Tonight's beta build added a lot of audio! Here are some of the more interesting ones...

Warlock Pet Emotes
The pet emotes are played in the following order: Fel Imp, Observer, Shivarra, Voidlord, and Wrathguard.

Theramore Scenario Jaina Dialogue
This is Jaina's dialogue from the Theramore Scenario.

Pandaren Children Voices
Pandaren Children have some interesting voices!

Chen Stormstout
Chen got voiceovers for almost every quest that he is involved in!

Lorewalker Cho
Lorewalker Cho takes you through some quests and lore with his voiceovers.

Horde and Alliance Pandaren Introductions
This is the audio that plays during the Pandaren being accepted into the Horde or Alliance.


Song of the Luilang Music
Two versions of the Song of the Luilang appeared in tonight's build!

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  1. Mandible's Avatar
    I fully understand that class specific mounts arent shared over the account, and possibly something like the sea horse since its quest related. But with so many mounts non shared it seems pretty stupid to even have shared mounts now.
  1. Dariela's Avatar
    Oh my, the observer was amazing. I think he will be by my side quite a bit.
  1. rcshaggy's Avatar
    Loving these updates. So damn excited for Mists.
  1. Arganis's Avatar
    Those new lock pet emotes are the definition of awesome, been awhile since Blizz did something that made me smile.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    The warlock pet voices are terrible. Too much echoing sound effects and the terrorguard sounds almost exactly like an orc. :b
  1. Littleraven's Avatar
    that jaina dialogue makes me VERY happy.
  1. Yulinora's Avatar
    Most of this made me smile, really like the new lock demon emotes, aside from the Shivarra.

    Jaina just gained about +100 awesome (because that's totally a unit of measure), and I play Horde...

    Pandaren children voices I could take or leave (although the female one slightly reminds me of Annie from League of Legends)

    Really like Varian's (new?) voice, seems much more "kingly" now. Garrosh still sounds as ruthless as ever.

    Song of Liulang is freaking amazing, I totally see the orchestral version being used for the cinematic.

    Getting more and more excited for release.
  1. Arganis's Avatar
    wow they really made Garrosh sound like a psychopath, guess he really is going to die by the end of the xpac, shame I was hoping for a twist.
  1. Antherios's Avatar
    "You spit on mercy? !!THEN YOU WILL HAVE NONE!!!"

    I jizzed because of the badass sound coming from my speakers
  1. Arganis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    The warlock pet voices are terrible. Too much echoing sound effects and the terrorguard sounds almost exactly like an orc. :b
    You can turn off Death knight echoes, so maybe you will be able to turn pet echoes off with the same function. Either way I'm sure they'll put an option to turn it off. It's sad when Blizz actually adds a feature for "fun" and people piss all over it. That's the reason they barely do anything like this these days.
  1. The Glitch's Avatar
    Voices are sounding awesome!
  1. KrazyK923's Avatar
    Jaina....jaina jaina jaina!

  1. good diu bro's Avatar
    Thats surprising, I expect Jaina to cry.
  1. Suikoden's Avatar
    Jaina actually sounds badass now. o_O
  1. Ianus's Avatar
    Jaina for Queen, fuck Varian..
  1. RollTide's Avatar
    Does anyone else hear the Oath to Order from LoZ in the way the lyrics are sung in both versions of the Song of Luilang?
  1. Alixie's Avatar
    Shit, is that Imp, Zim?
  1. mmocd853c8f1c4's Avatar
    song sounds crap
  1. soulkeeperx's Avatar
    lmao the Imp is invader zim, awesome
  1. Karthorn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sammyspudd View Post
    song sounds crap
    You obviously have no taste in well orchestrated music then, because the Song of Liulang is freakin' amazing.

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