Pandaren Dances
Tonight's beta patch finally brought us the Pandaren dances!

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  1. christarp's Avatar
    ugh just, ugh
  1. Squibbons's Avatar
    I love both of these. So excited to roll a female pandaren! =D
  1. vazar_da_priest's Avatar
    wtf is a carmelldansen
  1. Synbaby's Avatar
    I love all these people saying they're going to quit over a /dance. Every xpac its the same story LOL. You know your not quitting so just stop all the hate. I think both dances are funny as hell. I never really liked the Lady Gaga dance the female worgens do, but oh well, its just a video game.
  1. pandaeatworld's Avatar
    Kia did it first with giant hamsters.... s'all I'm saying... Won't let me post the damn link though ¬.¬
  1. Kanegasi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vazar_da_priest View Post
    wtf is a carmelldansen
  1. Byniri's Avatar
    I knew that Carmelldansen BS would be the female dance... what the heck Blizz...

    Male Panderan dance is absolutely boss.
  1. Blublazefire's Avatar
    Honestly, I was having a real problem between rolling a female pandaren or a male pandaren.

    This just made it that much more difficult. Though I will admit the females dance far and away wins it for me ...
  1. Bisso's Avatar
    I hate the kind of song that goes with the female character. I actualy prefered when I didn't know about the origin of the dance. Everytime I hear these noise I keep thinking about Dance Dance Revolution lol. I guess some people are into this kind of music. Meh, will let them have it, At least the Party Rock dance is somewhat cool, not that I am a true fan of them either.
  1. ItalyLovesPasta's Avatar
    Hooray for Caramelldsnsen! ^_^ Needs a little more jiggling though.
  1. DungeonMaster's Avatar
    Male dance rocks !!!!
  1. Mewtwo's Avatar
    I dislike the choice of carmelldansen only for the fact it is horribly old and overdone.

    Maybe I am a bit bias because I go to anime cons and stuff and people there seem to always do it.. but ugh. I hate it. It isn't as common as it once was, but it's still horribly overdone.
  1. Flaks's Avatar
    That effing Female Pandaren dance. I know where it's from and as soon as I saw it all I thought was "please god no". It's...soooo...horrible. But sooo mezmerizing.
  1. Nightfury Treann's Avatar
    if i got some time and the full beta downloaded with the modelviewer, i'll take like 15 pandaren males and make them dance at the same time and put the music in it all in one video take
  1. Gephyrophobia's Avatar
    Patch removed female panda undies too! NAKED CARAMELLDANSEN FOR ALL.
  1. Awake709's Avatar
    Rolling panda males, race changing panda males....

    Everyday im shufflin'
  1. mik32120's Avatar
    They're gettin' cute.... EVERYWHERE!
  1. Malcor's Avatar




    (P.S. Yes mods go ahead and infract me just fucking do it)
  1. Thexx's Avatar
    Why do the males always get the better dances? ):
  1. Oerba Yun Fang's Avatar
    Oh my god. That's amazing. Love both of them. XD

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