Mists of Pandaria Login Screen Preview

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  1. Strafer's Avatar
    It's the tbc login screen!
  1. Aqua's Avatar
    Phew no dragon on my screen for a change... I like it, it's simple, Isn't busy with deathwing all up in your face, it makes me kinda calm and serene, so maybe if I get kicked off the server the scenery will calm me...

    If they want to take it a step up I'd suggest a Day-Night Cycle Login screen, have fireflies appear in the night when you leave it... And have the statues lit by torches.
  1. slackjawsix's Avatar
    WHAT? no dragons? this is nice just wish they didn't remove DW screech in the last one (honestly guys takes you 20sec to log in at the most!)
  1. Serj Tankian's Avatar
    Oooh... Ahh..... I like.
  1. Karnige's Avatar
    nice and simple sweet
  1. habitsbreaker's Avatar
    maybe it will change with the seasons ;p
  1. Sketch's Avatar
    very nice login screen imo
  1. jibbyjackjoe's Avatar
    Yay! A screen that isn't gloom and doom.
  1. Ibbi's Avatar
    Not bad. Certainly better than the previous two expansions. I would of preferred Valley of the Four Winds as a background, but those statues speak volume. YOU SHALL NOT LOG IN!
  1. dethlyhallows's Avatar
    Oh my God I LOVE THE MUSIC!!! OMGGG I THINK IT'S PURFECT! We should have some horde fighting alongside road once in a while or a few travellers going to the chinese building in back
  1. Granyala's Avatar
    Heh Argonath...

    But something is missing there: "Battle net is currently unavailable".
  1. rcshaggy's Avatar
    It would be awesome to see some Cloud Serpents in the sky in the background flying around and what not.
  1. Ishu's Avatar
    Looks quite decent. Way better than WotLK and Cata login screens for sure.
  1. Kuthe's Avatar
    It looks nice, but it's very uhh, underwhelming?
    It's really lacking compared to previous expansions logins, not including Vanilla of course.

    But it's beta, so who knows, something new might happen and it looks good.
    But it's very tranquil with the great Pandaland music, so it might be a good new change.
  1. Nagassh's Avatar
    I can dig it, reminds me of the good ol' classic login screen / TBC one. Was never a fan of the WOTLK or Cata ones.
  1. Zxzas's Avatar
    I was expecting more. extremely disappointed. was hoping for some background movement other than leaves. perhaps the new dragons leisurely flying through the statues. Otherwise this is:

  1. gamma Ray's Avatar
    The Argonath
  1. Nibi's Avatar

    But honestly it is very nice a good change from the doom and gloom that was WOTLK and Cataclysm(thank god this one is going away) and the best part it has nothing screeching at us now lol
  1. die4moneh's Avatar
    Where are the GNOME's.........!
  1. Stormykitten's Avatar
    Best login since Vanilla/BC

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