Mists of Pandaria Raid Sneak Peek - Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring
It's time to bring back the good old MMO-Champion spirit and post actual news! Today we have a mini sneak peek of the 3 raids introduced in Mists of Pandaria! You probably also noticed that I've been releasing a couple of teasers on our social networks, now might be the best time to join us if you haven't done that yet!

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Important - Those are very early versions of the raids, previewed through unofficial means. This is absolutely not representative of the final version, it's just a preview.

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  1. Notos's Avatar
    Whoa! I'm liking all of them, but Heart of Fear kind of looks like a cross between AQ and...BT maybe? Or maybe BoT. Either way, freaking awesome. And what's that thing at the end of it?
  1. Psychotica's Avatar
    lol'd. such fail designs.
  1. Necrodm's Avatar
    One question unrelated to the raids. What if we want santa to become homicidal maniac?
  1. DysprosiumDy's Avatar
    These look amazing! I quit WoW a long time ago, but DAMN! These instances look brilliant. You've just convinced me to at least purchase your expansion, Blizzard.
  1. Oculusdeath's Avatar
    Amazing, just what i was expecting from blizzard never stopped to amaze me except for cata, cata was just a mess but this one shall be the greatest i will make an attempt to make it the first druid to 90 or the first paladin to 90 on my server hehe, but the raids are just amazing, looks more like AQ, Black temple and ICC but the terrace looks more like To4W to me since its only that short of a raid, but i hope is fun.
  1. Axia's Avatar
    These instances are visually stunning. I have not been this excited about an expansion since TBC. Bring on my beta access baby, I'm counting the days!!!
  1. Topcraft's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by breath View Post
    Blizzard got some awesome instance designers, but even if the arts a really cool, the graphic still looks like vanilla.The old WoW graphic engine can't really stand compared to modern games =(.It doesn't really stop you to have fun, but makes the eyes sad.
    The engine has had upgrades continuously, but there is a limit, yes. What they manage to do with the engine they have to work with, I think is amazing. I absolutely love the designs.
    Many 'modern' games try to make everything look as real as possible. When actually, it's all about the feeling you get, not whether it looks real or unreal. And the feeling is one thing Blizzard manages to put down perfectly in my opinion.
    Every instance has its own unique feeling. Doing that with 28 raid instances plus the upcoming ones is one hell of an achievement.
  1. Hampen's Avatar
    Looks amazing. Can't. Wait.

    ---------- Post added 2012-03-28 at 09:06 PM ----------

    Looks amazing, can't wait!
  1. Gammbit's Avatar
    If you need a scroll on (US) email me at Chris_Woodard21 at yahoo.com or message me ingame on Kil' Jaden alliance-Fuzzynipple
  1. scelero's Avatar
    previewed through unofficial means So sand boxing, essentially setting up a private server..... Grats.
  1. Topcraft's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by scelero View Post
    previewed through unofficial means So sand boxing, essentially setting up a private server..... Grats.
    Your point being? A large part of information about the expansion is data mined, like the models of the armor, weapons, new pets and mounts, and these raid instances.
    It's in the game files so it's public. MMO just does the work for us and posts the pretty pictures
  1. Telshin's Avatar
    The raid environments look interesting.
  1. Menolikeu's Avatar
    Blizzard stated that what mmo-champion does is not encouraged or endorsed. But i don't see them stopping mmo let them do what they do. I love mmo-champ

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