Mists of Pandaria - Beta Build 15657
A minor build will be deployed on beta realms shortly, it seems to have mostly spell changes and a lot of model bugfixes but we'll keep digging! I also assume that this build is here to unlock the level cap and open the Shado-pan Monastery and Mogu'shan Palace to players.

New Items
Nothing really interesting, some Glyph items have also been added and probably means that some of the new glyphs are now craftable, or will be soon.

Level Type Slot Name
90MountN/AReins of the Thundering Cloud Serpent
4MiscellaneousTwo HandHerbalist's Spade
42ConsumableN/ANearly Full Vial of Polyformic Acid
42ConsumableN/AHalf Full Vial of Polyformic Acid
42ConsumableN/ANearly Empty Vial of Polyformic Acid

Achievements Changes
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Pandaria Dungeon
  • Polyformic Acid Trip New: Defeat bosses around Pandaria while under the effects of Polyformic Acid Potion on Heroic Difficulty.
Pandaria Raid
  • Guild Level 25 and all the other achievements now go up to Guild Level 30.

Spell Changes
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  • Explosive Bolts now is instant. Down from 1 sec cast.
  • Gnomish Army Knife now gives +10 Mining, +10 Herbalism, +10 Skinning. Now also is a Nose Picker, a Back Scratcher, and a Whirly Thing!

  • Dawnstone Panther - This mount will fly or run, depending on your riding skill and location.
  • Emerald Panther - This mount will fly or run, depending on your riding skill and location.
  • Jeweled Onyx Panther - This mount will fly or run, depending on your riding skill and location.
  • Ruby Panther - This mount will fly or run, depending on your riding skill and location.
  • Sapphire Panther - This mount will fly or run, depending on your riding skill and location.

Death Knight (Forums)
  • Rune Strike no longer has a cooldown but now triggers a 1.0 sec global cooldown.

Druid (Forums)
Major Glyphs

Hunter (Forums)
  • Stampede now only affects your current target.
  • Dire Beast now has a 40 yards range, up from 30 yards. Now attacks your target for 15 sec, up from 12 sec. Now gives you 5 focus every time the beast deals damage, up from 2 focus.
  • Lynx Rush now has a 1.5 min cooldown, down from 2 min.
  • Trap Mastery now increases the number of snakes summoned by Snake Trap by 4, down from 6.

Mage (Forums)
  • Teleport spells no longer require a Rune of Teleportation as a reagent.
  • Portal spells no longer require a Rune of Portals as a reagent.
  • Ritual of Refreshment no longer requires Arcane Powder as a reagent.

Monk (Forums))
  • Stance of the Fierce Tiger now also increases the amount of Chi generated by your Jab and Expel Harm abilities by 1.
  • Swift Reflexes (New) - Whenever you parry an attack, you reflexively strike back at the enemy for (0.3 * (MainHand DPS + 50% of OffHand DPS + 7.1% of AP - 1)) to (0.3 * (MainHand DPS + 50% of OffHand DPS + 7.1% of AP + 1)) damage. This effect has a 1 sec cooldown.
  • Spinning Crane Kick no longer costs 2 Chi and costs Mana/Energy instead.
  • Flying Serpent Kick now slows enemies down by 0.2 sec, down from 0.3 sec.
  • Touch of Karma has been clarified - All damage you take is redirected to the enemy target over 6 sec instead of you. Damage cannot exceed your total health. Lasts for 10 sec.
  • Brewmaster Training Shuffle now increases your parry chance by 30% and your Stagger amount by an additional 20% for 6 sec.
  • Keg Smash now has a 8 yards range.
  • Mastery: Elusive Brawler now Increases your parry chance by 50.0% of SP and your Stagger amount by an additional 50.0% of SP.
  • Recoil reworked - Your successful normal attacks restore up to 3 energy per second, based on weapon speed. While dual wielding, this energy is halved.
  • Stance of the Sturdy Ox now increases Energy regeneration by 30%.
  • Life Cocoon gained a Levitate/Hover effect.
  • Stance of the Wise Serpent now also grants expertise. Now increases Attack Power by 50% of your spell power, down from 100%.
  • Uplift now increases the duration of all your Renewing Mists by 6 sec instead of refreshing it.

Paladin (Forums)
  • Holy Shock now scales from 92.5% of Spell Power, up from 115.6% of Spell Power.
  • Mastery: Divine Bulwark now also increases the effectiveness of Shield of the Righteous.
Major Glyphs

Priest (Forums)
  • Mastery: Shadow Orb Power replaced with Mastery: Shadowy Recall - Gives your periodic shadow damage spells a x% chance to deal damage twice, each time they deal damage.
  • Devouring Plague *New* - Consumes all of the caster's Shadow Orbs to deal 2,099 Shadow damage per orb consumed and afflict the target with a disease that causes (1,049 + 50.0% of SP) Shadow damage every 1 for 2 sec per orb consumed. 15% of damage caused by the Devouring Plague heals the caster. 40 Yards Range. Instant. Costs 1 Shadow Orb.
  • Mind Surge (NNF) *New* - You have a 20% chance when you deal periodic damage with your Vampiric Touch to instantly reset the cooldown of your Mind Blast and cause its next cast within 12 sec to be instant.
  • Shadowy Apparitions *New* - When you deal periodic damage with your Shadow Word: Pain, you have a 12% chance to summon a shadow version of yourself which will slowly move towards a target which is afflicted by your Shadow Word: Pain. Once reaching the target, it will instantly deal 1,025 shadow damage. You can have up to 15 Shadowy Apparitions active at a time.
  • Mind Blast now has a 8 sec cooldown, up from 6 sec.
  • Vampiric Touch no longer regenerates health.
  • Grace no longer affects Greater Heal.
Minor Glyphs

Rogue (Forums)
  • Honor Among Thieves now can only occur when you're in combat.
  • Sanguinary Vein reworked slightly - You deal 25% additional damage to targets afflicted by your Rupture or Garrote.
Major Glyphs
  • Glyph of Cheap Shot now increases the duration of Cheap Shot by 5 sec instead of reducing its energy cost.

Shaman (Forums)
  • Elemental Fury no longer increases the damage of Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning, no longer reduces their casting cost, and no longer removes the cooldown from Chain Lightning. This is just a wording change and all those effects have been moved to Shamanism.
  • Shamanism now also removes the cooldown from Chain Lightning.

Warlock (Forums)
Minor Glyphs
  • Glyph of Falling Meteor (New) - If you use Demonic Leap while falling, you slam into the ground rapidly and take no falling damage.

Warrior (Forums)
Major Glyphs
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  1. krymzynstarr's Avatar
    How disappointing, they're removing Glyph of Shadowy Apparition, the one really exciting glyph change for Spriests. I was looking forward to not having my apparitions stand around me wandering aimlessly when the object of my shadowy affections hovered off the ground.
  1. MatBrown's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Menolikeu View Post
    anyone else notice that it says Stampede 1 Frost 1 Unholy? lol
    I was seeing that too yesterday, but it seems to be fixed now.
  1. Kaleredar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by F-Minus View Post
    Least you get some fun & utility stuff which other professions don't get.

    You're using that army knife for about 2 expansions now and its still useful, aside of some enchants for alts, no other prof has items that are valid for more then 15 days after they get introduced to the game, except as said, engineering.

    "I'm a tailor, woohoo I can make this sweet epic bracers that gonna be useful for about a month at max and then the pattern will get lost among the other 500 patterns and never crafted again"
    Relying on things added to the game in previous expansions to make a profession viable sadly do not really help make the profession fun or interesting. Now, we could go into a whole "what is the spirit of the profession" debate, but I think I'll explore it from a slightly less subjective standpoint. With every new raiding patch, blacksmiths, tailors, and so on get multiple items to craft and sell. Engineers, at best, get new ranged weapons to make (which come MoP will only be usable by a single class, as you'll recall) and maybe a scope, both of which have material costs that usually exceed their AH price, as I stated. You may say "well, crafting and selling aren't really what engineering is for. It's supposed to be about fun items!" And yet I cannot help but notice that, with every new raid patch, Engineers don't usually get many "fun items" to add to their list. When they do, they're either severely limited by restrictions, have a more than negligible chance to leave you horribly maimed, or both.
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Monkiy View Post
    All of the JC mounts are now flyers? o.O
    I'm a JC and even I'm finding that a bit ridiculous to give us that much of a massive gold sink the form of FIVE different mounts.
    On the one hand I find it odd that they give these to JC since they are one of the few professions that has a viable market throughout and expansion. I think LW needs the most help in that regards.

    On the other hand, I don´t think these things are going to be hugely profitable for JCs. You will probably have to buy some very expensive parts, build it, then hope it sells on the AH. You will have a big chunk of your gold tied up in an item sitting on the AH. Probably will not take very long at all until they are selling for only a little more than the cost of the expensive part. And wow, you want to be the one who builds the grand-daddy one? that is a huge chunk of your gold that will be sitting on the AH being undercut.
  1. good diu bro's Avatar
    How do Panthers fly?
  1. Kaleredar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by good diu bro View Post
    How do Panthers fly?
    The same way your mage can shoot purple-blue swirls of doom out of their hands
  1. dumathoinn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    The same way your mage can shoot purple-blue swirls of doom out of their hands
    u sir win the internet this evening
  1. Pacster's Avatar
    15 Shadowy apparitions? They could as well say 100. It's not like you will ever have close to 15 anyway. I don't think I have seen 5 at a time with my shadow.

    The shadow overhaul is making me sick. This is now the 4th or 5th reincarnation of the shadow...it always plays completely different and you never now what you will be next...pvp-god, running-mana-pool, 2nd-grade-healer, aoe-damage-dealer, single-target-damage-dealer, 1st-pvp-target...or whatever. If you like(or at least get used to) one reincarnation you can be sure it's gone with the next addon.
  1. Emzky's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Randomerror View Post
    Does this mean that the boring Shadowy Apparitions are back? I kind of liked it as a spell instead of a passive.
    I think you're alone on that opinion... Shadowy Apparitions doesn't work as a core orb dump spell because it was boring and slow moving.
  1. T-Gaston's Avatar
    Good... let the nerf to the warrior... BEGINS!

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