Account-wide Mounts now on Beta
It was announced during the Mists of Pandaria Press Tour that mounts would become account-wide on release or in a patch shortly after. It looks like it will be release after all, and the feature is now available on beta (but heavily bugged).

I present to you, my mage riding my paladin's mount! (Obviously, we have no way to know if this is intended as part of the account-wide mounts)

Pandaren Voices now on Beta
Pandaren Voices are now also partially available on beta. For the moment only a few NPCs will talk to you but it should give you a good idea of where the game is headed for their voices.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Teleporting to Mogu'shan Palace
There's an NPC in Dawnblossom (he's the Mogu who looks horribly out of place) that will teleport you to Mogu'shan Palace even if you are a ghost. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Scarlet Monastery Cathedral bug on Beta
Yep, the collision on the cathedral door is indeed totally broken and you can't get to the last boss. We'll fix this as soon as we can, but it might take a beta update or two for the fix to reach you all. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PvP and bringing the "War" back in World of Warcraft
We're with you on the idea of getting people engaged in PvP again within the world. As I've said previously though, we have to be careful about how we do that. We'll hopefully have more information for you all on what we have planned that will assuage some fears of those who aren't very PvP passionate, while (hopefully) still making PvP compelling for those who do love taking part. (Raises her hand) While we have many players who enjoy PvP, we have a larger contingent that enjoys PvE more. That makes maintaining balance between the concepts a bit more challenging, but we love challenges.

As far as the story goes, we've talked a bit about that and what's coming is twofold. War is coming to Pandaria, which (while it's had its strife in the past) is largely a peaceful region of Azeroth. That's going to change as the Horde and Alliance start stirring up the dust of the past. Beyond what happens in Pandaria, the Horde and Alliance will be at each others' throats once more. We've mentioned it many times before, but we really do feel that the "war" of Warcraft is going to be featured a bit more prominently in the story. It may not necessarily translate to all out chaos in a direct PvP way, but it will definitely be seen playing out in the storyline itself.

Again, we'll try to bring you more information specifically about the PvP end of our plans (more detail of what was heard from the press event) and get everyone caught up to speed on what we hope this will mean going forward. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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  1. xindykawai's Avatar
    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! sorry, but im just SO HAPPY to see that account-wide mount !!
  1. Tooran's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zephir View Post
    Hope the icon in the right corner is the final one
    top left, but yes ^^
  1. patcherke's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Trigg View Post
    I agree. Anyone blerting out with that arguement clearly needs their heads checked. Can't login to several characters on the same account at the same time. Some people's logic fails.
    I don't agree. Right now you can do heroic dungeons and raids (where the most rare drops come from only once a day(dungeons) or week (raids)
    if you have multiple characters, you can multiply that chance with the number of character you have at the appropriate level if you really want the mount badly.
    more chances to get it in a lockout = faster drop overall = more mounts overall

    Edit: it didn't make sense that paladins were in a quite advantaged position with access to 3 or 4 extra mounts compared to other classes.
    (and before you start whining "well level one then", ask yourself the question why paladins should have those class specific mounts, and other classes cannot have such things...)

    Quote Originally Posted by deanmoney View Post
    Ok class specific will not be account wide and this is just a bug. If you remember class mounts are being learned via trainers. This is how people knew mounts will be account wide last month.

    But I do hope all classes get their own 2 mounts like lock/paladins. Like a human rouge will get a horse mount but with a rouge feel. Or a rouge Orc will get a wolf mount with a rouge feel. I am all for race specific class mounts. Then again knowing Blizzard and how lazy they are I dont think we will see that. Better chance of seeing Monk/DK tier sets (pve/pvp) all the way to Cata made before my idea.
    Everytime I see someone talking about "rouge", i have the urge to say " yes we are overpowdered"...
  1. Mcpunchface's Avatar
    I wonder what happens to the 50 and 100 mount achievements? If their going to do account wide and individual character mount counts, and if they do, are they gonna make a new mount achievement? I need a 150 mount achievement!
  1. cexspa's Avatar
    if you can use class mounts on non eligible classes then i would rush into leveling a paladin just for the mount.
    got a warlock ofc
  1. Tarx's Avatar
    I like the idia to have my 150 hard collected mount with my main and with other chars but It feels like private server where you can buy ultra rare mount for few golds from the vendor. They are realy lost there worth.
  1. Raaputtaja's Avatar
    Wonder if it works between characters in different realms. I sure hope so
  1. Kelian's Avatar
    haha nice, now i know why i stoped playing. i would like to thank blizzard and mmo champion for reminding me.
  1. Demos89's Avatar
    we have to be careful about how we do that. We'll hopefully have more information for you all on what we have planned that will assuage some fears of those who aren't very PvP passionate,

    Really starting to annoy me how they keep holding good world pvp back because of that argument. If you don't like to get ganked, go normal realm!
  1. chase_the_mofo's Avatar
    Leve rare mounts to be rare on one character
    and for fucks sake I don't want to ride HOLY PALADIN MOUNT ON UNHOLY DEATH KNIGHT!!!!! (((((((((
  1. lios's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chase_the_mofo View Post
    Leve rare mounts to be rare on one character
    and for fucks sake I don't want to ride HOLY PALADIN MOUNT ON UNHOLY DEATH KNIGHT!!!!! (((((((((
    Luckily, you don't have to. It's optional. You are not forced to use a mount that you do not want.
  1. Peacemoon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Dem mounts.

    This truly makes me happy.
    Thank you. You just gave me a sudden flash of nostalgia and made me find: on Youtube. Wow!
  1. Fumu's Avatar
    The class mounts are obviously bugged. Shame, I'd love a Dreadsteed on my hunter to match her pet Var'Gul Blighthound.
    I seriously can't wait for this, though. My main has over 100 mounts but my STUPID RETIRED ALT has my favorite mount in the game, the blazing hippogryph. I use the Red Proto and Flameward on my main but it's just not the same.

    Speaking of alts, my other ones are all stuck on boring gryphons and store mounts. This feature can't come fast enough.
  1. smokefactory's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nafan View Post
    I wouldn't mind mounts being restricted by level (I couldn't ride a mount I can only use starting at level 70 on a level 20 alt, for example) but other than that, this rules. I am so psyched.
    I suspect this will probably be the case, can't ride a mount till you're at the level you could have otherwise gotten it.
  1. Aeula's Avatar
    Account wide mounts ? THANK YOU BLIZZARD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
  1. alucardpe's Avatar
    Yesterday, on Beta, all my mounts have gone after a DC. >.<
  1. Ellixen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shon237 View Post
    Wow this is bullcrap!!! Now every DK, mage, druid and all others going to be riding my dang Dreadsteed. Oh well its a good feature but I liked when I was a special flower.
    TBH the feature isn't completed and I doubt they'll allow class mounts to be used by all your characters. Obviously there will be restrictions as Blizz has stated not all mounts will be available with this feature, from player speculation (that was supposedly construed from a blizz post but don't quote me) the feature will only use achievement mounts.

    Once again, those are just a couple things I heard as well as my own input. I hate restrictions with transmog, but this feature really needs 'em
  1. Honeyprime's Avatar
    YAY! I was crossing my fingers for account wide mounts. I'm an excited girl.

    Quote Originally Posted by chase_the_mofo View Post
    Leave rare mounts to be rare on one character
    and for fucks sake I don't want to ride HOLY PALADIN MOUNT ON UNHOLY DEATH KNIGHT!!!!! (((((((((
    Then don't.
  1. Wolfchylde's Avatar
    Love the DIALOG from the pandaren
    OMFG can Blizz PLEASE hire some more voice actors???
    Apparently Akama (or any elder of the 'broken') got a race change it seems.
  1. Pendragon's Avatar
    I hope that's not intended.

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