Incoming: 250,000 More Beta Invites - Wave 4
Blizzard is still working hard to make everyone happy and sent another wave of 250,000 Beta Invites, bringing the total to 550,000 Annual Pass Invites since the initial wave of beta testing!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
That’s right -- we’re in the process of sending 250,000 additional beta-test invites to Annual Pass holders. Keep an eye on your email and account for an invitation to come test Mists of Pandaria with us.

As with previous waves, it’s going to take a while for the invites to process, so we recommend checking your games list in Account Management to see whether yours has arrived yet. Once it does, you’ll see the Mists of Pandaria beta client available for download from there. We expect this entire wave to take a day or so to complete.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone who signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, and we’re working hard to get you into the beta. We know you’re excited to explore Pandaria and test the new content, and we’ll keep you posted here in the forums when we’re ready to send out another wave.
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  1. Smileh's Avatar
    Cross fingers
  1. Wreckeded's Avatar
    Still four beta servers?
  1. Cairm's Avatar

    Finally got in!
  1. Jwalla83's Avatar
    Got mine
  1. Moorden's Avatar
    Wow, nice. That's alot.
  1. ghostmutt's Avatar
    i was bummed about the Alistair Overeem shit today... but this might perk me right up... /roll

    edit: epic roll.. got mine after this LFR i'm beta bound!!
  1. Karei's Avatar
    One can only hope I guess.
  1. Aberration's Avatar
    Just wait for the server crashes =]
  1. Smileh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jwalla83 View Post
    Got mine
    Did you get it just now?
  1. naim's Avatar
    Aaaaw yea, I just got mine! ( EU )
  1. Camo's Avatar
    Got mine just now
    not gonna download it for a while though cause i only got annual pass for Diablo 3! :P
  1. Aous's Avatar
    woot just got mine aswell =). Servers seem to be down atm though
  1. kankeroo's Avatar
    And I'm in Beta YO!
  1. Theiea's Avatar
    Yaaaay! Finally got it.
  1. HavelTheRock's Avatar
    Wooo! Check my and my invites there! See you on Beta, my fellow testers!
  1. Saerlaith's Avatar
    No invite yet. '08, AP first day. My face is like O_O. I shall not sleep much tonight. Eeeeee.
  1. youcoward's Avatar
    US only or eu also?
  1. WoWFlame's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Camo View Post
    Got mine just now
    not gonna download it for a while though cause i only got annual pass for Diablo 3! :P
    You should let me use your beta invite
  1. Melkandor's Avatar
    Got mine. For people wanting to know.
    USA, Account active for 55 months started playing June '07 and got Annual Pass 11/22/11
  1. Geekissexy's Avatar
    Woot! I got in.

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