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Zandalari Island Area Preview
In previous posts, on the Blizzcon Pandaria map, and in interviews, a Zandalari Island off the coast of Pandaria has been mentioned, which might be the unlabeled island in the northwest corner of the current World Map.

Important - As usual, this is WORK IN PROGRESS. The screenshots and video do not reflect the final version of the area.

Misc Beta Changes - Guild Perks, Scenarios, and more
The last few patches have added a few small but interesting things to the game.

Guild Perks
New Scenario Objectives
  • Rescue the villagers from the 6 nearby houses.
  • Defeat Vengeful Hui
  • Bring Brewmaster Bo to the Unga Ingoo Brewing Cauldron.
  • Bring 100 Jungle Brew to the Brewing Cauldron.
  • Defeat Captain Ook.
New Scenarios
  • Klaxxi Island
  • Brewmaster 04
New Guild Challenges
  • Scenario - 5 per week at 10,000 guild XP each. Rewards 125 gold.
  • Challenge Mode Dungeon - 3 per week at 10,000 guild XP each. Rewards 250 gold.

Cloud Serpent Questing Area
A previous interview mentioned that you would be able to raise your own cloud serpent through ~20 days of daily quests, which would involve things like racing. One area of Jade Forest has trainers, cloud serpents in training, race spectators, and an island right off the coast with level 90 mobs and an instructor.

There are also several NPCs that mention joining the training program after you have some more experience. One of the NPCs in this area of The Arboretum has a quest that is not accessible yet at level 87. It is likely that this area will be the area you do some of the Cloud Serpent questing in.

Leaders of Azeroth: Velen Short Story Now Available
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Not long ago, the prophet Velen and a number of draenei resettled on Azeroth, hoping to put a halt to the Legion’s murderous activities in Outland. Sensing great courage in the Alliance, the draenei pledged themselves to this noble faction.

Yet much time has passed since then. The Legion's forces in Outland have been greatly diminished. Now, Velen must guide his people into an uncertain future and decide what role, if any, the draenei will play in the Alliance.

The Seat of the Naaru's soaring energies inspired inner peace from the most bloodthirsty of warrior pilgrims, awe from even the most jaded of Azeroth's inhabitants. The figure floating before the Seat had long taken comfort from this column of Light. Velen looked out from his meditation chamber, seeking insight. . . in all the connections, great and small, where he might perceive the lines of the future. For the past several months, those lines had increasingly felt fragmented.

As the Prophet of the draenei meditated -- his legs crossed beneath him, his hands resting on his ancient knees -- the crystals that reflected his energies glowed and pulsed and swirled around him, not in patterns but in chaos. And the visions, the endless possibilities of tomorrows, assaulted him.

Blizzard Entertainment is proud to present the latest entry in the "Leaders of Azeroth" short story series: Prophet's Lesson!

Reminder: WoW Annual Pass – Last Chance
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As adventurers gear up to battle demonic hordes with the impending launch of Diablo III, the World of Warcraft Annual Pass offer will soon close to new sign ups. If you plan on questing in both Sanctuary and Azeroth in the coming year and haven’t signed up yet, the Annual Pass is a great value that should not be missed.

You have until Monday, April 30 to sign up for the WoW: Annual Pass, which includes a 12 month subscription commitment to World of Warcraft, a free digital version of Diablo III (available when the game launches), the Tyrael’s Charger flying mount for WoW (available immediately), and other epic benefits. If you’ve been waiting for the last possible moment to sign up for the Annual Pass, this is it! After April 30, this offer will no longer be available.

Save the Children Charity Marathon
The Dragon Soul Challenge a few days ago was successful in helping to raise money for hungry children in the Horn of Africa, so we are doing it again! Nik and Kevin are going to be streaming monk leveling from 1-87 starting on Friday, April 27th at 8 PM CET

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  1. 420rogue's Avatar
    The new guild perks are horrible. With a new expansion, prices skyrocket so the new flasks are really expensive. I can do without have group will travel (unwillingly but I can do without), but increasing guild cauldron useage is just putting more strain on guild members to farm or spend gold. Ideally though, instead of getting rid of have group will travel, they should instead ummm you know, make the world worth going out into? Why would I go to hyjal at 85? Why would I go to Vashj'ir? Why Uldum? Twilight highlands? All the zones are so far apart with literally NOTHING for max level characters to do there. Of course we are going to sit in our main cities.
  1. Aurigo's Avatar
    The island doesn't look very Zandalarish to me tbh...
  1. Adabel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zik3l View Post
    Wait what, removing mass summon?!? That's one of the few good things blizzard have done lately!
    Blizzard took it away because they think that it made everyone lazy and didn't se enough of the environment, most of the time when there is a raid 1 guy goes to the raid(usually a mage) then just summons everyone, blizz wants that to change they want you to have to fly to se and explore more of the world then just when you are grinding quests for achivements or leveling.
  1. GUZ's Avatar
    WTF!!! blizz u r so dumb..have group will travel was the only good guild perk...an friggen tmog 10%????? that aint nuttin its cheap as hell anyway wow u guys really know how to push ppl away from ur game ud think blizz doent want subscribers....true morons
  1. Tanthalus's Avatar
    thank you blizz - removcng have group will trav el will help bring back the exploration side of the game - still be summon stones and warlocks so doesnt change instant traveling for raids but more of ` get out there and look`
  1. SneakySams's Avatar
    I will miss "Have group will travel" dearly... for one reason: summoning hunters to a wild pet I found that they want to tame... or even people to a camel figurine spawn that teleports to Dormus. But hey, we'll get more adrenaline this way
  1. Malackai's Avatar
    well I am reserving my opinion until i see the cauldrons tbh but if the cauldrons are not changed then yes these new guild perks are extremely underwhelming and don't really serve a guild that's based around raiding or pvp.

    The summon I can understand to a degree but it will make things more painful and stalling for guilds that tend to swap people out during mid raid especially ones that don't have warlocks in it .
  1. Kilpi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ambigiouslynamed View Post
    so...blizz wants us to waste more time, shocking, truly shocking
    What exactly do you count in MMO to be waste of time and what NOT a waste of time..? I find raiding waste of time, stupid Blizzard still keeps doing them.
  1. Hagen09's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    Yes, and I'm sure all that time spent grinding up rep killing hundreds of ogres for obsidian warbeads, or grinding up rep to get into heroic dungeons in BC, or farming mats for resistance sets to kill one boss to progress in the raid, were just rip-snortin' good times, right?

    face-to-the-wall bland, repetitive grinds like these were nothing but gates, which themselves were really just a "cheap way to make us spend more time in game." However, many people often site those as being among the best times they've spent in WoW.

    So before you start shlepping blizzard off for trying to waste player's time, consider what they USED to do, and know that these few new changes (back to the way things WERE, mind you, not a fundamental backwards leap) are comparatively nothing time-investment wise.
    I did all that too and am glad it is gone as I'd rather spend time in instances/raids than having to grind more than necessary to be there. It does not change the way I feel about the removal of chug a lug. It is a very convenient way of making flasks for the whole group and with the new system it will cover 7 people for one hour instead of 10 for two hours which in turn will mean even more mindless grinding. Next thing might be to remove cap on flasks, elixirs and potions so we are back to Vanilla times with 90 per cent spent herbing/chasing mats for pots and 10 per cent actually doing what is fun.

    Why bring that up in the first place Kalerdar? It has been gone for quite some time but we have chug a lug today.
  1. Fezziwick's Avatar
    That level 30 guild perk is truly atrocious. Hopefully it's a placeholder or something.
  1. Dranged's Avatar
    I can buy the removal of mass summon if they want ppl to be more active in the new world, but to remove chug-a-lug and happy hour is utterly retarded. They really want to force guilds to pop 2 cauldrons (1 big and 1 small) each hour? There is absolutely no gain from this - it's purely annoying, and I hope they ditch this idea.
  1. Ratyrel's Avatar
    I gather noone knows whether the chug-a-lug bonus will become baseline then? This seems like a rather odd change in my eyes.
  1. Nosferato's Avatar
    lot of the new perks gt be placeholders as they are too weak, and cant be counted as a guild contribution, i mean bandage heals more, discount in void storage, how's that a guild bonus? unless bandages seem to get something new its old and outdated like the rogue class ,why not add stuff like, drops more meat, skinning mining/herb cast timve reduced with 0.5 sec(does not stack with racials), another mount speed increase so those pally dks wont always snatch your ore/herb in front of you, and ye happy hour should be back, just increase the mats for the cauldron or just make it s thato in a guild raid your flask last longer, no cauldron needed, just call it, friendship gives power or something like that,
  1. helheim's Avatar
    as a warlock, i will not go back to being your summon monkey. fly your own lazy ass there. that is all.
  1. drukai's Avatar
    For all the angry people angry at the chug-a-lug removal, have you not considered commenting on the official forums, or that maybe Blizz is calculating for that and going to change cauldrons to work differently or removing them entirely in place of something else?
  1. Engelszorn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tanthalus View Post
    thank you blizz - removcng have group will trav el will help bring back the exploration side of the game - still be summon stones and warlocks so doesnt change instant traveling for raids but more of ` get out there and look`
    Exactly what exploring do you mean? A max level character has (ideally) seen all the new zones and if you aren't into achieving loremaster, you hardly ever get to see the other zones. Have group will travel was a time-saver for raids, nothing more. If there is no benefit from traveling around Azeroth, then there is no point beyond sightseeing and occasional RP. And maybe archeology, but the places are fixed even if the spawn-points are random. Azeroth is big, beautiful, but that's not enough to get me out of Orgrimmar to do exploring. And you can't forget: the world is static. Once you've seen it, you've seen it all. Maybe you have your favorite places that you like to revisit, but that's it. You don't meet NPC on your routes, you can't change the world... etcetc.
  1. nancypants2012's Avatar
    The MoP soundtrack seems very nice.
  1. wqpp's Avatar
    That's one of the few good things blizzard have done lately!
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SneakySams View Post
    I will miss "Have group will travel" dearly... for one reason: summoning hunters to a wild pet I found that they want to tame... or even people to a camel figurine spawn that teleports to Dormus. But hey, we'll get more adrenaline this way

    NO more LFR summon to malygos . Well i stil have direbrews remote
  1. tala1the5cyborg's Avatar
    hmm... i hope..REALLY hope this isnt Zandalar, THE zandalari island.. but something tells me it is...
    I always imagined a huge island looking zul-gurub-ish with a huge astec temple(gundrak size atleast) in the middle, where Rastakhan would sit at the top of a throne.

    Not something chinese mogu shit with some huts off the coast....

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