Mists of Pandaria Beta - AoE Loot
While we're waiting for the next big update (working on it, give it a couple more hours, but it won't be long) I figured I'd make a video and a dedicated news post for the most amazing thing to ever be added to World of Warcraft. AoE Loot.

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  1. Azuri's Avatar
    Long overdue, amiright?
  1. Tierbook's Avatar
    is it just me or did was he hitting for almost 300k.... also thats awsome
  1. Holybeatdown's Avatar
    Holy macaroni farming stuff will be soooo easy now! Huzzah!
  1. schwarzkopf's Avatar
    AoE loot is what I thought the OMG was in the press tour
  1. Zryereassu's Avatar
    290k noncrit. Swifty'd better update the highest crit video.
  1. Aedda's Avatar
    Fantastic, should have been implemented in WotLK
  1. Keristrasza's Avatar
    Omg about time
  1. turq8672's Avatar
    hey SWTOR has this...
  1. Effbee's Avatar
    /applaud Bibi
  1. Axethor's Avatar
    All that running for only 55 silver.
  1. Sentri's Avatar
    That's just insanely useful while running low level dungeons.
  1. Noemonad's Avatar
    I'm very happy to see this implemented, I've been asking for it since it became mainstream in modern MMO's (rift, swtor)

    Yet another great addition to MoP
  1. Bloodhunter's Avatar
    250k crit, lal.
  1. Acry's Avatar
    Did I just see a 300k arcane blast w/ no stacks?
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    290,437 damage. :S

    that can't be real...
  1. Plasticpaddy's Avatar
    This will make low level dungeon farming (for cloth, disenchant mats etc) much easier. If only they could do it for skinning as well...guess that would be way OP.
  1. Miraclous's Avatar
    Poor gnomes, still trying to retake Gnomeregan
  1. Wyshbonez's Avatar
    ToR and Rift want a word with blizzard.... AoE loot should have been implemented so long ago... heck Blizz should have been the one to implement this way before trion or Bioware thought of it. GG Blizz... but at the same time about time,
  1. Kaelynath's Avatar
    This is what dreams are made of...
  1. Speedlance's Avatar
    Only me who had a few tears of joy when watching this?

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