Mists of Pandaria Login Screen Preview

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  1. klaps_05's Avatar
    released this autumn, you heard it here first
  1. MerinPally's Avatar
    Looks fine to me. Bit of a strong LOTR refernce but I can forgive it as long as there is no screaming dragon.
  1. Thunderlight's Avatar
    I like it!
  1. octoprism's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by benizakura View Post
    Worst login screen ever.
    Best login screen ever.
  1. Velen The Just's Avatar
    Geeze, can we lose the "irritating" Russian play by play / commentary on the high res version coming down the pipe. That was annoying as H E double hockey sticks.
  1. Anciena's Avatar
    After the Sindragosa roar and the Deathwing "roar" it now has crazy russians? .. .. Awesome!
  1. xskarma's Avatar
    Like it, but I agree that we will probably see another screen being used when things go live. Blizz has a way of going over things repeatedly
  1. Black Rider's Avatar
    Please add MMO-Champion version of that clip. Also Login screen is awesome but, dat russians :<
  1. Shefu's Avatar
    In Before Mists of Middle Earth
  1. Arrowstormen's Avatar
    Secret message, expect the game in autumn.
  1. chewie49's Avatar
    alright, no big loud dragon!
  1. dope_danny's Avatar
    love the autumnal colours, though honestly i was expecting more green, like the wandering isle and some rows of training monks or something.
  1. Alceus's Avatar
    Plain awesome.
  1. Kharli's Avatar
    hm..since it's blocked at home atm..i'l look on it tommorow morning ;P
  1. Ohforfsake's Avatar
    what "russians"? what the hell are you all talking about? clearly a couple huge panda statues to me O.o
  1. alaynauk's Avatar
    Damn was hoping to see Garrosh roaring on screen.
  1. Snakebonzai!'s Avatar
    Very nice login screen, reminds me of the best login screen of all time: The calm vanilla one I really like the direction the game is going
  1. JackWilmslow's Avatar
    Did anyone else go to click the quit button to exit the screen, only to realise that its a video?

    Very nice to be honest! Calm before the storm ...

    EDIT: seriously though ... whats this about russians? I am very confused!

    EDIT (Yet again) : Oh, there is a button with russian script ... umm ... i'm sorry I fail to see the problem.
  1. Gingercrab's Avatar
    No screaming dragon?

    Yes please.
  1. Ohforfsake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by alaynauk View Post
    Damn was hoping to see Garrosh roaring on screen.
    Haha nice idea Actually makes sense.

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