Mists of Pandaria Models - Update #1
The first batch of Mists of Pandaria Models! More to come, these things take time and love! We have so much more stuff coming tonight!!!!

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  1. Dhomeli's Avatar
    These look great!
  1. Ispamx's Avatar
    Do Glyphs next! After looking at some they are awesome.
  1. Aous's Avatar
    Those dragon/turtles look AWESOME
  1. Esolde's Avatar
    mounts and pets?
  1. Dald's Avatar
    Hoping there is a sneak peak of the new dwarf model somewhere in there.
  1. Jerakal's Avatar
    I like the little nature spirits, but I think my favorite is probably the fog creature.
  1. Azivalla's Avatar
    At any cost.

    I am getting that Dragon Turtle mount.
  1. awayfromlife's Avatar
    Perfect saddle/sitting spot on that mushan beast.
  1. Exotical's Avatar
    So cool!
  1. Melilithia's Avatar
    Awww I wanna hug that cat thing.
  1. artem123's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Azivalla View Post
    At any cost.

    I am getting that Dragon Turtle mount.
    i agree, that shit looks sick
  1. ElementalThreat's Avatar
    they're so cute!!
  1. azrielen's Avatar
    Clearly that first model is the Mists of Pandaria end boss!!!!
  1. Krayzie's Avatar
    Forget pandas can i role a Mogu please
  1. The Last DJ's Avatar
    I will stop refreshing my b.net. I will stop refreshing my b.net ....
  1. Slayerxx's Avatar
    I dont know if its just me but the goat looks like Bashiok irl O_O
  1. Naughts Skyway's Avatar
    the turtles ;__;
  1. Baneador's Avatar
    wtf with the mantid?!!! the cocnept art was badass the models is pathetic, wth blizzard why?
  1. mmoc2315ac411f's Avatar
    I juste look to the warlock glyph... A lot of nerf...
  1. Feral Camel's Avatar
    Nice beaver!

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