New Models: PvP Set - Death Knight
One more set was added yesterday that didn't make it into the initial post, the Death Knight PvP set!

Announcing Item Restoration
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Starting today, players can access a new system that will allow players to recover World of Warcraft items that they may have sold, destroyed or disenchanted: Item Restoration.

With this new self-service option the recovery of an item or items that were recently deleted or sold to a vendor can be restored to a character immediately when using the ticket submission system on our support site. For any items that were accidentally disenchanted the same method can be used to request a review by Customer Support for restoration.

This restoration option may only be used once every 30 days on active World of Warcraft accounts that are in good standing. As this option has a limited availability and use, we still encourage caution when selling, deleting or disenchanting items.

While Customer Service always strives to help whenever we can, with the introduction of this self-help feature we will no longer be able to assist with these types of requests.

How can I access the restoration web form?
When you use the ticket submission system on our Support site to request restoration for an item, you will see the item restoration service in addition to the normal ticket submission option.

How do I use the web form to restore my items?
When you select the item restoration service, you will first choose a character to receive the restoration. A sortable list of items that the character recently destroyed or sold will appear. You can select items to restore by clicking Add. Once you’re satisfied, click Continue and confirm your restoration. The restored items will be delivered to your character via in-game mail.

How often can I use the web restoration service?
Active World of Warcraft accounts in good standing (not locked or banned) may use the item restoration web form once every 30 days.

What items can be restored?
Items that were recently sold, destroyed, or disenchanted can be restored through the web form. Items lost in any other way -- including through trade, crafting, and use, among others -- will not be eligible for restoration through the web form.

What if an item I want restored isn’t appearing on the list?
If an item does not appear on the list, it is not available for restoration through the web form.

When will I receive my restoration?
Sold and destroyed items will be restored to you immediately after completing the web form, and a ticket for any disenchanted items will be sent to Customer Support for review on your behalf.

How will I receive my restoration?
Restored items will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Items that were sold to a vendor will be mailed cash on delivery for their sale amount.

How do restorations work for disenchanted items?
Disenchanted item restorations must be reviewed by Customer Support. During the review process, any materials gained from disenchanting the item will be removed before the item is restored. If the materials cannot be recovered, restoration of the disenchanted item will not be possible.

When will I receive the restoration for my disenchanted items?
Restorations for disenchanted items will need to be reviewed by Customer Support. A ticket will be automatically submitted through the web form and the restoration will be delivered to your in-game mailbox when the review is complete. The amount of time the review takes will depend on the number of tickets in our queue.

Final Annual Pass Invites Going Out
The final invites that didn't get sent in the last wave are going out today, so keep an eye on your Battle.Net page if you are expecting one!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We ran into a delay in flagging the remaining 'bounced' accounts who should have an invite. We're in the process of doing so today, though. We really appreciate everyone's patience.
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  1. Quakefan's Avatar
    That helm with horn is awesome, but rest of the gear.. I know, Blizzard can do much better.
  1. Gully Man's Avatar
    Anyone know if Tabard Of The Lightbringer would be a valid item to have restored if it was deleted. And if it was would i get back in its BoE state or BoP?
  1. Landin55's Avatar
    Totally a crypt lord set and I love it...time to give my DK some pvp lovin in MoP......
  1. Rokker's Avatar

    DK Set is a mashup of EVA 01, a digimon and a Nerubian, but that wicked smile is definately inspired by the Disturbed Mascot.
  1. Rehgoth's Avatar
    Being a death knight for my main just became 20% cooler.
  1. trazan's Avatar
    yay becoming unicorn was my dream
  1. Landin55's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by trazan View Post
    yay becoming unicorn was my dream
    Unicorns are amazing....did you know Nicholas Cage owns 20 unicorns?
  1. Phurox's Avatar
    Thank god you can hide helmet. That horn is horrible.
  1. Xaiphodius's Avatar
    welll i belived i was at this morning, this is not an DK ... Thats Rhino from spider-man!
  1. Azerox's Avatar
    So very nice information, but too bad you dont note that it is US only.

    So the qeustion is, when are we able to get this in EU? ....
  1. MasterHamster's Avatar
    every damn DK set makes me want to have one. Too bad I dislike the class.

    Look-alike pieces for transmog please? PLEASE?!
  1. That Feel's Avatar
    Damn that set is badass.

  1. hellgrimm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Landin55 View Post
    Unicorns are amazing....did you know Nicholas Cage owns 20 unicorns?
    THAT'S FALSE!!! everyone knows unicorns live on the moon, and nicholas cage hasn't still built his space launch (it will be finished in about 2 months)
  1. n0point's Avatar
    That dk set...

    Neon Genesis Evangelion anyone?
  1. Yogg-Saron, God of Death's Avatar

    That totally isn't based on Anub'Arak or something! What ripoffs! Lol, Unicorn.


  1. Frankminimia's Avatar
    that dk set looks great
  1. Kashydan's Avatar
    anub'arak here to PWN your freakin ass

    that set looks incredible!
  1. Niza's Avatar
    to the kids crying out its riped of a silly anime , grow up already its a crypt lord
  1. Dzudzadzo's Avatar

    Seriously... am I and someone else who already commented the only ones who ever played Soul Calibur?
  1. blgns's Avatar
    only me new dk set remind of neon genesis evangelion?

    btw its best looking shit in whole game O_o

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