Pandaren Special! Character Creation and Emotes!
A lot of people are interested in the pandarens, here's a special news just for the panda lovers out there.

  • Character creation is definitely a work in progress, and so far only the females have the red panda + tail variation. We'll track any update in future patches.
  • Emotes are also in progress, the female is still missing a lot of them but it's perfectly normal in early stages of the beta. No dance yet.

You should definitely check the emotes video at least, the art work on Pandaren animations is pretty impressive and look like they will be a refreshing change.

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  1. Beeb's Avatar
    I won one of the premium curse accounts during the live stream!
  1. Winter Blossom's Avatar
    The male panda reminds me of a mix between John Goodman and Po
  1. Ssateneth's Avatar
    The facial movements are getting remarkable. Classic models got nothing on these.
  1. Gamidroon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosWolf View Post
    The detail is amazing - if you look close at /read for males, you can see his lips move!
    fyi, all races do that :P at least dwarfs do as well
  1. Flintte's Avatar
    The Pandaren female. Is. Adorable. I can't wait to roll my female Pandaren Warrior =)
  1. lagmoose's Avatar
    Ahaha the male Pandaren rude reminds me of Undertaker. I'm just blown away at the facial animations of these characters though. Makes me want updated models so bad now.
  1. mmoc8f363a477f's Avatar
    Having access to the beta - I dislike most female animations, from how they stand (I just want to poke them with my finger so they fall backwards) to how they run (even fatter than a female dwarf bum makes them walk extremely clunkily) to how they land after a jump (looks to me like they want to jump up right after and start flying). Male pandaren seem to me alot more authentic and if I'd ever decide to play a male I'd go for that one. Though of course it's just my personal taste, so no need to flame me for it. :P The old models will slowly but surely get upgraded, as they said, first dwarves, then humans and orcs, then probably gnomes/night elves + trolls/tauren/undead, and last blood elves and draenei. Imo orcs and trolls need one pretty badly, even if it's just a few more faces being available to choose from. We'll see what they come up with. Shame they don't think that Worgen need an upgrade. They're absolutely horrible and monotone for a rather new race.
  1. Tagmonkey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad View Post
    The female pandaren animations look like 12 year old chinese schoolgirl stereotypes. The exaggerated hand over mouth chuckle, the looking down while on your knees, the super dramatic scream for cowering. Geez, blizzard, get racist. They all look so childish and cutesy.
    Move on. We won't miss you.
  1. HappyHourHero's Avatar
    /sleep is by far the best one... But watching these makes me really wish Blizzard would hurry up and update player models
  1. The Ogdru Jahad's Avatar
    The male animations though are top notch awesome. The sitting one is great, the reading one is fantastic. They weren't kidding when they said the number of bones in the faces would be over 100.
  1. eschatological's Avatar
    All I want is a /chicken that mimicks Gob's chicken from Arrested Development, and the female version to be Lindsey's. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?
  1. Synros's Avatar
    calling it right now, Female dance will be

    And, I'm going to commit suicide.
  1. LegitNapkins's Avatar
    This is extremely unfair. They look so good, even better than goblin and Worgen. But my Tauren still looks like he's from n64.
  1. Shirohibiki's Avatar
    These look positively amazing. The female is so cute I might explode! I'm going to have to make an army of female pandaren! I'm soooo excited ;w;
  1. cetarari's Avatar
    I love the male Panderan /rude. The female Panderan emotes are also pretty cool... my dorfadin is crying (badly) into her extremely blocky hands.
  1. Nerraw's Avatar
    Holy crap, those are amazing!
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    They really outdone themselves with these...they're amazing! I dare say a lot of NEW games don't have this much facial movement on characters. LOVE them, making at least 3 chars female Pandaren on release.
  1. muwatallis's Avatar
    Oh my god, female kiss is super cute!
  1. Tribunal's Avatar
    Ugh, I was really, really hoping the facial options wouldn't be just markings.Need structure changes too! I want to be able to be snarly OR bubbly, not just forced into bubbly.
  1. Dimm's Avatar
    Adorable Female. Male is great looking as well.

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