Account-wide Mounts now on Beta
It was announced during the Mists of Pandaria Press Tour that mounts would become account-wide on release or in a patch shortly after. It looks like it will be release after all, and the feature is now available on beta (but heavily bugged).

I present to you, my mage riding my paladin's mount! (Obviously, we have no way to know if this is intended as part of the account-wide mounts)

Pandaren Voices now on Beta
Pandaren Voices are now also partially available on beta. For the moment only a few NPCs will talk to you but it should give you a good idea of where the game is headed for their voices.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Teleporting to Mogu'shan Palace
There's an NPC in Dawnblossom (he's the Mogu who looks horribly out of place) that will teleport you to Mogu'shan Palace even if you are a ghost. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Scarlet Monastery Cathedral bug on Beta
Yep, the collision on the cathedral door is indeed totally broken and you can't get to the last boss. We'll fix this as soon as we can, but it might take a beta update or two for the fix to reach you all. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PvP and bringing the "War" back in World of Warcraft
We're with you on the idea of getting people engaged in PvP again within the world. As I've said previously though, we have to be careful about how we do that. We'll hopefully have more information for you all on what we have planned that will assuage some fears of those who aren't very PvP passionate, while (hopefully) still making PvP compelling for those who do love taking part. (Raises her hand) While we have many players who enjoy PvP, we have a larger contingent that enjoys PvE more. That makes maintaining balance between the concepts a bit more challenging, but we love challenges.

As far as the story goes, we've talked a bit about that and what's coming is twofold. War is coming to Pandaria, which (while it's had its strife in the past) is largely a peaceful region of Azeroth. That's going to change as the Horde and Alliance start stirring up the dust of the past. Beyond what happens in Pandaria, the Horde and Alliance will be at each others' throats once more. We've mentioned it many times before, but we really do feel that the "war" of Warcraft is going to be featured a bit more prominently in the story. It may not necessarily translate to all out chaos in a direct PvP way, but it will definitely be seen playing out in the storyline itself.

Again, we'll try to bring you more information specifically about the PvP end of our plans (more detail of what was heard from the press event) and get everyone caught up to speed on what we hope this will mean going forward. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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  1. Allidoiswin's Avatar
    Mims Head On my 60 bank Alt =)
  1. Yuuki Asuna's Avatar
    I believe they just change the ally mounts to horde mounts vice versa.
  1. vesri's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    I doubt the class specific mounts make it through as account wide, same with professions mounts.
    So you're saying the mechano-hog won't be account wide? I HIGHLY doubt that..
  1. Edison's Avatar
    So you can have the class mounts on a normal class? Man totally using the lock mount for my rogue then
  1. Eldrad's Avatar
    I don't Know why but this feature annoys me.

    I appear to be way in the minority though
  1. Binki's Avatar
    I wonder, if someone has more than 1 WoW account on same account, will mounts be shared between those accounts? So does "account bound" means bound to account (main account, can have multiple wow accounts) or to wow account?
  1. domwindle's Avatar
    I can confirm also that they are NOT account wide
  1. Intoxicated's Avatar
    Spectral or big blizzard bear on alts. <3
  1. The Ogdru Jahad's Avatar
    yay account wide mounts...thank god! All the time spent on my druid getting mounts/achieves wont have gone to to choose w/e toon I want now without feeling guilty of all the wasted time on my old main. <3
  1. guardian_titan's Avatar
    Currently, cross faction mounts are not in and likely will remain that way. Rather a disappointment since I find faction restrictions on things like mounts to be silly and archaic, but whatever. If Pandarens can be on both sides, why not mounts? Silhouette is no longer necessary since a lot of people just follow the rule: if it's red, it's dead. But I guess if they let us have cross faction mounts, then the mount achievement would be really trivialized. Just more reason to add more tiers to the achievement.

    I logged into my draenei shaman who has 103 mounts on live. She had 103 mounts in beta, too. I then logged into my blood elf paladin who had suddenly had 88 mounts. She has around 50 on live. I know my paladin got the swift zhevra added to her collection along with the blue drake and mammoths from Dalaran as well as the Cata camels (among other mounts I forgot), none of which she has on live. I also bounced over to my night elf druid who had over 50 mounts (forgot the amount) on live. Didn't really look to see how many she had in beta. I logged back into my shaman to find 0 mounts. I relogged and she had 108. I had 3 carpets, the level 20 Brewfest Ram (only available the first year of Brewfest), and the fossilized raptor added to her collection. The ram and raptor I only have on my paladin on live. The carpets I only have on my druid on live. My shaman could not access my paladin's charger. So seems you will get mounts from the opposite faction as long as they had no faction restriction.

    As it stands, the mounts are incredibly buggy. Logging in to level your main toon after logging into a few other toons only to find the toon you're on has 0 mounts is a bit irritating, but meh. Joys of beta. But it does appear it'll be in for release or at least very shortly after. Best change ever and LONG overdue. Love to see how this will interact with in the long run.
  1. mordras's Avatar
    Seems a bit premature to be reporting this as the final implementation. Especially given how bugged it is at the moment. Mounts are disappearing left and right when switching characters right now.
  1. sabredragon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bound4Earth View Post
    and Paladins don't even have faction specific mounts let alone class racial mounts.
    That's not true!

    Draenei and Tauren get their own racial specific Paladin mounts. :3
  1. Eskobar's Avatar
    I can finally reroll from my Vanilla paladin to my rogue, and keep my Spectral Tiger, Invincible, Battlemaster title and my 14k achievement points, am I dreaming?

    As for restrictions, these will come later, remember at the moment pets are lacking restrictions as well. You can summon the Orc Argent Squire on an Alliance character, and the Human one on a Horde character. I'm quite sure eventually they will add restrictions, they will be just like they work on live, you can see a mount on the list, but when you try to summon it, you'll be greeted by an error saying you can't do it without a specific profession or class.
  1. DBZMerciter2005's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Binki View Post
    I wonder, if someone has more than 1 WoW account on same account, will mounts be shared between those accounts? So does "account bound" means bound to account (main account, can have multiple wow accounts) or to wow account?
    My thoughts exactly. I have two accounts myself and I'd like to know if I need to get all of the mounts on one toon or two.
  1. Eazycheeze's Avatar
    I can confirm that my horde paladin can ride my alliance DK's blazing drake cross-realm. Mechano-hog also works.
  1. Myah's Avatar
    So, it's called account wide but is it really account wide? Or server wide? Or faction wide? Will my horde alt get my ally main mounts? If I transfer an alt that has got all the mounts from my main to another server, it'll just keep them all even if I transfer to a second bnet acc? Sounds sweet, I hate farming twice for the same thing
  1. Khama's Avatar
    Not all mounts are account wide. I don't see my Iron Bound proto drake or red proto draked on my alt.
  1. Unholyground's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by theralie View Post
    So this means Account wide mounts so can now Horde use Alliance mounts and Alliance use Horde mounts ?
    No likely when your on your alliance it will just give you the horde counterpart to that mount.
  1. Audivi Vocem's Avatar
    Ugh. What's next, account-wide gear? "Hey, I took the time to farm these T14 shoulders on this character, I should be able to use the T14 on all of my characters. I'm not going to re-farm on my no. 6,7, and 8 alts!"

    And don't you dare complain that it is a cosmetic change and doesn't affect gameplay. Everything in this game is cosmetic. Have we really moved into a realm where all of our characters are considered the same character? That's a bit sad.
  1. Ambushu's Avatar
    I love the fact that once I hit level 60 on an alt, i can fly around on a corrupted fire hawk lol.

    Love having the option of using a DK deathcharger (assuming blizz doesnt reverse this for class specific mounts) and my repair mount as well.

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