Soul of the Aspects Companion Pet now on Blizzard Store
The Soul of the Aspects companion pet is now available on the Blizzard Store for $10!

As usual with new pets, we will be giving away 20 x Soul of the Aspects Companion Pet!

  • The giveaway is for 20 x Soul of the Aspects companion pets. You can obviously only win one.
  • To enter the giveaway, just reply to this post! Make sure to mention if you play on american or european servers in your reply.
  • The giveaway will be closed 24H after posting this news and winners will be chosen randomly.

Non-Official Video Preview of the Model
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  1. Sorroto's Avatar
    Meep! I've never won one, but I'm gonna keep tryin!

    American servers!
  1. Siltar's Avatar
    Would love to win one, I play on american server
  1. Athanasya's Avatar
    Yehaa! EU Server :-)
  1. Bearfist's Avatar
    US servers! Can't afford one now, please lemme be lucky. Pretty little pet needs to fly free with its mama/papa XD
  1. Jelevo's Avatar
    Do want! Gl all!

    US (American) Server here!
  1. TheFakename's Avatar
    I'll take it
  1. Neonic's Avatar
    Yay new pet, US-Server
  1. CheezusCrust's Avatar
    Free stuff! Want!

    European server!
  1. Keynee's Avatar
    Eu servers ftw!
  1. Ashcroft's Avatar
    US Realms.
    Imma be the Dragonmasta!
  1. Doomedfool's Avatar
    Here's to hoping!

    American server
  1. coolguy415's Avatar
    I would love one! US Server!
  1. Dendin's Avatar
    US Giveaway Entry.
  1. Zelexa's Avatar
    I'd love 1 please. EU server
  1. Liathren's Avatar
    I like it way better than the mount! Go go pets! US-Region!
  1. Odobo's Avatar
    Replying to enter! US servers.
  1. mrgreenthump's Avatar
    Yes please

    European server
  1. Khana's Avatar
    Funky dragon!

    EU Server for me!
  1. ThePackness's Avatar
    I'm european, I think it looks awesome! I would be proud to flash the companion around Orgrimmar
  1. keeker's Avatar
    Me Need Pet! Give Pet NAO! Pretty please with sugar on it? Us Server.

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