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Priest and Monk Arena Set Videos
The new video preview should be fairly representative of the set you will see in the final version of the game!

Pet Battle System Update
Since we last covered the Pet Battle system, there have been a few changes and things we didn't mention last time. The table below shows the new pet abilities added in the recent patches.

  • You are now able to rename pets as many times as you would like.
  • You are unable to use your character to attack the critters that you can do pet battles with.
  • When doing a pet battle, only the pets you fight with will gain experience, which is granted relative to the amount of damage they do.
  • During a battle, the mobs that are very close will disappear, leaving only the farther away mobs. They will not interact with you until the battle is over.
  • Pets now have a quality similar to items which is not based on the pet itself, as the same pet can have different quality levels for different people.
  • When your pet dies in battle, you can switch to the next one. The damage persists between battles now, requiring healing using a Battle Pet Bandage or Revive Pets.
  • The auction house now has a section for the different types of pets. You can sell almost every pet after using the cage function in the pet journal.

Name Type Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy
BleatCritter154 rounds100%
ChewCritter01 round100%
DevourBeast301 round100%
ProwlBeast05 rounds100%

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Low Population Server Issues
We do realize that this system does not address all of the issues affecting low population and faction imbalanced realms, but we do feel that it will improve things quite a bit. This is a brand new technology being developed for World of Warcraft, with the purpose of bringing life back to the more barren parts of the world, so this is only the start. What needs to be understood with the cross-realm zones technology is that it opens more doors to future systems that could help with those other matters as well.

There is still no solution how can guilds on our realm find new people for PvE or PvP. What a shame...
This system will actually assist you in finding players to PvP and PvE with, not to join your guild, but they can join you through the cross-server groups and raids features. While leveling up you will once again have more players in the world to interact with. With friendly players, you will be able to interact with them and maybe end up on each other’s friends’ lists, and grouping up again later for either PvP or PvE. With more players of the opposite faction running about, you will also have more world PvP too

This technology and the systems surrounding it are still in development and as such your feedback on them is greatly appreciated. We hope to have more innovative technologies and systems coming in the future that will keep improving the World of Warcraft experience for everyone! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Healer Leveling Feedback
1) Spirit doesn't mean "this is for healers" the same way Strength means "this is for plate-wearers." We assume healers will have some pieces with Spirit and some without, depending on their regen needs. If a boss drops cloth with haste and mastery, and you say "there is no healer gear on this boss" we are going to respectfully disagree. That was my point.

2) On the other hand, if you just can't find any Spirit gear anywhere, that would be a problem.

3) It's likewise a problem if say mail, leather or plate-wearers can find Spirit much easier than cloth. That shouldn't be the case, but bugs happen so we'll take a look at it.

4) All healers should have about the same longevity, but that includes all of their sources of mana and the cost of their spells. This isn't an easy thing to compare just by looking at e.g. Meditation.

5) You should have plenty of mana to heal level up dungeons and even heroics. You might need to reforge or be on the look out for a few more Spirit pieces, but overall you shouldn't feel that every pull and boss fight is a nail-biting mana battle. (Mana will matter a lot more for raiding and challenge modes.) We want level 90 in blues to feel a little easier than level 85 in blues, so please let us know if that's not the case.

6) It's possible there are bad points in progression before level 90, because we haven't looked at that as much yet. If you have just hit say level 88 and haven't gotten any new level 88 gear yet and run a dungeon, it's possible mana return is lower than intended. Feedback on that is also useful. Do keep in mind that at this stage you might run into a boss that is horribly overtuned or just bugged. Just because you can't keep a tank alive doesn't necessarily mean that your mana needs to be massively buffed. It could mean we need to adjust the encounter. That said, the intent is not that you sit around idle much of the time, waiting for mana or too scared to waste a heal that isn't 100% critical.

Beta is going to be buggy and unpolished- very buggy and unpolished. It may not be a very enjoyable experience. It's not for everyone, and if you don't enjoy content in a half-implemented state, you might have a better experience waiting until the final product, which we will try our hardest to be as bug-free and polished as possible.

If you enjoy offering feedback before things are set in stone (insofar as they ever are in this game) and you don't mind seeing the inner workings of the sausage factory that is game development, then beta may be more fun for you.

P.S. I like to think I am less smug than snarky. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Death Knight (Forums)
Death Knights and Number of Class Changes
I'm not losing too much sleep, but for Warlocks they've had a huge set of changes and information and it's clear that they haven't been forgotten. It's not even hyperbole that Blizzard isn't listening to us, look at the notes. Look at the changes. Warlocks know they're being taken care of. We don't.
This is a tough issue for us to solve as far as forum discussions go, because we think some classes need larger changes than others. There will be some DK changes, but overall we don't think they have the spec identity problems that the warlock changes were largely intended to address.

It may not seem fair to classes or specs that aren't undergoing as many changes, but we try very hard not to monkey around with things just for the sake of changing systems that we think work. I'd agree that every class needs a little bit of newness in an expansion, but there is a lot of that from the talents and glyphs. That said, I will try to carve off some time to address some DK concerns. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hunter (Forums)
Silkworm and Porcupine Pets
Just read a forum on petopia that said the silkworms and porcupines that are part of the "boar" family weren't meant to be tameable pets, but they forgot to change that part when they got rid of the boar placeholder models. Please don't take away my porcupine.
We decided these animals shouldn't be boars anymore, but they will be tameable. Silkworms can be worms. Porcupines can be their own family. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Warrior (Forums)
Warrior Feedback
For Arms, we're trying a new Taste for Blood right now, where the Overpower procs buff your next Slam instead of Overpower. The effect lasts longer than the buff in your build, and can stack up several times, but the general intent is you Slam when Overpower stops proc'ing. The decision point can come about whether to Slam or CS or MS if those are all available, and how much Rage you can afford to bleed off to Heroic Strikes and still have enough left for the big Slam. This is a pretty new change, so it's entirely possible we'll change it again before you see it. I just din't want anyone spending too much effort modeling the Overpower buffs Overpower design. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Dragon Soul Challenge
Join Athene once again as he leads another Dragon Soul Challenge. This time around there will be four guilds participating! Stars, Paragon, Blood Legion, and Exorsus will all be racing for first place to raise money for the Save the Children charity!

The event starts at 4PM GMT on May 12th with $3,500 in prizes up for grabs for the winners. A countdown timer for when the event will start can be found here.

Arena Junkies Invitational Tournament
Arena Junkies, together with help from Curse and Alienware, is going to be running the first ever Arena Junkies Invitational Tournament, featuring eight of the best 3v3 teams. These players will battle it out for glory and yet to be announced, but surely impressive prizes.

The eight teams will be broken into two groups of four and will play in a Round Robin format. The top two teams from each group will advance to face each other and vie for the spot in the Finals. The Round Robin matches will take place on May 19th & 20th at 3 PM EST. The Finals will take place on May 26th at 3 PM EST.

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  1. cpillow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by anarkie View Post
    dam, every time I see an update for the pet battle system I cross my fingers its going to say "We are removing the pet battle system, as it's an awful concept". But alas another disappointing post.
    Mark this day on your calendar. For this is the day when no f***s were given.
  1. rockdontroll's Avatar
    starts at 4PM my ass, waiting half an hour already
  1. Selacia's Avatar
    So does this mean pet battles are enabled on the beta for testing now? Or is this still data-mined stuff?
  1. Feio's Avatar
    Priest set looks so amazing
  1. scicheetah's Avatar
    The competition was great. I hope they do some 10m competitions. The fights can turn out much differently on 10m so I think it would be interesting to watch.
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Izzykizzy View Post
    How is it even a charity event if they are going to win prize money for what they do? A charity event means all money goes to a good cause. I bet none of those participating guilds could give a rats ass about children's rights anywhere and are just in it for the fame + prize money. Also, Athene is just annoyingly obnoxious and likewise will do anything to keep his 'popularity'. This whole thing is just so doublesided its making me sick to my stomach.
    Eh, I have been in plenty of charity golf tournaments and most have some way for the participants to win something. Some have a hole-in-one thing for a certain hole where you can win a car. Others have a closest to the cup contest for a given hole where the person gets $100 or something like that.

    Even charity 5k runs usually give a prize to the top runners by age group. Heh.. I know I won one when I was in the army (and did a run in my gfriends hometwon) and got a $50 gift card for Applebys.
  1. Ken_Silver's Avatar
    Whoah! That Black Market looks sweet! But I will NEVER be able to afford any of it. As I am eternally broke.
  1. Daziel's Avatar
    Im curious to see since the priests have their spell book as they're belt, hopefully paladins will finally have Seals visible to their belts. Been waiting for this for a long time!
  1. Gratlim's Avatar
    Black Market will just encourage gold selling....bleh. My servers are already full of players buying gold as you don't throw 70k gold left and right my just doing dailies, playing AH and farming (boting i guess in that case) stuff..

    It's a shame. Hope they make it Real Money AH as in D3. That way they cut the road for cheaters
  1. Owlman's Avatar
    Black Market looks great, but as other have said it increase gold farmer's sales.

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