Pandaren Special! Character Creation and Emotes!
A lot of people are interested in the pandarens, here's a special news just for the panda lovers out there.

  • Character creation is definitely a work in progress, and so far only the females have the red panda + tail variation. We'll track any update in future patches.
  • Emotes are also in progress, the female is still missing a lot of them but it's perfectly normal in early stages of the beta. No dance yet.

You should definitely check the emotes video at least, the art work on Pandaren animations is pretty impressive and look like they will be a refreshing change.

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  1. moveth's Avatar
    Love it so much. Omnomnomnom FEED ME PANDARIA

    Also The /kiss made me uncomfortable.
  1. shadowkras's Avatar
    LoL That /eat
  1. dairtudreem's Avatar
    Red panda so cute! :3
  1. Machriren's Avatar
    Are they going to do this with every race?
  1. Synithin's Avatar
    wow i love the facial animations o_O they don't seem stiff like all the other player models does.
  1. mmoc1bab967102's Avatar
    I love the Male Sleep emote, its hilarious
  1. Kobomino's Avatar
    I love Male Pandaren's landing after the jump!
  1. Emane's Avatar
    Nice one!
  1. Beasty's Avatar
    The fawning over female pandaren is somewhat unsettling.
  1. Zatheyll's Avatar
    I love the male /rude and /sleep!
  1. Mynsc's Avatar
    The male model in the emote video looks exactly like iNcontrol!
  1. starckboy's Avatar
    that is how I /sleep xD
  1. Lorelai1548's Avatar
    I wish there was sound for the /silly. One of the first things I like to do once I can play a new race is see their /dance and /silly.I do find it odd that Pandarens are getting tails, when Worgen did not. Just seems a little... Backwards, if you ask me.
  1. Pasture's Avatar
    No to sound over-dramatic but these character models and animations are outstanding. The facial animation is in a completely different league to what we're used to from WoW.The only problem is the original models are an embarrassment next to this. To have this next to a human or orc in the same game is so jarring.
  1. Scifix's Avatar
    If panda`s dont get this dance, ima be so bummed

  1. Andaja's Avatar
    All male animations (except /read and to a degree/roar) look retarded. The quality is very good, but they are way too childish.On the other hand female animations all look very apealing (despite the body build which isnt to my taste, but oh well, atleast face looks nice). Will definetly roll a female monk.
  1. noldorimbor's Avatar
    Facial expressions blew my about old race models..not only we need an update for them, but we need a COMPLETE OVERHAUL. not only the model, but animations and face expressions. -or we need to have pandaren druids, I can not stay Night Elf so long after seeing this-
  1. The Last DJ's Avatar
    Oh my god the male /sleep and /cry are absolutely amazing. I'm very impressed with these models. They're so fluid - and the facial expressions are very impressive.
  1. Melilithia's Avatar
    I want it now... but I will be patient. ^-^
  1. ChaosWolf's Avatar
    The detail is amazing - if you look close at /read for males, you can see his lips move!

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