Pet Battle System now on Beta Realms (Early Version)
This build of the beta introduced a very early version of the Pet Battle System!

I want to be the very best!
Picking up Pet Battle Training on the beta is pretty easy, all you need to do is visit the trainer in your capital city and pick up the 2 abilities.

Update - Almost forgot about those, added something about the Pet Battle Masters.

Tracking Pets
The pet tracking changed slightly since our first preview, you now track 2 types of pets: the ones that you can't capture and are only here to let you gain XPs will show up as a small yellow dot on your map. The ones you can actually capture will show up with an easily noticeable green icon and will be flagged as capturable in their tooltip.

The fight is started by right clicking a pet creature when you're in range (approximately 30 yards). The camera will rotate around your character and the game will switch to Pet Battle mode. From this screen you can:

  • See the status of all your pets at the top left of your screen.
  • Control the abilities of your active pet at the bottom.
  • Switch between pets and see them by clicking the 4th icon on the bar.
  • Capture pets when they're low on life!
  • You can also surrender but that sounds pretty wimpy to be honest.
The battle is pretty simple, weaknesses and strengths are already implemented and if you pick the wrong type of pet you will get your ass kicked pretty fast. It ends whenever the enemy is defeated or captured.

Pet Battle Masters
The Pet Battle System will also have fights against NPCs, some of the achievements datamined last night point to "Pet Battle Masters" that you have to defeat on every continent.

Category Name Points
Pet BattlesTaming Eastern Kingdoms
Defeat all of the master pet tamers in Eastern Kingdoms.
Pet BattlesTaming Kalimdor
Defeat all of the master pet tamers in Kalimdor.
Pet BattlesTaming Northrend
Defeat all of the master pet tamers in Northrend.
Pet BattlesTaming Outland
Defeat all of the master pet tamers in Outland.
Pet BattlesTaming Pandaria
Defeat all of the master pet tamers in Pandaria.
Pet BattlesTaming the Wild
Defeat a master pet tamer.

Finding New Pets
How are you going to know where to find new pets for your collection? Easy, Blizzard is going to integrate a full encyclopedia directly in the game. Maps aren't implemented yet but currently, the info page of any pet will already tell you where you can find it!

Pet Family Passive Bonuses
Newly added are passive bonuses for all pet families.

  • Aquatic - Purity - The duration of harmful damage over time effects is reduced on Aquatic pets.
  • Beast - Enrage - Beasts deal 25% extra damage below half health.
  • Critter - Elusive - Critters break out of crowd control effects more quickly.
  • Dragonkin - Execute - Deals 50% additional damage to targets with less than 25% health.
  • Elemental - Weather Immune - Elementals ignore all weather effects.
  • Flying - Swiftness - Flying creatures gain 50% extra speed while above 50% health.
  • Humanoid - Recovery - Humanoids recover 2% of their maximum health every time they attack.
  • Magic - Spellshield - Magic pets cannot be dealt more than 50% of their maximum health in one attack.
  • Mechanical - Comes back to life once per battle, returning to 25% health.
  • Undead - Damned - Undead pets return to life for one round when killed.

Pet Battle Abilities
If you missed the update last week, check out the updated list of pet battle abilities on WoWDB!

The tooltips for individual abilities will show you which pets the attack is strong against, and which pets the attack is weak against. The page will also show you which pets can learn the abilities. On each pet's page, we have listed all of the spells that the pet can learn. We will continue to add features as the system is fully implemented in the beta.

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  1. swampsquatch's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Necrotan View Post
    I actually laughed out loud at this comment. A games a game dude. WoW can be viewed as childish too if one really wants to.

    As a side note about pokemon, it has a highly competitive side and I don't just mean collecting. There is a whole side of the gameboy games that is full of number crunching and theory crafting to min/max teams with the best synergy and strategy. Thats what I play pokemon for. Just ignore the cartoon and card game. The GB games are where its at for the high end gaming in that genre.

    It is actually a really great game because it can appeal to any age/level of game play and that is probably one of the reasons the franchise is so successful.
    A fellow EV trainer giving out our secrets I see...
  1. Zatheyll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nessla View Post
    Probably only a small percentage will ever try this shit. It would be better if they focused on something that has actually been requested by many, a large system, like housing, that will impact almost everyone. We don't need more mini-games, we need mega-games, it's WoW coming to its end soon, they need to prepare to exit the stage in a large epic clash.
    An extremely large percentage will try this. Probably a good 20-30x as many then those who arena. Should we remove arena's? Even a great deal more then people who PVP, should we remove that too?
  1. Maxilian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hotsforyou View Post
    I agree 100%.

    I think this is the worst thing i have seen Blizz put in the game next to Achievments.

    They should focus on making hard content and balancing the game that they have.
    Here is the problem, people keep saying "We want Hard content" but if they got it, they will say "We want to see the new content but is so hard that we can't get to the end of it", and also people say "Balance class in PVP/PVE" but.... then people will say "There is nothing new, we are bored of the same things!" and not even you know how to do that and you want Blizz to -Bring new things and at the same time balance everything?- and BTW for Hard Content we will have the Challenge Mode, so be happy, and Archivements?, you think they are stupid?, but well a lot of people like them, if you don't like something is ok, but don't assume that everybody hate it or that is just crap
  1. Hotsforyou's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zatheyll View Post
    An extremely large percentage will try this. Probably a good 20-30x as many then those who arena. Should we remove arena's? Even a great deal more then people who PVP, should we remove that too?
    Yes, arena should have been removed along time ago. It killed PvP imo. Absolutely hate arena.
  1. Antherios's Avatar
    I like the idea, and ill probably play pet battles a lot, no matter what the haters say.
  1. nessla's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zatheyll View Post
    An extremely large percentage will try this. Probably a good 20-30x as many then those who arena. Should we remove arena's? Even a great deal more then people who PVP, should we remove that too?
    There is no point in removing anything that has already been implemented if it's still used by some. Like how they removed skirmish, some used it, and not a single argument could defend why they removed it. We have random dungeon, random battleground, why the hell not random arena? Anyway, my beef comes with spending time implementing something that 1% might use, when they could implement something else which 20% would use inclusive that 1% community.
  1. slayton's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drakoes View Post
    are they seriously forcing the achievement addicts to play this lil "game"?
    Hello my name is Slayton and I'm an achievement addict, personally I am stoked for all the achieves this lil' game will add. Finally achieves I can go out and earn playing solo without relying or waiting on other people, this is going to be a great time sink.
  1. Sentess's Avatar
    I can like... Imagine it isn't WoW, and then I pretend I start a new pokemon game. Only catching them porks.
    Maybe the game would be fun again, after this (too long) wait for a new patch!
  1. Maxilian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hotsforyou View Post
    Yes, arena should have been removed along time ago. It killed PvP imo. Absolutely hate arena.
    well here is your answer to player housing (PH)..., as you say the arenas killed the PVP (well the World PVP) but, don't you think PH will do the same? don't you think it will be harder to find people walking around the world?
  1. Shaede's Avatar
    at the very LEAST this will be an exciting new way to get pets other than buying them from vendors and/or farming them for hours, and/or buying them from the blizz store. That's at the very yes I'm pretty stoked because now pets that I've owned and love will no longer be just cosmetic followers, but will have an actual function in the game.
  1. McFrotton's Avatar
    Am I the only that tought about pushing B harder to have obviously better chance at capturing a pet
  1. Korlog's Avatar
    When I look back at the history of this fine game and then look at this pice of... content I am speachless. I normally am not short of words to express myself, but this is so full of fail. Words can't grasp this amount of suckage. I can't even justify before myself why any company with such a history can spend one single payed working hour of their employees to devolope such a thing. I was always hoping that the game would a little bit more of a serious, grown up touch. I was always hoping that the apparent increase in 'funny' popculture references would stop, or at least cease to grow. Now there is time and money spend on some so far away from the features which used to be the core of WoW... It is just so shameful.

    To the guy claiming that pokebattles have been requested by the playerbase since 2004:
    1. Where is the proof?
    2. Other features are also heavily demanded, yet they are "not on the list".
    3. Guild-housing can be an enormous leap forward for player-integration and towards real online-cities. (Ok, this was not in your post, but I feel like i have to get my ideas out on this.) Right now 90% of the buildings in the major cities are empty, act as a backdrop or house NPCs who sell useless stuff. Imagine guilds being able to buy these houses, changing the facades, the interior. All within the appropiate colour-pallete of the city, of course. Succesfull guilds (maybe meassured in Achievementpoint) could afford the bigger houses, smaller guilds smaller ones. A more PvP-oriented guild could maybe settle near the Ring of Valor. Since the houses are limited, they get valued. Since the houses will not be instanced, everyone can be seen, visited or read /2.

    I guess it would be too much to ask for. Like green fire for Warlocks or a working Charge for Warriors. Better implement pet-battles. Clear to see.
  1. proteen's Avatar
    This really is a 3d Pokemon side-game. Will I play this if I come back to WoW? 99% of the time, no. When will I play this? Waiting for pulls during raids (and that's it).
  1. Elrandir's Avatar
    Error 132. Error 132. Disconnect. Invalid Pet Battle Team. Invalid Pet Battle Team. Invalid Pet Battle Team. Error 132. Invalid Pet Battle Team. Error 132. Invalid Pet Battle Team. Disconnect. Etc.
  1. McFrotton's Avatar
    Ok they need 3 things for pet battle to be succesful.......battle music.........AND Bicycle mount to ride across Azeroth and lastly pet battle tournament

    ---------- Post added 2012-04-25 at 02:54 PM ----------

    Oh and to the QQers why do you complain about fun thigns to do in are what will kill wow.[COLOR="red"]
  1. Kryos's Avatar
    Let's make a video about the new pet battle. What location should we use? Yeah, the darkest spot in the game at night, that's perfect.
  1. jeremynative's Avatar
    wow i thought they were just going to add a tiny battle with existing pets, now theyre going all out. so much effort in copying pokemon. this will be a waste of resources like revamping 1-60
  1. Greyvax's Avatar
    because of this idiotic "feature" we will be deprived 1 or 2 raid zones in MoP that could have been developed in the time it took them to make this (i.e. the abyssal maw & WotA effect). It's literally a rip off of pokemon and nintendo should sue them.
  1. sesiom's Avatar
    Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Glad I quit wow... now pokemon? sigh....
  1. nessla's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Beazy View Post
    If you have been playing WoW since 04 and following the official forums, you would know that this feature has been asked for since Nov 2004 by thousands of people. Hundreds of threads, even threads asking blizzard to carbon copy pokemanz.
    I've been active on EU forum since 05-06. And widely monitored the suggestion forum and come up with hundreds of suggestions myself, until the suggestion forum was removed (2011) and now I sit in the PvP/General forums - I've never seen anything Pokemon related, and if it would, it haven't got more than 2 pages big because then I would have seen it.

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