Pandaren Dances
Tonight's beta patch finally brought us the Pandaren dances!

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  1. Lycanroc's Avatar
    Wow, they really, really listened to player's suggestions..

    It's the Caramelldansen and I believe the "Shuffling" part of Party Rock Anthem. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  1. sajin0084's Avatar
    I want to see 30 male pandaren dancing in sync...
  1. ZeroEdgeir's Avatar
    I got no clue on either source for those dances... but the male dance is very heavily lol-worthy.
  1. mmoc97616c24c8's Avatar
    caramelldansen, really?
  1. Xami's Avatar
    Female dance
  1. Synros's Avatar
    Fuck you blizzard!! Fuck you and your caramelldansen!
  1. Kikiyodragon's Avatar
    OMG. The female. OMG. That's CUTE. <3
  1. CaptainArlong's Avatar
    Ugh.. I hate that anime dance.
  1. Lycanroc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Yourcatdead View Post
    Is a races dance the deciding factor or something for you?

    I don't think I said a single thing negative about that and no.
  1. mmoc2f9a6ec115's Avatar
    Not my cup of tea! Dance studio plix! trololol!
  1. Bathory's Avatar
    Sold. Pandaren female all the way. I do caramelldansen IRL when I'm club hopping. Lulz are had.
  1. LikeASir's Avatar
    These dances are amazing! I love them! They did really well with the implementation of the dances and the new race as a whole.
  1. Existenz99's Avatar
    Song from PopoTan?
  1. greech's Avatar
    Part of me was hoping one of the dances would have been the Electronic Santa's dance, ah well :P
  1. mmocbdf5b86a98's Avatar
  1. nyc81991's Avatar
    Wow the male dance looks so stupid it isn't even funny... Well actually it is funny but not in the good type of way lol....
  1. Lycanroc's Avatar
    Original dance videos:


    LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    I knew it'd be Caramelldansen. I knew it. I didn't want to believe it.

    Male dance is VERY well animated.
  1. Slowpoke is a Gamer's Avatar
    Love the male dance, looks amazing.

    Female dance..... oh lord no..... no that.... anything but.... that.......
  1. Andorfine's Avatar
    everyday im shuffelin lol :P

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