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100,000 Annual Pass Invites On Their Way
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We appreciate that everyone who signed up for the Annual Pass is genuinely excited about seeing the new content and helping us test it for release. We definitely want to get all Annual Pass holders into the beta test as soon as humanly (and technologically) possible.

To do so, we need to make sure that our new systems remain stable as we add players. If we let everyone in at the exact same time, we risk damaging the stability of the service, and then no one would be able to play. We can’t let everyone in at the same time; however, all Annual Pass holders will be invited before any opt-ins.

We’re in the process of sending 100,000 invites to Annual Pass holders, and we recommend keeping an eye on your email and Battle.net account for an invite to come explore Pandaria.

Rest assured that we WILL get all of our Annual Pass holders into the beta test. Thank you for the passion and support you’ve shown for the game, and please be patient with us as we continue driving hard toward finishing up Mists of Pandaria and getting it into your hands as quickly as possible.
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  1. Riokou's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lildave151 View Post
    Just checked my bnet account and found World of Warcraft®: Mists of Pandaria. No email for me either. Been playing since vanilla and signed up for AP right away. Keep your pants on... they're still sending invites out.

    Since last night, Beta has been added to my account but I have not received an email telling me so. Check your BNet account to see if you have it!

    Edit: US, subbed to WoW since Feb 06, signed up for Annual Pass on the first day
  1. Fiskegarn's Avatar
    Please post if you're from US or EU, helps alot!
  1. fruitytooty's Avatar
    I got a Diablo 3 beta invite ... no MoP Q.Q Guess I gotta wait a little longer for that MoP beta invite.
  1. ItZMuRdA's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zanno View Post
    Just got my invite at about 3PM today.

    I'll say it again so that people know. Been subbed since 04, bought the pass on day 1.
    Same, though 2005. 76 months uninterrupted on my subscription history. US also.
  1. pikachu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zokten View Post
    Lol, I see everyone is enjoying blizzard's premium beta.
    Best comment haha

    ---------- Post added 2012-03-30 at 09:24 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Cuno View Post
    There's nothing premium about it, if you know you'll play the next 12 months, it doesn't cost you anything extra than your monthly subscription cost.
    Dude.. He wrote it with sarcasm..
  1. SinR's Avatar
    Got mine last night, logged into my account and *bam* there it was. Nothing in the inbox though. Vanilla Vet, '05, signed up for AP the same day it came out, US region
  1. kreebs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lisavan View Post
    We can’t let everyone in at the same time; however, all Annual Pass holders will be invited before any opt-ins.i dont like this line,means i have to wait untill 1mill ap holders get in until i can finally start hoping for a beta inv nice job blizz
    I'am not interested in the anual pass at all, but i'am very eager to get an beta invite. Been playing since vanila without any breaks. Now i'am forced to wait until all the fan boys got their beta invite. I'am paying the same ammount of money each month so i won't a chance with each wave aswell.
  1. Rontheking's Avatar
    nothing here EU..playing since 08
  1. WingmanCole's Avatar
    Got 3 accounts with the annual pass, one made in 06, and the other two in 07.... Still no invite....
  1. Anzaman's Avatar
    So far no invite.

    Been playing since 2007.
  1. Fiskegarn's Avatar
    YEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Just checked my b.net acc, have received an invite as well! Checked it 10mins ago so it's pretty fresh! I'm from EU , bought annual pass 21/10 and my acc is from 05' ! CHEERS, HAPPY PANDA!
  1. lekein's Avatar
    Holy of Unholies! I thought I'd never get it this wave, been waiting 2 days in a row and when I finally lost all hope, BAM I got the invite at the Battle.net page. I'm EU, been playing since 2005.Also as soon as I launched the game I got the choice between WoW1 and WoW2 don't know what that means, maybe PTR vs MoP?
  1. Gumf's Avatar
    Just got my invite, like one minute ago or so. Been playing since 2006, no breaks, annual pass in the first hour.
  1. outflow's Avatar
    Hum I just got the D3 Beta instead
  1. zootlewurdle's Avatar
    Update to my earlier post in this thread. Within the last 5 hours (1800 to 2300 UK Time (UTC+1)) the MoP beta has been applied to my (EU) account.
    Active since June 2006. Signed up for AP whilst it was being announced at Blizzcon.

    My fiancees account, also signed up for AP at the same moment, is from around 2008 iirc and does NOT have MoP beta at this time.

    So if I'm in this 100k wave it's taken about 24 hours to hit me. Or they've let a few more in.
  1. pikachu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by outflow View Post
    Hum I just got the D3 Beta instead
    Me too
  1. Freia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    Beta access is given to players for the benefit of the game, not for the benefit of the player. Something pretty much everyone seems to be forgetting or be unaware of. The same everyone who are all excited to get into the beta to "experience the game" beforehand, forget about the actual job and duty of beta testing, and then when the game is released cry on the forums about how buggy and unfinished it is. If you're feeling left out and like you're "missing" something, ask yourself how many actual bug reports would you be sending, really.
    Doesn't matter, they said it came with the AP. They are failing a lot of people right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
    I finally have solid reason to continue my white-knighting of Blizzard and their simple ad wording fiasco. Everyone should know ALL of their betas were wave invites, regardless of some silly ad.
    They didn't have an annual pass before MoP. There was no guarantee you would get in beta. You just opted in and had a chance to get in. This isn't even close to the same.
  1. maddawg's Avatar
    Vanilla vet here as well. Only a couple breaks in service duty to being overseas....still no invite, maybe next time? Oh and im AP holder as of 12/10.
  1. pikachu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Agomar View Post

    <- same

    I think that's a comfort package for those who did not get in this wave.
    To be honest, it was kinda comforting lol
  1. August's Avatar
    My guildmate just got his invite few hours ago, I'm envious But only a little Guess I'll have to wait a little more ^^

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