Incoming: 250,000 More Beta Invites - Wave 4
Blizzard is still working hard to make everyone happy and sent another wave of 250,000 Beta Invites, bringing the total to 550,000 Annual Pass Invites since the initial wave of beta testing!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
That’s right -- we’re in the process of sending 250,000 additional beta-test invites to Annual Pass holders. Keep an eye on your email and account for an invitation to come test Mists of Pandaria with us.

As with previous waves, it’s going to take a while for the invites to process, so we recommend checking your games list in Account Management to see whether yours has arrived yet. Once it does, you’ll see the Mists of Pandaria beta client available for download from there. We expect this entire wave to take a day or so to complete.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone who signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, and we’re working hard to get you into the beta. We know you’re excited to explore Pandaria and test the new content, and we’ll keep you posted here in the forums when we’re ready to send out another wave.
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  1. hawtlol's Avatar
    how long ago was this announced. i'm central time here. are the invites still going out
  1. scottydem's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hawtlol View Post
    how long ago was this announced. i'm central time here. are the invites still going out
    I'm thinking the invites are instant, and the e-mails are what takes the most time. Therefore, if you aren't invited through then you're probably not invited.

    If anyone can disprove this, please do.
  1. doxas's Avatar
    I logged in about 2 hrs after blue (dunno why I woke up in the middle of the night) and MoP was in my account when I logged into There was no mail at the time.

    Account since 2008. AP on 1st day.

  1. Joán's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scrumps View Post
    they can state what they want. has anyone suddenly seen mop in the account page after refreshing. I highly doubt it.
    Most of my guild has been F5'ing since the start of beta and not a single one has received their invite at the same time as anyone else. In fact they've been so spread out that most of them can't even say *which* wave they got invited in.

    It's a big database push, not a magical switch that happens on hundreds of thousands of accounts in the same instant.

    (And more than a few haven't even gotten an invite email at all, myself included.)
  1. Trinion's Avatar
    Got mine
    Accound since 2007
    Annual pass 23/10

    scottydem, i think same
  1. Irisel's Avatar
    I'm assuming if I don't see it in my Battlenet WoW list, I don't have it this wave?

    I'm a little disappointed that there's 500k beta invites out, and I haven't gotten mine yet.
  1. Mission's Avatar
    its hard to say but most i have seen were in their bnets when it was announced and none got theirs later in that wave, who really knows.....
    my fiances was there on this wave when it was announced.
    my other accounts i have quite afew havent got an inv, except the main one on wave 1

    i wouldnt waste precious time tho sitting there refreshing...
  1. Kiasari's Avatar
    got mine with this wave!
  1. quikbunny's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kiasari View Post
    got mine with this wave!
    Me too! Literally geeked out when I got the email
  1. strutzen's Avatar

    Not an email yet but had it on the bnet account. And right in time for my holidays also
  1. Slideroh's Avatar
    Got mine!
    Acc: 2008/07
    AP: 1st day

    Same as rest before: got on bnet account, not yet on mail.
  1. George's Avatar
    Nice, more testers incoming
  1. DZalvi85's Avatar
    i was logging into my battlenet account cause i was so happy that they did a 4th wave and me thinking negative again not getting my hopes up just to log back out and then the beta invite is ther YAY HAPPY I CANT EVEN type right

    omg my first wow beta invite since i started back in vanilla im so excited i think i woke my brother up and i know i wouldnt never got in if it wasnt for the AP but still just as happy

    accont: july 05
    AP first week
  1. Mission's Avatar
    chill dude its beta not something that important, fun but not important to burst your brain cell over
  1. aries's Avatar
    anyone from EU gotten an invite?
  1. Nelfie's Avatar
    Got mine today (EU) Played Pandaren Monk up to level 12, landed in Stormwind got bored. Closed the game.

    Might play more later when my character transfers are complete, but overall it wasn't that fun. As betas never are. I signed AP for Diablo3, the beta invite is pretty meh.
  1. Holymoocow's Avatar
    premade monks still can't copy them
  1. Lolsteak's Avatar
    lol got beta even though i cancelled my annual pass AND account
  1. Joán's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by aries View Post
    anyone from EU gotten an invite?
    Indeed we have.
  1. Altaica27's Avatar
    Got my invite.
    Playing since april 2006. Had a break of 3 to 4 months during wrath though.
    Got the Annual pass when it was a month out.


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