Diablo 3 - Usefulness of Gems, Legendary Gear Balancing, Blue Posts, and Interview and Review for "The Order"

Death Knight PvP Set Preview
The new video preview should be fairly representative of the set you will see in the final version of the game!

Shaman PvP Set Preview
The new video preview should be fairly representative of the set you will see in the final version of the game!

Rogue PvP Set Preview
The new video preview should be fairly representative of the set you will see in the final version of the game!

PvP Sets Recap
Now is a good time to take a look at all of the PvP sets we have seen so far. Several of the sets have updated screenshots and some have more colors added, so be sure to take a look!

Class Male Female Video
Death Knight Male Human Female Human Video
Monk Male Human Female Human Video
Priest Female Pandaren Female Human Video
Rogue Male Human Female Human Video
Shaman Male Human Female Human Video
Warlock Male Human Female Human Video

Beta Build 15699 New Maps
Several new maps were added in the latest beta build.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Druid (Forums)
Balance Druid Concerns
If we add Insect Swarm back, it would not be just to have another dot to manage, but to give players some way to interact with solar or lunar power more. There are other ways to do that too, so it may not ultimately be Insect Swarm. The rotation is close to where we want it, but it needs just a little more to play with.

At the 5000 foot view, the point of the Eclipse mechanic to begin with was to cast X spells for a time, then switch to Y spells with the Druid having some control over when or why that occurred. We don't think killing critters to get the bar moving or gaming it so that you stayed at one side of the bar forever really delivered on the vision for Eclipse. However, those tactics did give players some control -- a way to game things so that more clever players could extract a bit more performance out of the mechanic.

We are concerned that we are too far to the other extreme now, where the game UI tells you whether to use your solar buttons or lunar buttons and you really aren't making any strategic decisions. We want to introduce some relatively simple, elegant mechanic to give you more control over how much lunar or solar power you have. Maybe that's Insect Swarm. Maybe it's something else. Try it out over the next few builds, keeping in mind that it may take a bit before we have something we are satisfied with. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Paladin (Forums)
Judgements of the Pure Removed
In our most recent tests and instance runs, Holy paladin longevity was much longer than other healers, even without Judgements of the Pure. We need to get Holy to the same level as the other healers. It may be at that point that all healer mana income is too low or that damage in dungeons is too high and well have to adjust accordingly. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Inquisition Glyph
This glyph isn't supposed to be a no-brainer for DPS. Hopefully none of the glyphs are.

At the risk of sounding more patronizing than I intend, a common mistake I see some players make is to look at maximum possible theoretical DPS and assume that is the DPS they can achieve. We have the numbers we think every class can achieve under ideal situations (meaning no movement or distractions, etc.). The best players in the world can deliver on these numbers while executing very complex boss fights. That's a little mind boggling for us, but it's true. Very few players are capable of such feats however.

For the rest of us, our hope is that it works out like this:

1) Expert player who foregoes the Glyph of Inquisition, executes Inquisition uptime perfectly, and delivers 99% of max possible DPS.

2) Intermediate player who sometimes struggles with maintaining Inquisition, takes the glyph, and delivers 75% of max possible DPS.

3) Player who thinks he is more expert than he is, skips the Glyph of Inquisition because that's what all the cool kids do, finds as a result that he struggles with Inquisition uptime, and delivers 60% of Mac possible DPS.

Don't take my percentage numbers too seriously, but you get the idea. Many classes have similar glyphs. My advice is to measure your DPS (in an actual encounter or PvP) and see whether you benefit or not. The rotations that works for the best players (of any class) may not work for everyone. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Warlock (Forums)
Warlock Mana Problems
We think the mana costs for Demonology feel pretty good and of course Destruction's mana works totally differently now. For Affliction, we agree that the mana costs are too high - possibly way too high. As some of the posters above pointed out, there is also a bug with some channeled spells, most notably Malefic Grasp, that charge an extra tick at the end. That isn't helping any.

We think Life Tap as a way of restoring mana works and has been a warlock staple for a long time. We just think Affliction locks on beta right now are spending too much of their time having to do it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Fan Art Update
The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with four new pieces of fan artwork.

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  1. Granyala's Avatar
    Dragon burger? That's just wrong...
  1. Korru's Avatar
    This is what happens when the warlock designers get a chance to make a set for shamen.
  1. Monekop's Avatar
    The new Death Knight PvP Set looks like Megatron
  1. AFK-Champion's Avatar
    And Rogue set looks like remake of AQ set.
  1. Wayne25uk's Avatar

    Anyone else see this when looking at the DK set?

    Also that worgen picture has major nipple on! lol woof!
  1. Renwin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ssateneth View Post
    Thing is, I recognized the little blue dragon being wrapped up in worgen tongue. He goes by the name of Hida, and he has a LOT of related fetish pictures with with his "fursona", as they call it, involved with implied vore or being sat on or being stuffed inside panties. You're free to google it. So no, it's not innocent art. It's fetish art. It doesn't belong someplace where young eyes can see it.
    I wouldn't say Hida's pictures are innocent either, but compared to most of the stuff on the Internet (not to mention "real" vore, bloody sittings, etc.), I disagree. In fact, It depends on how potent the fetish is. Most of his pictures are not even that bad if you actually look at them. And even in this case, it's just a worgen trying to eat his character (which is always in that situation it seems). Besides, everyone has a certain fetish for something. It's just human nature to like something that's weird to another person. Nothing new really.
  1. neas1244's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by greyghost View Post

    That's what's up with it.

    Fucking furries.
    i googled that and.........

    who ever did or made the idea of that is just damn sick...........................
  1. Flutterguy's Avatar
    DK is Unit 01 from Evangelion, beast mode.
  1. Raqubor's Avatar
    DK set is awesomesauce.
  1. Celista's Avatar
    Not feeling any of these tier sets, they are all reminiscent of previous tier sets and the art design is the same as what was used in Cataclysm. At least Vanilla/BC/Wolk tier models were unique to the tier/expansion (with some exceptions, like T7 Naxx). It's really disappointing...one of the reasons I'm letting my sub run out after playing for so long, the effort and quality just isn't there anymore.
  1. Bakaga's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Solondrielle View Post
    Liking the DK set, have no idea why but the first thing I thought of upon viewing was Guyver =S Anyone else?
    I thought Guyver as well... I'm honestly gonna start the Expac off PvPing just to get the set for Xmog. Crazy as that may sound.
  1. Ghawain's Avatar
    The DK set reminds me of an anime... Heroic Age.
  1. Malcho's Avatar
    The gnoll with the magnifying glass makes me want playable gnolls more :./

    They are goofy and simple-minded. I want them :O
  1. GarGar's Avatar
    Concerning the worgen fanart pic. Personally, I'm not complaining one bit about the vore aspect, or the fact that she's mostly naked. But I am a little shocked such a picture made it onto Blizz's official fanart page, and would be very surprised if it wasn't taken down very soon.
  1. badaku's Avatar
    The rogue set looks like WOTLK greens..
  1. Flutterguy's Avatar
    The pic was removed due to complaints filed.

  1. grenvallion's Avatar
    whats up with all the pvp sets looking like complete trash ?
  1. huldu's Avatar
    The problem with the balance druid is that for example solar is superior in AE fights and thanks to the game mechanics you can't always be in that. Terrible design. Of course it all could be different in MoP. Don't know, don't care. Restrictions are bad, period.
  1. Shredy's Avatar
    That Shammy-set is the Druid T10.
  1. panda040's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Flutterguy View Post
    The pic was removed due to complaints filed.

    im intrigued, anyways to still view it?

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