Update: Method has now defeated the Butcher in Inferno mode!

Diablo 3 - Most Awesome Video Spoiler Ever. Blue Posts, Giveaway

Breath of the Black Prince
To go along with the new The Black Prince faction there are some quests that end with the reward of a legendary item, the Breath of the Black Prince! This item is likely used to upgrade your gear in some way. Before helping Wrathion, you first share a drink with him while talking about the future of Azeroth.

The first quest in the series requires an honored reputation level, which is earned by killing the mogu and mantid in the Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes, as well as any raid creatures.

You must also collect Sigil of Wisdom x 10 and Sigil of Power x 10 from Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, or Terrace of Endless Spring. While you are raiding, you need to defeat the Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Spring to obtain a Chimera of Fear.

At some point after this he will reward you with a Breath of the Black Prince, but the quests are not chained yet, so we can't be certain as to what the requirements are.

According to the quest descriptions he seems heavily invested in the fate of Pandaria, even hinting towards the oncoming Horde and Alliance war fleets that will turn the beach of Krasarang Wilds into a battlezone in Patch 5.1.

Last Chance to Sign Up: Level-90 Arena Pass
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
On May 22, your opportunity to register for the World of Warcraft 2012 Arena Pass will come to an end. Don’t miss this chance to experience the next level of Arena combat on a special realm dedicated to competitive PvP.

Bonus Level-90 Arena Pass Realm

In addition to granting access to the exclusive level-85 Arena Pass realm, players will also gain access to the special level-90 competition when the realm reopens a few weeks after Mists of Pandaria launches. This means that Arena Pass subscribers who have purchased the expansion will be able to access level-90 gear and talents, and be able to take a level-90 monk into the Arena with top level gear.

Players who purchase an Arena Pass and participate in the competition can earn an Armored Murloc in-game pet. The top players will also contend for a chance to achieve the “Vanquisher” title for their live characters.
If you would like to demonstrate your Arena prowess, are eager for a chance to earn exclusive loot, or just want to reserve a spot in the level-90 Mists of Pandaria Arena Pass realm, the time to register is now!

Diablo III Cow Level (Spoilers!)
Don't watch this video unless you want to be impressed by the new cow level!

Inferno Skeleton King Cleared
Method has taken on Inferno Skeleton King and defeated him!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
1 day after release, and they beat act 1, and act 2 as well already on inferno i think.
They have only killed the Skeleton King at this point. Do note that up to the Skeleton king is only part of the first act and they still have lots of the game to go till they complete act 1.

Another point to be made is that this is a group of fully co-ordinated, skilled, dedicated and hardcore gamers who have been playing regularly since the moment of release. It will take quite a while longer for the average player and even most seasoned gamers to reach this point. That being said, it's amazing to see the speed in which they have reached this stage of the game, but remember that the hardest is yet to come...

Diablo Blue Posts
We have only selected a few of the blue posts, see the full news at Diablofans or check out their Blue Tracker for all of the Blue Posts!
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo 3 Beaten in 7 Hours
I'm one of those people who likes to explore all of the map, because you never know what might be lurking in that unexplored part, right? I'm in no hurry to rush through because that's not my play style, but I know we're all different. Some people love the bragging rights that come with being super quick through a game. Meh, I prefer to take my time, soak up the atmosphere, listen to the story, and loot every single damn barrel I find.

But yeah, as others here have said, completing normal mode is by no means finishing the game... It's just the start. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Diablo 3 Beaten in 6 Hours
That's the problem... people are used to playing Skyrim
You can beat Skyrim in a few hours if your intent is to rush to the end of the game as fast as possible. You can beat the original Super Mario Bros in 5 minutes.

If your intent is to simply race to the end of the game as quickly as possible I'm sure you can complete Normal difficulty in very little time. If your intent is to take your time and enjoy it, stop worrying about what people rushing to the end of the game think.

Luckily, unlike other games, regardless of how quickly you want to rush to the end, the near-limitless content provided through randomized events, dungeons, enemies and items (and their random drop chance) mean that you'll be able to play for years to come. Welcome to Diablo III, please enjoy. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Diablo III - Race to the Finish Contests
If you haven't yet, make sure to check out the three contests at Diablofans for Diablo III, where they will be giving away a total of three Alienware X51 computers.

Diablo III Giveaway
The "Race to the Finish" is not the only Diablo III contest Curse is holding. Curse is also giving away some Diablo III SteelSeries gear such as the Diablo III Headset, Mouse and Limited Edition Mousepad. Head over to the official content page to enter!

The Daily Blink - The 37th Circle of Hell
The Daily Blink gives us an overview of the Diablo Launch!

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  1. Frazzle.d's Avatar
    So a black dragon and a white adventurer walk into a bar and the bartender says...
  1. lisavan's Avatar
    i lol at ppl that rush diablo 3,rushing d3 is like reading the last page of a book and then say this book was crappy

    and yes D3 takes ages if you explore everything,with this said im now 4 HOURS later and just downed the skeleton king
  1. endersblade's Avatar
    Cow level...LOL. Can't wait to find that place.
  1. huldu's Avatar
    I used to rush things... then i grew up. But on serious note i like diablo 3. I've been playing for ~12 hours and just got out of the torture house of the mad king or whatever it was.
  1. balir's Avatar
    Perhaps this could be 'an upgrade your legendary' legendary quest line. You know - If you have a legendary of any sort - the final quest reward upgrades it to current ilevel.

    As an aside - "LFM BT - Glaives reserved".

  1. artem123's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post
    Cow level...LOL. Can't wait to find that place.
    that.. will be awesome
  1. fangless's Avatar
    No one cares that you casually play D3, stop posting about how you're "enjoying" the game.

    Great, that is absolutely fabulous. I casually play basketball, should I hate on the NBA?

    Grats to Method, had quite a few super close calls no less. Wonder why no fourth player?
  1. Vesci's Avatar
    Daily Blink is funny because it's true. Diablo 3 fails.
  1. Waterisbest's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vesci View Post
    Daily Blink is funny because it's true. Diablo 3 fails.
    A lot of people disagree with you. Even the players who whined about log in are now settling down.
  1. pFreak's Avatar
    10 Houres played and im on Act II.
    That game is amazing!
  1. aggression's Avatar
    Those guys in Method need some sleep I guess...
  1. Vexala's Avatar
    Teardrops falling down
  1. Regalbeast's Avatar
    Grats to method but I have to admit....D3 vids are boring as hell
  1. THoyt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vesci View Post
    Daily Blink is funny because it's true. Diablo 3 fails.
    I doubt very, very few will make the connection of the 'fail whale'.

    It's funny because they're not referring to the "fail" maintenance, lag and login issues.
  1. ChaosWolf's Avatar
    So the new Cow Level... is Ponyville?
  1. bi0's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Liinx View Post
    Hm wonder what this legendary item will do! Seems interesting. If everyone can get it, I wonder what number down the line I will be to get it...
    The Black Prince = Edward of Woodstock, wouldnt be the first time his name appears in a video game, iam not the history men and to tired to google now, but i think i remember that he wears alot of crystalls (on his armor+rings, but no idea its over 13years since i last wisted a history lesson in school) so this "legendary" might be something to upgrade something else (=tank orange upgrade for their weapons or ring (he had a famous ring but i doubt that they will bring an orange ring)
  1. StereotypicalGamer's Avatar
    Why is method mentioned for Butcher, but not Kripp's team who reported way earlier.
  1. Freakydiki's Avatar
    I'll just leave this here. None the less looks very challenging, much respect to Method.
  1. chaud's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StereotypicalGamer View Post
    Why is method mentioned for Butcher, but not Kripp's team who reported way earlier.
    They sent me their video first.
  1. opticrope's Avatar
    They sent me their video first.
    Method got it down 4:20am CEST as recorded on their blog post, which is 10pm EST. Kripp's team got it down at 6:30 EST, as shown by his in-game clock (I can verify this as I was watching his livestream when they got the kill).

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