Incoming: 250,000 More Beta Invites - Wave 4
Blizzard is still working hard to make everyone happy and sent another wave of 250,000 Beta Invites, bringing the total to 550,000 Annual Pass Invites since the initial wave of beta testing!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
That’s right -- we’re in the process of sending 250,000 additional beta-test invites to Annual Pass holders. Keep an eye on your email and account for an invitation to come test Mists of Pandaria with us.

As with previous waves, it’s going to take a while for the invites to process, so we recommend checking your games list in Account Management to see whether yours has arrived yet. Once it does, you’ll see the Mists of Pandaria beta client available for download from there. We expect this entire wave to take a day or so to complete.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone who signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, and we’re working hard to get you into the beta. We know you’re excited to explore Pandaria and test the new content, and we’ll keep you posted here in the forums when we’re ready to send out another wave.
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  1. Achaman's Avatar
    and to the non annual pass owners?!!
  1. Cerathas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Angela View Post
    ok tell me how the heck did my hubby get in and not I at the same time as him.. When we both been playing since Jan 07 and never missed a pmt, and have the annual pass? I'm confused!
    The randomness is very random. I'm Jan '07 as well and no invite yet, incidentally.
  1. Zeroskillz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alliryian View Post
    you people see blizzard say "based on seniority" and immedietely think that that means that they are going to go through the list of AP subscribers 1 by 1 and give them to you in the EXACT order that you all bought WoW. how fucking stupid can you be. they are more then likely each wave inviting as many people as they can from certain time-frames, IE 2004-2005 subscribers first wave, 2005-2006 second wave, and getting a few people to go back each wave and try and get any that were left behind, stop acting like entitled brat's, the only reason ANY of us are getting in is because we agreed to the AP, and we ALL agreed to that so we are ALL entitled to EXACTLY the same thing. the invites "based on seniority" thing is stupid anyway since for a BETA you would want the widest range of testers you can get, why only invite people who all have the same mindset/played the game for the same amount of time? getting BETA access is the contract, getting BETA access before everyone else just because you have played since vanilla is not! so quit being so fucking entitled.
    You just don't get it do you? Ofc people will think this way and I don't blame em...

    When you get as big as blizzard, it's stupid to think otherwise!

    Kinda like the same thing when you've been working for the same company for ages, you will be feeling entitled to promotions, raises, health insurance etc etc. I know I woulda been very disapointed if some random dude just came along and got my promotion outta the blue..
  1. deusnick's Avatar
    yeah got mine!
  1. Mormolyce's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Boydeezy View Post
    The AP is *STILL* going on, they can join it, and bang, beta!
    Well, they'd be in the back of the line but yeah.
  1. Xegor's Avatar
    A noob question. If I copy a character of to the beta can i still play it on live?
  1. Scrumps's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Well, they'd be in the back of the line but yeah.
    well no. the invites have proven otherwise. people with 04/05/06 accounts still not in who signed up asap. and people who started playing in 08 and 09 who signed up later are in already.
  1. Zeroskillz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Well, they'd be in the back of the line but yeah.
    If you buy it now, you'll get into the next beta... *smirk*
    Wonder how long they'll milk this ap shit?
  1. Hamhead223's Avatar
    Has anyone who didnt have a invite when everyone else did (shortly after the announcement of the 250k wave) recently got a invite after spamming/pressing f5?

    Wondering if i should keep hoping or go sleep ^^
  1. pa1kia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xegor View Post
    A noob question. If I copy a character of to the beta can i still play it on live?
    yes. your simply COPYING it onto a beta server, so it will still exist on live servers
  1. nukeluke4's Avatar
    still no invite for me poop.
  1. Moondance's Avatar

    I got an invite?

    I GOT AN INVITE!!!!!!!! I was totally not expecting it since I am so cynical..but omg O_O yay!

    Account created on Nov 26th, 2006. On/Off relationship...a few 3-6 month quits without subscriptions....AP purchased the day it was released. Have not been invited to ANY Betas! WOTLK, Cata....Nope
  1. Austilias's Avatar
    My beta test experience thus far has extended no further than the logins, but I will say this; ~500k people spread across only ~4 servers is going to be chaos, good luck to people even trying to log on never mind play, i'm not having much luck thus far.
  1. Iasu's Avatar
    Hope I get mine by the time I wake up!
  1. frequency's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Achaman View Post
    and to the non annual pass owners?!!
    Back of the line, Blizz has already said non-APers will not be invited until all 1mil APers have been invited
  1. Makisupa's Avatar
    Got mine....US....Started wow in 07/05, annual pass on 12/13/2011

    It'll take foreverrrr for the client to download though. 100kb/s downloads suck.
  1. live4death1212's Avatar
    I have been playing since the 1/16/07 still no invite yet.
  1. Keile's Avatar
    Account made in 2007 (same day as tBC launch), AP on Oct 21 2011 (say it became available)

    Just got my invite.
  1. Saisen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Achaman View Post
    and to the non annual pass owners?!!
    You won't see an invite until after everyone from the annual pass gets theirs
  1. Nindoriel's Avatar
    Still no invite, though.

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