Diablo 3 - Diablo III is Coming to the Wii - April 1st/Joke!

Update: New Zergotchi Authenticator announced!
Note: If the Korean site is any indication, we should be seeing another announcement for WoW soon!

New Zergotchi Authenticator – Blizzard Exclusive - April 1st/Joke!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Say goodbye to your dusty old Battle.net Authenticator and hello to its new incarnation: the Zergotchi! Gone are the days when all you had to do was type in a boring six- or eight-digit code to log in to Battle.net or World of Warcraft. Blizzard Entertainment’s newest authentication system takes the next step in both Virtual Pet and Authenticator technology to provide you with the login experience of your life!

Combining a Battle.net Authenticator and a virtual pet into one seamless design, the Zergotchi will not only be an endless source of fun but will also make sure your account stays as secure and safe as ever – in style. Once attached to your Battle.net account, your Zergotchi’s life begins in its vulnerable egg-state. See it hatch! Be there when it evolves from a tiny, creep-spilling larva into a disgustingly cute Zergotchi, and experience the miracle of creation.

Feed it, play with it, care for it, and give it the love it needs to grow into the monster it was meant to be. Even better, it will display a new authentication code every time you ask. Be sure to keep your pet happy, though! If you don’t care for your little friend it will start begging for your attention – and if you let it get unhappy, it’ll start giving you partial authentication codes! Can you guess the missing digits? Yes, your Zergotchi is a playful little character.

  • Adds an additional layer of security to your account
  • Impressive 16-bit display
  • Grows according to your play-style
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface

Countless different critter outcomes
Thanks to a unique piece of Blizzard technology - the Advanced Pattern Recognition Integrated Layer™ - your Zergotchi will be able to determine how often you logged in to which game and played with the different races in order to create your perfect little pet. Playing an orc in World of Warcraft and enjoying some StarCraft II matches as a Terran? Then get ready to meet your little orcish Marine buddy. Or what about an undead Dark Templar? The possibilities are endless!*
*Possibilities are not endless.

Make new friends
But there's more! With its integrated RL Friend Finder Sensoring System, the Zergotchi will bring your gaming experience to the next level. Whenever you’re near someone with a Zergotchi of their own, your little fella will light up and make a noise! What better way to make new in-game and real-life friends than when you are cooing over your little critters together?

New Blizzard Kidzz Series to Offer the Most Epic Learning Experiences...Ever! - April 1st/Joke!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The most epic learning experiences... ever!
Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce a new line of videogames set to capture the imagination of a whole new generation of gamers. Designed for a young audience, Blizzard Kidzz™ games strive to present children with not just the most epic, but also the most educational gaming experiences... ever.

Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are learning important life skills covering topics such as history, science, reading and writing, and much more! Blizzard Kidzz™ games feature characters and settings from our most popular franchises, so epic lessons are always just a mouse click away.

Here is a taste of some of our upcoming lineup:

Zergling Teaches Typing
Skzzzt! Brnnchh! W’rkncacnter! Learn these and many other important zerg vocabulary words while also dramatically improving your words per minute and keystroke accuracy. (Ages 6 and up)

Reader Ravager
Join Reader Ravager as he devours tome after tome of ancient lore, teaching kids a valuable lesson—that reading isn’t just fun, it’s downright delicious! (Ages 6 and up)

The Westfall Trail
Lead a band of settlers from Lordaeron to Westfall while learning all about the history of Azeroth! Hunt, manage inventories, and more! But beware: danger lurks around every corner. Don’t die of dysentery! (Ages 6 and up)

Turbo Science Vessel
Help captain Quasar and his crew maneuver through the Koprulu Sector by answering exciting questions about science! Learn how a warp drive works, how to tell if a star is about to go supernova, how to screen colonists for viruses, and more! (Ages 10 and up)

Strat Blaster with Edmund Duke
Listen up cadet, the Dominion needs you to keep us all safe from those nasty space bugs called the zerg and those psionic creeps known as the protoss. In my training course, you will learn all about interstellar warfare, the finer points of politics, and how to patch up a downed battlecruiser. (Ages 12 and up)

Where In Sanctuary is Deckard Cain
Oh no! Uncle Deckard got lost while compiling notes for the Book of Cain! Help Leah find her uncle by solving puzzles and collecting clues about the vast world of Sanctuary. (Rated M for Mature)

Announcing StarCraft®: Supply Depot™ - April 1st/Joke!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Following the success of our mobile-gaming lineup, we are proud to unveil the next entry in our series of epic handheld, pocket-sized entertainment!

It is a dark time for the galaxy. The alien forces of the voracious zerg and the ancient and enigmatic protoss have threatened the terrans for years.

Pushed to their limits, the beleaguered terrans plan a last-ditch attempt to save their people from extinction. They enter deep development on the most important research project of their time, one that will elevate warfare forever.

RAISE your expectations!
LOWER your enemies into the ground!!

Mankind's last resort is...
Supply Depot!

  • Endless hours of gaming including repeat playthroughs and Endurance Mode!
  • Deep, rewarding gameplay—multilevel play control allows you to both RAISE and LOWER Supply Depot!
  • Riveting backstory set in the StarCraft game universe!
  • Get up close and personal with an iconic StarCraft hero!
  • Multiple endings, each influenced by your choices and color-coded for your convenience! (Further epic endings planned for post release as downloadable content.)
  • Tens of hundreds of thousands of unlockable hats!

StarCraft: Supply Depot 2 is available on your favorite web browser, and coming soon for iPhone and Android!

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  1. Livinsofast's Avatar
    Zergotchi Authenticator lol
  1. Kolakomat's Avatar
    nice joke
  1. The Stormbringer's Avatar
    I didn't see it mentioned, but they also had a short area describing books and novels they were planning to make called 'Fledgling Heroes'.

    Here's a clip from the page:

    "We’re also working on a new collection of short stories to answer one of the questions we’re most often asked about our more famous heroes and villains—“But what were they like in their early years?” Discover the turbulent adolescence of popular faces like 13-galactic-cycles-old Zeratul as he struggles with his budding psionic powers, or join young Garrosh Hellscream as he deals with an absentee father and natural disasters on a planetary scale.

    Spend time with then-Warchief Thrall and Archmage Jaina Proudmoore in the warm summer days after the fall of Archimonde, when the mistrust between Alliance and Horde seems destined to fade away, and anything—anything—can happen.

    The Fledgling Heroes project is something that we’ve really wanted to do ever since we started making games, but we had to wait for the right time.

    And the right time... is now."

    http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/news/?d=2012-4#312334 I thought it was funny.
  1. Nephthes's Avatar
    Zergotchi Authenticator - would totally buy one. I loved the Tomagotchi and Nano Baby's when they were out!

    The childrens games - If I had kids, thats what they would be learning through! I love the type through Zerglings! I had the typing one with Mario and Peach - loooooved it.
  1. Crakkerz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nephthes View Post
    Zergotchi Authenticator - would totally buy one. I loved the Tomagotchi and Nano Baby's when they were out!

    The childrens games - If I had kids, thats what they would be learning through! I love the type through Zerglings! I had the typing one with Mario and Peach - loooooved it.
    I feel old.

    I learned typing through a Wizard if Id program read off a 5" floppy disk.
  1. French Hipster's Avatar
    I loved these!
  1. Nephthes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Crakkerz View Post
    I feel old.

    I learned typing through a Wizard if Id program read off a 5" floppy disk.
    Well, Im 26 on the 8th this month, so dont feel too old. I remember when floppy disks were in fact floppy disks! But we never learned to type through programs on them that I recall.

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