Update - Added 14 Videos at the bottom of the post.

Mists of Pandaria - Models Videos and Live Stream
Things are going extremely fast, I warned you! I have the first 3 videos of models and will be updating with more videos over the next 2 or 3 hours! The easiest way to keep track of everything is probably to Subscribe to MMO-Champion's Youtube Channel but this news will also be updated regularly.

IMPORTANT - This is a first try at datamining Mists of Pandaria beta models, it's very likely that some of those are bugged and will look better in the final version of the game.

Pandaren Serpent Mount Video

Siberian Tiger God Video

Onyx Panther Video

Misc Videos

Pandaren Serpent God

Yak Mount

Sha Medium

Fire Spirit

Air Spirit

Pandaren Serpent

Earth Spirit

Water Spirit

Pandaren Kite Mount

Mushan Beast


Yak God

Sha Haunt

Hopping Ghost
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  1. Pebrocks The Warlock's Avatar
    I've been watching that stream since it first started today!
  1. Tybudd33's Avatar
    but does the vid show if the GOD is tamable, sorry I can't see from work?
  1. Magemaer's Avatar
    You must be tired boub...get some rest
  1. ImpTaimer's Avatar
    Darn people and their superior internet connections...
  1. Boubouille's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by magemaer View Post
    you must be tired boub...get some rest
    never! Never! So much stuff to news! Everywhere! Creatures! Maps! Videos! Oirzeiorhiozerhiozehtrizeuhriouzehriozeuhriozeurhiozeuhr
  1. Yig's Avatar
    The best part about WOW when you first started playing was the journey, seeing everything for the first time, the feeling of an unknown world to explore.The feeding frenzy around beta seems really ass backwards considering how many people are trying to recapture that novelty and excitement when a new expansion comes out. I'm trying my best not to look, my eyes are bleeding.
  1. Clockwork Pinkie's Avatar
    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Days like these is what first brought me to MMO-Champ, glad they're still around Keep up the good work!
  1. Snes's Avatar
    The Onyx Panther could do without the multi-coloured gems all over it; maybe just one gem colour throughout would be better.
  1. Tankercow's Avatar
    What the hell is going on? I wasn't even expecting beta to start until maybe early next month, now beta is up and very fully functioning. Looks like I'm pulling an all-nighter to watch the stream.
  1. annoyingmoose's Avatar
    Thanks for the Live Stream! Damn I waanna walk around in wandaring isle.
  1. The Ogdru Jahad's Avatar
    Does "pandarenmount" imply its specific to pandas, or just a mount from the pandaren expansion?
  1. Walrock's Avatar
    re-used animations all over the place.... since classic that cat/panthers always had the same animation
    new artworks, that are ingame useable through model editing or morphing since bc, already exists
    blizz should hire some people from the model editing community so their people could work on new animations ...
  1. imkrazy182's Avatar
    Downloading now, but still no invite yet. Hoping it will finish the dl by the time i get that email
  1. mmoca7e38c9356's Avatar
    I saw that Siberian and Onyx panther and I was like
  1. gricko's Avatar
    Jesus Fucking Christ! Waking up on your Birthday and you see MoP BETA! XD Too bad I didn't get a key
  1. Numsefisk's Avatar
    Those mounts! Drool ... I ... Must.... Have! Drool.

    Haven't got the beta yet (Sad panda over here!)
  1. Ikkarus's Avatar
    Finally new models...
  1. Shofie's Avatar
    Holy smokes, those mounts. Especially the cloud serpent. Do want! @_@
  1. iPluto's Avatar
    Holy smokes!!!!))))
  1. ketzil's Avatar
    I quit wow months ago, but I'd be lying if I said all this new news/footage didn't make me want to play again.

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