Pandaren Dances
Tonight's beta patch finally brought us the Pandaren dances!

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  1. Galathir's Avatar
    If there is a mercyful god, then let me ask:

    Why God, why does it have to be Caramelldansen?
  1. Synthaxx's Avatar
    Watching the Female dance; I.... i bet the devs laughed their ass off when they were watching that back.

    Watching the Male dance; Fuck yeah! I am so gonna dance like that next time i feel awesome!
  1. damntree's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Frontenac View Post
    The only good thing about female dance is that we won't hear the mind-dumbing music that comes with it.
    The second good thing is when the next race comes out you wont have to read idiots spamming, "Make the female dance carameldansenz!!!" ever again.
  1. Nekosom's Avatar
    The dances are exactly as they should be: ridiculous. They always have been, and they always should be. Anyone complaining about it either doesn't quite get the purposes of the dances or is just bitching for the sake of bitching.
  1. lisavan's Avatar
    only one thing is missing now.Japanese school girl uniform for my female belf :-)
  1. DragonSoul's Avatar
    anyone think the pandaren male is kind of like the orc male dance al ittle
  1. anarkie's Avatar
    Im sorry blizz but caramelldansen and shuffling.. really?? Your not making this easy to believe the "This is not a joke" statement.
  1. Scratches's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
    Reading some of the comments here... all I can say is...

    Did you really have to say that in comic sans though? /wrists lol

    On topic: I love that they went with Caramelldansen. It's by no means a song that originated from China or Japan, but it certainly has that ultra-hyper DDR Japanese-esque 120bpm feel to it, and that's more than enough for me (we need more dances based off music like that, imo, lol).

    My only complaint about it (albeit an extremely minor one) is that they went with the Ty Lee version instead of the original -- although I can see why they did (the original is kind of bland in comparison).. /shrug

    Oh, and, uh... brb, reserving Shufflebot name for my male Pandaren... lol
  1. Hexotic's Avatar
    YES!!!! Caramelldansen!!!!! YEEEES!!!!!!
  1. WyvernVin's Avatar

    Now i'm starting to think i won't play my female Pandaren anymore. Sorry but i don't like that Caramelldansen >.<
  1. McFrotton's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by krethos View Post
    To you people saying you are quitting over a Dance emote in a Video-game.

    Do it, seriously, you won't be missed, at all.

    Party Rock awwww yeahhh
    Like this

  1. Awfulx's Avatar
    Best dance males. Female is meh. Both WAY WAY better then gob dances.
  1. Snuzzfizzle's Avatar
    How horrifying.
  1. Nightfury Treann's Avatar
    there's a little something that the female pandaren's dance doesn't fit, not saying that i hate it, it's just that there's something...
  1. Kethryveris's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nekosom View Post
    The dances are exactly as they should be: ridiculous. They always have been, and they always should be. Anyone complaining about it either doesn't quite get the purposes of the dances or is just bitching for the sake of bitching.
    what is the purpose of the /dance then? I thought it was to look cool... not look like a retard. I mean some of the other races have cool dances...

    When I heard what the pandarian dances were going to be... I was like damn looks like my panda will be a boy just like my worgen was ... but omg they messed up the shuffle so bad it's like not even worth it to make it male for the dance.
  1. DiscoMoonkin's Avatar
    keep dancing dancing dancing
    though they are hatin'
    keep them sayin' coming, rawr
    dont try to stop them
    just /dance and /rude and /laugh at them
    soon they will be screamin', mad and sad
    boy, my heart is calculating
    my true goal, its bi-winning; be waitin' for more haters to be hating
  1. Tziva's Avatar
    Male panda looks so damn happy to be dancin'

    Go panda man, go.
  1. Eggowaffles's Avatar
    Sadly you are right... Right when there's tons of people defending Blizzard saying pandaren are NOT childish, they go and add this.... *sigh*
    Too bad the major demographic that listens to this song and this shit is well over 18. Britney Spears BE Dance is more childish than Carmelldansen based off the audience that listens to the song the dances were taken from.

    and for the Party Rock, I really hope you don't concider that childish, with wonderful lyrics such as

    I'm running through these hoes like Drano
  1. Laylriana's Avatar
    I love the male panda dance - a really good job with the animation. The female panda dance is cute.
  1. Nightfury Treann's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Boob Jiggle 5000 View Post
    yeah no fucking boob jiggle.
    hhhmmmm no..... not exactly already but.... some other thing

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