Tonight's beta build added a lot of audio! Here are some of the more interesting ones...

Warlock Pet Emotes
The pet emotes are played in the following order: Fel Imp, Observer, Shivarra, Voidlord, and Wrathguard.

Theramore Scenario Jaina Dialogue
This is Jaina's dialogue from the Theramore Scenario.

Pandaren Children Voices
Pandaren Children have some interesting voices!

Chen Stormstout
Chen got voiceovers for almost every quest that he is involved in!

Lorewalker Cho
Lorewalker Cho takes you through some quests and lore with his voiceovers.

Horde and Alliance Pandaren Introductions
This is the audio that plays during the Pandaren being accepted into the Horde or Alliance.


Song of the Luilang Music
Two versions of the Song of the Luilang appeared in tonight's build!

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  1. ColbaneX's Avatar
    Chen's voice is romancing my ears.
  1. Pellaeon's Avatar
    OH **** Jaina sounds really pissed off I suspect she will turn into the next Varian and try to wipe out all horde in her rage..... and just think this is what she's like before her time of the month.. if this happens during that time us horde are all doomed, DOOMED! LOL
  1. nikenny's Avatar
    Male pandaren childrens. How old are they? 30? ish...
  1. Karthorn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ColbaneX View Post
    Chen's voice is romancing my ears.
    Yeah, too bad people have to leave dumbass comments on Youtube like "Blizzard is insulting us by giving us this horrible voice." Left a comment about how he's Chen F'ing Stormstout and how he doesn't care what you think.
  1. Pellaeon's Avatar
    Someone's watched too much Matrix if you listen to the Alliance intro towards the end! :P
  1. Celista's Avatar
    "Watch what I can do with my lips"

  1. ChaosWolf's Avatar
    With the new demon voices... I wonder if that means they fixed the glitch where the Felguard has the old Doomguard voices that referenced his old five-man summon ritual that killed one of the participants?

    And the Pandaren into voices... yeah, it just reinforces I made the right choice by leaving the Horde - Garrosh sounds like he's a half-second away from slaughtering everyone between himself and the horizon just because he can. Dude's freaking lost it...
  1. Azivalla's Avatar
    Song of the Luilang


    This is going to be one sweet cinematic.
  1. Almatari's Avatar
    Thank God Jaina is finally angry. She's realizing that maybe Thrall isn't right all the time and she let her father go to his death on a promise that wasn't true.
  1. Lumineus's Avatar
    Why is the Wrathguard so much more... accommodating than the Felguard? Kinda makes the Felguard seem like his ego writes checks his axe can't cash, LOL.

    Funny how NOW Jaina sees eye to eye with Varian. Guess it's OK until it's your own citizens getting tossed under the bus, huh? Well, I guess she'll finally be on board for the whole blood war we got going on, after the epic ragesex with High King Chynn, that is.
  1. Honeyprime's Avatar
    O_O Jaina is soooooo pissed. Finally!!!
  1. Venteus's Avatar
    Jaina is going to take a dump on some horde chest. Can't wait to rape some orc.
  1. Calamari's Avatar
    The male pandaren child just sounds extremely creepy, lol. Jaina sounds as though she might pull an Arthas on us.
  1. Ronnosh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by danielsviper View Post
    also i have heard that imp voice before from a cartoon from the early or mid 90s
    The fel imp sounds like Steve Smith from American Dad.
  1. Norlamin's Avatar
    Ugh, it's bad enough we have so many real life references involving quests but now my warlock's pets are going to be whispering me meme's? God dammit...
  1. Firen's Avatar
    I hope Hour Glass (Cata dungeon, no clue if thats the actual name) wasn't a preview of what's to come in this timeline for Jaina :/
  1. Xucuroz's Avatar
    Pissed Jaina is very awesome. Love it.
  1. Strafer's Avatar
    Coooool story bro... gotta go.
  1. Bakis's Avatar
    HEH warlock pet audio was rreally kickass
  1. Dareios's Avatar
    Jaina sounds like Daenerys Targaryen

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