manticyte and Ghost Iron? Must be the new mining mats.

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