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Ancient Mogu Crypt Scenario Preview
Important - As usual, this is WORK IN PROGRESS. The screenshots and video do not reflect the final version of the scenario.

Encounter Journal Update
The latest beta patch also brought us two new encounters, Elegon in Mogu'shan Vaults and Wing Leader Ner'onok in Siege of Niuzao Temple.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Celestial dragon encounter. [PH]

Energy Vortex - When active, the Energy Vortex transforms any player or creature who stands in it, granting a small taste of the Titan's true power.
  • Touch of the Titans - Contact with the Energy Vortex transforms the target into celestial form, increasing all damage done by 50% and healing done by 50%.
  • Overcharged - The Energy Vortex periodically causes the players to take 5% additional damage. This effect stacks.
Phase 1: Protecting the Controller! - Elegon activates the Energy Vortex, attacking with Celestial Breath and calling for Celestial Protectors to help defend The Engine of Nalak'sha. Phase ends at 90% and 50% health.
  • Celestial Breath - Elegon's dragon breath inflicts 50000 Arcane damage to players within a X yard long 60 degree cone.
  • Materialize Protector - Elegon summons a Celestial Protector to attack the players. Only used when above 50% health.
    • Celestial Protector
      • Phasing PH - The Celestial Protector is in a state of flux, held together by the Energy Vortex. The Celestial Protector takes 90% less damage when outside of the Energy Vortex with over 25% health. PH
      • Arcing Energy - The Celestial Protector inflicts 33250 Arcane damage to two random players and applies Closed Circuit to each target.
        • Closed Circuit - After being hit by the Arcing Energy, healing taken is reduced by 50% for 20 sec.
      • Stability Flux - Upon reaching 25% health, the Celestial Protector begins to pulse energy, periodically inflicting ? Arcane damage to the entire raid.
      • Total Annihilation - When near death, the Celestial Protector explodes, inflicting 73125 Arcane damage to the entire raid.
  • Radiating Energies - Elegon becomes dangerously unstable, periodically inflicting 50000 Arcane damage to all players not in the Energy Vortex. Only used when under 50% health.
Phase 2: Restarting the Machine PH - Elegon attempts to reactivate The Engine of Nalak'sha by creating Energy Charges to energize the Empyreal Focuses. Once all Energy Charges are destroyed in a wave, Elegon will continually create more Energy Charges, permanently weakening his physical form. Phase ends once an Energy Charge leaves the Energy Vortex.
  • Draw Power - Elegon attempts to restart the Engine of Nalak'sha by constructing six Energy Charges from his own body, permanently increasing all damage taken by 10%. This effect stacks.
    • Energy Charge
      • High Energy - With each successive cast of Draw Power, the created Energy Charge gains an additional 20% movement speed. This effect stacks.
      • Discharge - Upon reaching zero health, the Energy Charge explodes, inflicting 75000 Arcane damage to the entire raid.
Phase 3: Shut Down the Engine! PH - Elegon has reactivated The Engine of Nalak'sha, disabling the Energy Vortex and activating all Empyreal Focuses. Elegon is shielded from all damage. Phase ends once all Empyreal Focuses have been destroyed.
  • Empyreal Focus
    • Energy Conduit - The Empyreal Focus vents excess energy, dealing 142500 arcane damage to all players touching the energy conduit every 0.5.
    • Overloaded - Upon reaching zero health, the Empyreal Focus deactivates and vents excess energy back to Elegon, increasing damage inflicted by 20% and casting speed by 20%. This effect stacks.
  • Unstable Energy - Elegon periodically inflicts 7500 Arcane damage to the entire raid.
  • Energy Cascade - Elegon fires a ball of Titan plasma at a random player, inflicting 42750 Arcane damage on impact and creating a Cosmic Spark.
    • Cosmic Spark

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Wing Leader Ner'onok
Ner'onok fights players using Caustic Pitch and Quick-Dry Resin. Twice during the fight he will lift off and fly to the other end of the bridge where he alternates between channeling Blowing Winds and Gusting Winds until interrupted.

  • Caustic Pitch - Throws a glob of pitch at an random location. Enemies touching the pitch suffer 20000 Nature damage every sec and have their movement speed reduced by 50%.
  • Quick-Dry Resin - Sprays a target with heated resin. As the resin hardens it inflicts 5000 Fire damage every 1 sec. If this process completes the target becomes encased in resin and cannot move or act for 6 sec. Performing actions counteracts this effect and if the target breaks free they become Invigorated, increasing casting and movement speeds by 15% for 30 sec.
  • Blowing Winds - Ner'onok beats his wings, creating wind that slowly pushes enemies away from him.
  • Gusting Winds - Ner'onok beats his wings fiercely, creating a powerful gale that pushes enemies away from him at high speed.

Fan Art Update
Breathing2004 has had fan art added to the Blizzard art galleries many times in the past, and has some pieces here with a unique style.

Curse Weekly Roundup
Pico is back again with the latest news on Pocket Edition Minecraft, WoW, Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, Halo 4 and Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

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    That fan art is pretty awesome.
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    awesome fanart
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    Dat fanart.
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    So amazing fanart really! Had to save all these pictures!... Truely fantastic!
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    This is relevant to my interests.
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    how awesome would be having a cathedral or something with HUGE vitrals with this fan art
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    very rarely something is so impressive as these artworks are... truely novel, sophisticated and awesome!
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    Who is Pico and what is her number pls and ty.
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    stunning fanarts
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    I didn't think I'd miss the MMO report that much... Till I watched the curse weekly round up.
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    That scenario area looks bigger than an average 5-man dungeon.
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    Impressive fanart, hard to pick one
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    Was it just me that thought that Elegon, a celestial dragon. Has to be related somehow to Algalon ? :P
    Both are connected to the titans, apparently. From what little can gather from the Elegon encounter. And Algalon clearly was as we know.
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    Superb fan art.
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    LoL Elagon the dragon, I hope the fight isn't as fucking horrendous as the books.

    that fanart..... DAYUM.
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    Elgalon looks neat, and I'm curious to if we are near a pit while Ner'onok channels his pushback spells, or if we will need to navigate "getting safe" while the big one happens and advancing during the small one to reach and interrupt him.

    Doze fan arts man are wicked. I wonder if someone will pay to replace their windows with that.
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    These fanarts... Omg lovin' them.
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    I like pico doing these vids, something about her soothing voice but as an idea they should stick someone with her...maybe that angryjoe guy so they have 2 people with personalities at either end of the spectrum...would be fun :d
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    I'd seen some of BReathing2004's fanart before, but never all of that. 'Ancient Wars' would have to be my favorite. Awesome faux plate glass style.
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    Very interesting fun art. Nice to see something new!

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