Diablo 3 - RMAH Release Date, Jeweler Will Not Add Sockets, Blue Posts, and Portrait of a Champion Winners

Pandaren Male Emote Sounds
The Pandaren Male finally had sounds added to go with the emotes!

Theramore's Fall Scenario Preview
During the last build, scenarios were enabled for ~15 minutes, allowing us to start on the Horde Theramore Isle scenario. Unfortunately they were disabled before we were able to complete it.

Important: This is a very early preview of something that wasn't ready for testing.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Horde Scenario Steps
  • To the Waterline! - Rig powder barrels on all six ships.
  • The Blastmaster - Inform Blastmaster Sparkfuse of your success.
  • Gryphon, Down - Slay Baldruc and his gryphons.
  • Tanks for Nothing! - Destroy Big Bessa and sabotage any unmanned tanks.
  • Fly, Spy! - Slay Hedric Evencane and free Thalen Songweaver from Foothold Citadel.
Alliance Scenario Steps
  • Find Jaina - Find Jaina Proudmoore in the ruins of Theramore.
  • Cleansing the Filth - Destroy any remaining horde in the ruins of Theramore.
  • Destroy the Destroyer - Destroy the Horde siege engine at the west gate.
  • The Last Stand - Protect Jaina while she attunes to the Focusing Iris.
  • Welcome to Theramore - Defeat the Horde in the harbor.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
BattleTag™ Free Name Change Update
During the Diablo III Open Beta Weekend in April, a number of players opted to use their one free BattleTag nickname change in order to try to participate in the beta test. We recognize that in their excitement to try to get into the game, some players did not fully realize how BattleTags would integrate with Diablo III or that the number of free changes was limited, and they ended up choosing nicknames that they weren't happy with.

To help address these concerns, we've done a one-time refresh of the free BattleTag name change feature on all Battle.net accounts, so that everyone once again has one free BattleTag name change to use at their discretion.

This means that if you already used your original free change, you will now have another opportunity to change your BattleTag nickname. If you did not use your free BattleTag name change or have not yet created a BattleTag, you will still only be able to change your BattleTag once for free.

To set or change your BattleTag nickname, log in to Battle.net Account Management, head to the Account > Summary page, and look for the Create or Change option under Account Details. As a reminder, BattleTags aren't unique, so you can pick any name you like as long as it adheres to the BattleTag Naming Policy. For more information, see the BattleTag FAQ and Battle.net website page.

Remember, your BattleTag serves as your public identity when playing Diablo III, meaning you'll be identified in groups and in chat by your BattleTag -- choose your BattleTag wisely! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Druid (Forums)
Balance Druid Concerns
We are in fact experimenting with adding Insect Swarm back to the rotation. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Inferno Azmodan Defeated
Method has taken on Inferno Azmodan and defeated him!

The Daily Blink - Wait, This Isn’t Brill
The Daily Blink demonstrates what happens when you make a mage angry.

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  1. Essenji's Avatar
    So Scenarios are like questing in an instance in a group of two... Sigh :/ Was hoping it would be more interesting...
  1. Trassk's Avatar
    Male pandaren's kind of disappointing.
  1. Venziir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Male pandaren's kind of disappointing.
    Yeah, was kinda hoping for something more Chen'ish.

    ---------- Post added 2012-05-19 at 05:18 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Essenji View Post
    So Scenarios are like questing in an instance in a group of two... Sigh :/ Was hoping it would be more interesting...
    It's an instanced group quest which you can do with 2 or 3 people. No need for tanks or healers and as far as I know (not sure if this is still the case) you can do them as many times as you'd like. Very much like how you could do quests with other people in LotrO. It's a great way to promote the story and lore. This isn't new info though, we've known since Blizzcon '11.
  1. snuzzle's Avatar
    Wait, since when did /beg have an emote sound? Are the other races going to get it?
  1. Venziir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by snuzzle View Post
    Wait, since when did /beg have an emote sound? Are the other races going to get it?
    Guess so... Hopefully the other races will get a much shorter version. I mean, the pandaren one takes ages and is very annoying.
  1. Phoenixy's Avatar
    LOL those /beg emotes
    Anyway if anyone's interested in new MoP screenshots I keep posting them here everyday.
  1. Neutriel's Avatar
    anyone notice that the mage in the video has both diamond armor and teleport on which are both defensive spells?
  1. lisavan's Avatar
    lol you would give a begging male panda money just to shut him up
    (just found my new moneymaker hehehehehe)
  1. Falynn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Neutriel View Post
    anyone notice that the mage in the video has both diamond armor and teleport on which are both defensive spells?
    If you turn on Elective Mode in the game options, you can throw any type of ability anywhere on your bars.
  1. ChaosWolf's Avatar
    The bag rant MUST make it to Live in some fashion.
  1. karaokekc's Avatar
    Doesn't anyone else thing the GOODBYE emote should have been ~ "You been here for hour, you go now"
  1. Pekoe's Avatar
    Was that a bag? I'm not sure, it may have been a bag. Lets look inside it.. Wait, there is no inside.. IT'S NOT A BAG??? Who knew?
  1. Attsey's Avatar
    Looks like a really badly dubbed Japanese film.
  1. Fuzzzie's Avatar
    Daily Blink was awesome!
  1. hellboyy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post

    However, why does the voice sound so familiar....?
    it sounds like the same voice actor as ji firepaw. and some of ji's mannerisms are in the lines, which makes sense, since that's probably the way pandaren talk.
  1. Tayla's Avatar
    i fucking /love/ the bag rant. Seriously.
  1. vizzle's Avatar
    That guy whispering the player in the video was annoying as fuck. Glad he pretty much told him to stfu.
  1. Luckcatcher's Avatar
    LOL Daily Blink.
  1. Ralamus's Avatar
    LOL that panda looks like it has a bad case of Downs.
  1. Kaitline's Avatar
    Panda's male voice scared me))

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